Cannabis Oil HUGE Successes + Pharmaceutical Progress (= Massive Gratitude Blog.)

CBD oilThis is VERY exciting; four years ago I dreamt of days like this, I literally ached for a new life all of us and, although things didn’t pan out exactly the way I wanted them to, I learnt precious lessons because of it (it’s all about Love and you can read  the painful journey to learning that here) but what is happening  now is nothing short of incredible and I owe it Cannabis, Pharmaceutical Drugs (yep, ‘Big Pharma’ –  I’m grateful/privileged to be in a position where I can ‘integrate’ both mainstream and natural approaches) and… a new fantastic Chiropractor.

Cannabis – CBD – Oil: What it has done for Hana

You’ll remember from this post that I detailed multiple ways that cannabis oil could help Hana? If not, read it here so I don’t have to explain it all again.  In short what  prompted me to getting Hana established on CBD oil long term was her chronic headaches, however I was also excited about practically all the other aspects of the Endocannabionoid system CBD might have an effect on!

In a nutshell, weeks after starting high doses of CBD oil, three times a day, Hana was able to PERMANENTLY come off one of her medications. 

This is more than huge. This is monumental.

She was taking Metformin, a drug devised for people with high levels of Insulin  and Type 2 Diabetes. She didn’t yet have Type 2 Diabetes but due to the chronic high levels of insulin caused by her hypothalamic damage, her body was almost ‘hardwired’ to developing this disease. Ever since the surgery to remove her first tumour her body had been dumping out huge amounts of insulin. Hyperinsulinemia makes you hungry, makes you prone to gaining weight, can cause Cancer, is Inflammatory and is an ‘ageing’ hormone – none of this bode well for healthy longevity.

Six months after her Lap Band we found that her weight stabilisation began to be followed by a small rate of gain this is why we began the Metformin, January 2016. I didn’t like the fact she needed Metformin as I had read it can have irreversible damaging effects on the cellular Mitochondria which in the future could have devastating health effects. Having seen my own mum suffer with ME/CFS which is related to dysfunctional mitochondria, the threat to Hana’s future health was all too real. However, we had little choice due to the sneaky onset of slow weight gain again – health now, or health then??

So she was on Metformin for well over a year and although it helped a bit with high insulin, she still had dark skin patches on her neck “Acanthosis Nigricans”, her appetite was OK, well controlled by the Lap Band and the Metformin however she was still hungrier than the average person but was able to control it very well.

Then we started the CBD oil and because I was aware of the impact it can have on the metabolism I decided to do a trial off the Metformin and observe for 1. increased hunger 2, increased weight gain 3. increased dark skin patches on her neck all of which would indicate her insulin levels were increasing without the pharmaceutical drug in her system – but none of these happened in fact, things then began to improve! 

It has been over six months now on CBD Oil and Hana’s appetite is more regulated than ever before, she has actually lost weight (**this is also related to t3 hormone – a medication, see below) and all hints of dark patches on her neck have totally disappeared. Our endocrinologist who hasn’t seen Hana in nearly a year, was gobsmacked last week to discover this, the complete absence of these skin patches, regulated appetite and weight loss whilst off the Metformin!

Not to mention Hana’s overall wellbeing, she is radiant – RADIANT! She absolutely loves CBD oil, she inherently knows how wonderful it is for her overall wellbeing, we have started a life long relationship with this glorious herb.

About t3 Thyroid Therapy – The Game Changer Pharma Drug that we love

Hana had started taking supplementary synthetic t3 as well as her t4 Thyroxin for her thyroid replacement therapy back in April 2017. Like many thyroid patients, the synthetic t4 only drug wasn’t cutting it. She was tired, worn out, lethargic, suffered from low moods etc. We had previously tried Natural Desiccated (NDT) for a couple of years but had huge issues triturating it, basically Hana didn’t do well on it. When in April 2017  Hana’s bloods came back technically ‘hypothyroid’ with low active ft3 inspite of normal ft4 I had enough fodder to push for a script of synthetic T3. This wonderful drug had an instant fantastic impact upon her quality of life – OMG her ENERGY! She became a different person. I might add too that since my own diagnosis with Subacute Thyroiditis, I have also added t3 to my t4 therapy and it was a total game changer for me – I am off the couch, out of bed and able to function. Hopefully once my thyroid heals I’ll be able to come off these meds but i just wanna blow the t3 Trumpet a bit here. LOVE T3!

Another Amazing Thing: A new Chiropractor for Headaches 

We have finally – after x4 loooooong years – found a way to alleviate and potentially cure her debilitating headaches. These headaches affected daily quality of life, from minute to minute, hour to hour, we have watched her suffer terribly. I had a hunch for years that scar tissue on her head/skull (dura mater) would be one of the factors that was causing her chronic headaches which were increasing in severity every year that passed. At the end of last year we finally found a Chiropractor who shared the the same idea and knew EXACTLY what to do to relieve this issue. He is highly sensitive to small changes in Hana’s body, working on Cranial Sacral areas and he can instantly tell if I’ve done something as small as introducing a new herb for example, as he will sense and test to see if Hana is ‘out of alignment.’ This is subtle work and he is damn good at it. He has been working on her cranial sutures, and it doesn’t look like he ‘does’ much but oh gosh the impact has been incredible. We go three times a week and for the first time in four years Hana has days and days where she is headache free.

For those interested, here is his website: Complete Health Chiropractics – Chatswood Sydney

I hope you all love this jubilant post! You’ve been following for so long and I’ve dreamt of being able to share updates like this. You know that we still get the curveballs, all the time! My younger daughter right now for example has some health issues I’ll be sharing those, once I can figure what to do about it. It could be scary – but I believe that if you stand rooted and firm in the high frequency of Unconditional Love, not allowing fear and doubt into your mindset incredible things happen. Yes, life throws challenges at you regardless but it is the perspectives we choose to take on them that reveal our ‘what nexts’  to us. Life is good – even though we have more things to deal with – and the story continues to unfold but it unfolds in high frequency and it is only that which truly matters as that determines how we experience reality. 

My book, How She Healed Me sharing our tumultuous journey of Brain Tumour diagnosis through to ‘healing’ is available on Amazon on paperback and kindle, there is free postage for Australians now who want a paperback copy. The reviews so far are wonderful. And there’ll be a new gorgeous website up and running soon!

Meanwhile for those interested in exploring their own Energetic Health or physical and emotional wellbeing, my energy healing clinic is now open and Global. I treat clients via skype and use a combo of Theta Healing, Intuitive Healing and of course, a lot of Reiki. Contact me on Your Soul Health if you are interested in a powerful energy healing consult in the comfort of your own home. I’d be honoured to be part of your healing journey.

Naomi xx




Hana’s Latest Diagnosis – Why I lost it.

1AE27CC7-FECA-47B1-A56A-5735CDEC68C5Screaming when you have laryngitis is not only difficult (at least in having the impact you want it to have) but it also hurts. Plus, it will knock your voice out for weeks afterwards. I had acute laryngitis and no voice, and I was attempting to scream in the front seat of my parked car into my iPhone at my confused and progressively worried husband who was at work.

‘She has freakin SCOLIOSIS!’ I screamed (sounded more like a donkey’s hee haw). This was followed by a creaky sound: a wail of despair and grating sobs.

There was a confused silence and  I swear I could hear my husband’s colleagues back away from the alien roaring into his ear, leaving the room so he could deal with this fresh new disaster in peace.

‘Wh-what exactly IS that?’ He asked.

Even more mad now that he simply didn’t KNOW what freakin SCOLIOSIS is, I let out another wail and even louder sobs. Then more donkey hee haw screams for good measure.

‘A CURVE! A CURVE A CURVE in her spine,’ I wailed again. ‘She has a CURVE in her lumbar region Nour! Hana, after ALL she has been through now this total and utter s***.’ (Yes I’m not averse to swearing when life situations call for it).

‘A curve? What, how – what’s the treatment?’ Poor thing, he was just as worried for me as he was for Hana, this thunderbolt out of the blue screaming at him whilst he was in-between patients.

More wails, screams and hee haws.

‘Freakin rigid lumbar and thoracic bracing.’ My voice was so husky by now it probably sounded more like a gale force wind raging into the mic. ‘Imagine!’ I screamed/hee hawed/husked ‘Squashing her belly into a freakin BRACE?!! For 18 hours a day for the next few years or more?? No no NOOOO!’

Brace Pic


Nour took a deep breath, ‘This is unbelievable, there must  be other ways to treat this thing!’

‘They do surgery in severe cases but that’s off limits in my mind too. I just can’t believe this is happening to her! Why HER? Why not someone ELSE? After all she’s been through now she has scoliosis? Not only does she need a brace for her entire growth period which is way into her teens but she will have to do exercises every day to combat the curve! I can’t do this, we have enough on our plate! I can’t make her do this!’

I tried to scream louder but frustratingly only more hee haws followed. Then I got decidedly philosophical in my despair, yelling at my invisible spirit guides and star family members in other dimensions and densities:

‘I’m over this, this is a load of BS, why did we even come to this stupid planet in the first place? I hate 3D! I hate 4D! I don’t wanna be here – what was I THINKING! This existence sucks – I don’t want to EVER incarnate again because all we get handed is total BS…This is a stupid stupid stupid life and don’t try and comfort me!’ I attempted to end this spiel with an aggressive ‘rah’ like sound which came out more like a pipsqueak.

Drama Over.

A couple of rather unhinged days followed – I was angry along with devastated that we had something else to deal wiht, learn about, research. I didn’t want to become a parental expert in anything else. The crazy thing is, if this new diagnosis had any direct relation to her current health issues I would have coped better because life certainly is not ‘smooth’ for us. But this new diagnosis was so cruelly out of the blue and seemingly unrelated I couldn’t believe how sneaky and mean life was being. There is a chance Hana’s obesity contributed to the formation of the lumbar curve of course, yet idiopathic juvenile scoliosis exists and she may just be unlucky. Yep, you heard me, unlucky.

I spent some time researching alternatives to bracing – investigating whether we would travel to New York for non bracing treatments as well as physio’s and chiropractors that taught intensive exercise programs to attempt to treat scoliosis without braces. Meanwhile our own chiropractor continued to work on her posture and curve with traction and adjustments while Nour and I mellowed so we could opt for the  best treatment option with clear heads.

Hana’s headaches were (and are) continuing to increase in severity, we have had some great results recently from Cannabis – CBD Oil and T3 Thyroid meds (post to come on that, as we have EXCELLENT news, yeah AWESOME news!) but her head pain is still dramatically impacting upon her, and therefore our, quality of life. So we signed up to see another chiropractor who wanted more x-rays of her spine and began work on adjusting her cranial sutures with the suggestion that scar tissue was causing intracranial tension causing the headaches. At the time our own Chiropractor discovered that a night time only bracing option might be available for curves the size of Hanas. Compared to the idea of strapping her into a rigid brace for 18 hours a day, a night time only brace seemed like a godsend! I immediately booked in to the clinic.

First a Miracle! Then Treatment…

At the appointment a small miracle was revealed, when the assessing clinician looked at the original X-ray of Hana’s curved spine before checking the second lot of X-rays a baffled silence followed:

‘Her curve has decreased!’ He looked up at me, unspoken words were: Umm, this doesn’t usually happen.’

Joyously I began dancing around the office, her curve had miraculously straightened from 27 degrees curve to 22 (2’s are a series of ‘my’ divine numbers, especially the 22, it pops up everywhere when I’m ‘in the flow’ with things!). The minimal work our Chiropractor had done had already began to rectify her curve, which is incredibly unusual. Because Hana is due to start growth hormone again soon we realised that her growth period would be extremely rapid and unrelenting and we equally decided that a nighttime brace would help support the curve and twist of her spine until her mid teens (most likely) and help to stabilise or better, decrease her curve for good. She is happy with this decision and has chosen a pretty violet brace covered with butterflies it will be ready in four weeks time.

The Law of Attraction

What initially baffled me most about this latest diagnosis was the fact that I had been living and Be-Ing in a place of peace and love ever since my own ‘healing’ last year. I know then that energetically, this has been my frequency inspite of the ups and downs and so I simply couldn’t understand why this new challenge had manifested. I meditated on this and go this message:

Untitled design (7)

I know in myself that I wasn’t ‘forcing’ anything into being, by Be-Ing in a state of love you remain somewhat unattached to the outcomes. But…nevertheless I hadn’t expected a  below the belt blow whilst in this energetic state, which makes me feel there is more to this than meets the eye. And I’m OK with that.

Once I integrated this teaching – that here in 3/4D we must surf with ease rather than search for calm waters I felt much better and apologised to my astral and cosmic support crew for yelling at them. I embraced our new challenge from a perspective of peace, knowing that maybe it would end up being a positive thing (in some shape or form). After this integration and decision to not go to New York (none of us wanted to travel nor to put Hana through the two week long ‘boot camp’ – not knowing if it would work anyway) that things became easier. Soon enough we had this miracle discovery that her curve had improved and that an easier option to 18 hour a day bracing was available! Interesting to say the least…

So! As promised there is some excellent news to be shared – I’ll get onto drafting that next week, you’ll LOVE it. Meanwhile – have you read my book yet ?– it’s available on Amazon globally and also on Kindle. I can’t promise it will be an easy read but I can promise it will, hopefully inspire you, let me know if you are reading it as I would love to hear from you. Meanwhile, my energy healing clinic (Skype) will be up and running in the new year, Bush Nurse book 2 is nearly ready to be ‘birthed’ and Project Starseed for humans with a strong cosmic consciousness is growing nicely, check these out! Love  NN xx



“How She Healed Me” is now on Amazon – here is the Trailer!

I’ve been working on my memoir, ‘How She Healed Me’ for the past year, I’m SO excited the time has come to birth it into the world. This is my story, the past three years – if you’ve enjoyed my blogs then you will love this book. It WILL make you cry, but I promise you’ll finish it feeling uplifted. There was so much more I wanted to share with you about my journey, stuff that didn’t make the blog posts, it’s all in the book. Book covers are below and here is beautiful trailer:

You can now buy the book worldwide on Amazon and on Kindle – here is the link to but it is also up on all the other Amazons, just search for ‘How She Healed Me.’

if you buy the book this week there are a few bonus extras that you can sign up for on the book website:

I’d LOVE to hear how you find the book – please please leave a review on Amazon for me – the more of you that do that, the more others will ‘find’ my journey and perhaps share it with their own friends and family.

Love you all!

Naomi xx



Our encounter with the dreaded “Tick” – What we did

tickWe moved from bustling city life for health and wellness purposes: away from excessive EMF exposure, pollution of the noise and respiratory type to be surrounded by healing nature. However, it turned out that the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, although bushy and green, holds hidden health issues of it’s own – and they are in nearly everyones back garden. No, no, I’m not talking about deadly funnel web spiders (in case you’re wondering we do have those in our garden too) but the itzy bitzy teeny weeny tick.

Our first experience with a tick in our garden was last year, Christmas eve, eve to be exact when our current foster cat Olly-Kins emerged from the bushes to our lawn in clear respiratory distress and neurologically unsteady. My super dooper intuition kicked in and like a psychic in action I immediately placed my hand over his fur (long haired rag doll, he had a LOT of it), pulled back the fur in the exact spot the gross deadly paralysis tick was feeding. Olly used one of his nine lives up and survived after a stint in hospital.

I told my girls to stay away from the bushes: “Don’t go in them!” –  now it was confirmed we had ticks in our garden. Although humans can and do get Tick Bite Paralysis it was the threat of two other nasties that I was more concerned about: Lyme Disease (or Lyme-Like Disease as it is known here until the pathogen responsible for these chronic debilitating symptoms is confirmed). And something bizarre and scary that you may not have heard of: Mammalian Meat Allergy (MMA) otherwise known as Red Meat Anaphylaxis. One teeny bite from one tiny tick (which may go unnoticed) is leading to an increasing number of people here on Sydney’s North Shore experiencing anaphylactic reactions not only to red meat itself but also to the smell and other food products that may contain traces. So being Vegan, as we are, is in no way protective. After our experience of hell on earth post Hana’s brain tumour there was no way I wanted to venture into another hell of Lyme symptoms and deadly allergies after moving from city to bushy safety, so I was, in a way, rather paranoid about the luscious green vegetation in our garden.

Roll on a few months – Hana and Maryam were causally pulling up some dead leaves from a rather reedy planet in our garden – not in the the flower bed by any means. That afternoon Maryam came down with a headache and fatigue but the ticks remained unnoticed until we were shopping in Chatswood the next day. Hana had three ticks feeding on her neck and Maryam had one on her face. I froze the critters  with “Wart Off” that I had already stocked in my first aid cabinet in preparation for ticks, Maryam’s actually leapt of her face when I sprayed it, (she totally freaked out), Hana’s took longer to fall out. Freezing them is recommended over pulling them in case the head is left under the skin which can cause infections in addition to the violence of squeezing which will stimulate the tick to release more infected saliva (see video below on how to remove a tick safely).

Hana was fine but Maryam became quickly unwell, she was nauseous, headache, dizzy and fatigued. I knew this was a sign she may have contracted a lyme like disease and so headed to one GP (just in case he knew about these things – I was wrong) who said to do nothing, so I then went home and googled the Lyme Disease Association Australia who, angelically in my mind, replied within matter of hours, listing of Lyme Aware GPs. One  happened to be down the road and, funnily enough, happened to have been my neighbour when we lived in bustling Bondi Junction (so funny!). He prescribed two weeks of antibiotics for Maryam as a preventive for the development scary lyme disease.

At the same time I skyped my homeopath for supportive homeopathy and we started the girls on Ledum 200c which is an excellent remedy for tick bite related illnesses. Maryam stayed unwell for more than two weeks but then began to perk up again. However she and I were too scared to go back into the garden to play and do the weeding – this was no way to live and the threat of chronic and life threatening diseases and symptoms were all too real so I called Aaron from Tick Safe — for help.

Aaron tick

“I am a father of three young children living in Middle Cove on the North Shore of Sydney. Until 5 years ago I maintained an organic garden, once myself and my kids began being bitten by ticks in our garden – after extensive research – I concluded that the dangers present from paralysis ticks were more important to the health and safety of my family than an organic garden. After trying several regular pest controllers without success I set about researching the safest and most effective way to eradicate ticks from my garden. I am happy to say that the process proved to be highly effective.”

Aaron understood my reluctance to spray my garden with chemicals having had a fully organic garden himself only a few years back. He shared that there are many people who face these sort of ethical descisions like me, who also don’t like using chemicals. After he patiently went over my concerns I decided that the best thing was to spray our garden – crunch time was when he told me that the carpet in my bedroom would, also by law, have been sprayed with the very same chemicals!

I must say it’s a great relief to know we can go out there safely now. So – I asked Aaron some questions about ticks and his products for you guys to have a ponder on:

Why are ticks such a problem in Northern Sydney? 

“Ticks have spread into new areas due to the increase in native wildlife from the highly successful 1080 fox baiting programs conducted by Northern Sydney Councils. By removing the alpha predator, it has allowed the native species to flourish.” (and these native guys carry in the ticks!).

Aaron tickSpraying garden

Prepping the garden for the tick spray

How do your products work?

“We regularly encounter scepticism that our treatments will be effective, people think that ticks will just come back as wildlife enters the garden. Our treatments leave you with residual protection that will keep killing new ticks entering the garden for months to come.

The products that we apply biodegrade under UV light over time, after 6 months the products will have biodegraded to the extent that your protection will tail off and new ticks will be able to survive. The products chemically bind to organic matter and repel water, this means that they will not wash off in the rain at all.”

Are the chemicals you use dangerous to humans and pets?

“Synthetic pyrethroids are widely used throughout Australia in food production and forestry. They are registered for use within kitchens and schools and public places.

Synthetic pyrethroids are commonly used in many household products due to their low toxicity to mammals, including head lice treatments that are applied directly to a human scalp. These treatments are of higher toxicity to humans than the products that we use and that is before we dilute the product with water at a ration of 100:1!”

There is loads of info on Tick Safe so have a look and let me know your tick stories – if you are unlucky enough to have one!

How to safely remove a Tick

How Cannabis may help Hana

Untitled design (5)Until very recently non-psychoactive cannabis oil, CBD oil, was completely illegal here in Australia and you couldn’t get hold of it via any ‘official’ means. If you ordered it from abroad you risked having your package seized by customs, you could go to a “dealer” but then you risked getting caught and you would never know exactly what you were getting or where your product came from, how it was manufactured etc. If you grew it at home you could find yourself in very hot water (… prison) and then there were some philanthropic organisations that existed to help people wanting to get hold of CBD oil for medicinal purposes but quite often their supplies ran out or got seized by customs. (A little more on that in my memoir How She Healed Me due out Sept, only a few weeks).

Actually, it’s still illegal to ‘consume’ CBD oil here in Australia without a prescription but you can now buy it through official means for ‘topical use’ (hemp seeds are still illegal to eat and sold for topical use only too, how hilarious is that?). The second huge development is that we are supposed to be able to get scripts for CBD oil from our doctors for ‘medicinal purposes’ however there appear to be huge barriers in place right now with regards to accessing prescription CBD oil, more on that below.

It is worth noting that the type of isolated CBD oil produced for pharmaceutical purposes here doesn’t necessarily have the same therapeutic benefits as raw CBD oils containing a wide range of hemp compounds that are thought to work synergistically and therefore potentially facilitate better results – more on that below too.

Why does Hana need Cannabinoids?

You know by now that Hana’s medical issues are complex and a myriad of differing bodily issues/imbalances/damage/knock on effects. One of my main aims via holistic healing (homeopathy and Energy Healing) have been to help her restore an Energetic balance or ‘wholeness’, biologically this would be translated to ‘homeostasis.’ Since the initial insult to her brain three and a half years ago with surgery to remove that giant tumour her body and  brain went haywire trying to compensate for the damaged neural pathways – doing the best it could – although the best it could do was also devastating, resulting in morbid obesity, hunger, memory issues, severe chronic headaches, joint pain (due to the obesity), mood swings (hormonal imbalance and lack of endogenous hormones/non-perfect hormone replacement), heat intolerance, sleep disturbance, fatigue and lethargy.

We have coped with her health issues by using and employing natural, pharmaceutical, energetic and surgical means to try and compensate for the systemic chaos her tiny five year old body encountered all those years ago. You also know that it has been my dream to heal her brain and watch her health challenges melt away…

Endocannabinoids are an aspect of our own physiology that we don’t really hear anything about yet they appear to play a huge role in a homeostasis and multiple biological processes. The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is found in the brain, so central but also peripheral nervous system (throughout the body) potentially impacting upon:

Appetite, Analgesia (pain relief/threshold), Autonomic Nervous System, Energy/Balance, Immune Function, Memory, Metabolism, Sleep, Stress Response, Thermoregulation. 

  • Every single of one those systems above was negatively affected in Hana after her first brain surgery. Some have improved dramatically over time thanks to the hard ongoing work we have been doing (brain healing with LLLT, herbals, homeopathy, energy healing and so on) and as you know some of her health issues have full on pharmaceutical help such as her synthetic hormone replacement as well as surgical i.e her lap band which saved her life.


Medicinal Properties of Cannabinoids

So far there is research to show that the Cannabinoids in Cannabis can potentially help:

-Appetite Disturbance (over or under eating – this an example of the bi-directional effect of the plant)

-Metabolic Issues (obesity and diabetes type 2)

-Mental Health (depression, anxiety and psychosis)

-Anti Cancer/Anti Tumour

-Antioxidant (free radical damage protecter and therefore anti ageing relevant then to overall health, wellness)


-Neuro protectant: Brain Regeneration (i.e Alzheimer’s)

-Anti Convulsant, anti seizure.

ALL these are relevant to Hana (except for the anti convulsant properties.). Which made me wonder if whether future research into hypothalamic dysfunction may include a look at how hypothalamic damage impacts upon the Endocannabinoid system which I don’t believe as yet, has been put forward as an area of interest in HO scientific research.  I will put some materials together and bounce my idea off my German Guru who is the most open minded researcher in the field of Craniopharyngioma that I have come across (he has now referenced my Oxytocin Case Report twice in his most recent papers woohoo!) to see what his thoughts are.

Specifically though for Hana I’d be looking at short term and long term benefits, short term I’d like to see a reduction in her chronic headaches, ankle pain, and appetite regulation/insulin hyper secretion (come off Metformin) and long term I would envisage that it would play a role in Brain Healing due to its neuro-regenerative effects. At the same time, I would like to see an impact on Hana as a whole/holistic/improved overall health, wellness, mood stability etc. The antioxidant effects of CBD are highly relevant to Hana due to her high levels of insulin (due to hypothalamic dysfunction) which causes premature ageing and will dramatically decrease her longevity if not tackled. The anti-inflammatory effects are fascinating as it is my feeling that her system is chronically in an ‘inflamed’ overdrive – as a response to the damage from her first surgery. This leads to ankle pain, hypersensitivity to headaches etc.

File 10-8-17, 10 41 53 amTypes of High Quality CBD oil I have come across that are available LEGALLY without prescription (note the quality of the oil is imperative):

Charlottes Web – This was one of the first CBD oils to become well known and used as a nutritional supplement (that has anecdotal, therapeutic benefits, although science is now in the process of ‘proving’ these anecdotes). It is available legally here in Australia for “topical use” from Lariese who are an Australian authorised distributor and importer. Lariese are amazing and deliver immediately – we currently have their “Everyday Advanced” which is their strongest ratio of CBD to Olive Oil ratio.

Endoca – huge range of gorgeous products, all exceptionally high quality from Denmark, will post internationally however there is always a chance that the product may get seized by customs. I have ordered one and will let you know if it eventually arrives: CBD is expensive so this is really important.

Ananda Hemp This brand was recommended to me by a reader who has witnessed her epileptic niece transform on it after previously using Charlottes Web and Endoca products. Again this has to be ordered from the USA although this particular reader has never had her products seized.

Barriers to Getting a Prescription

My GP has said that although the law was passed to make CBD oil accessible by script there are currently only a couple of conditions for which you can apply i.e Chemo related nausea and vomiting and a few others. Although this makes me wonder if there hasn’t been a true distinction between no THC-CBD oil and pure CBD oil?? My GP supports the use of it ‘off label’ for many of his patients who swear by it and but is unable to write scripts for more than a small handful of conditions. This is interesting because the Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia appears set up and ready to handle cannabis prescriptions and distribution for an enormous range of medical conditions (many relevant to Hana) yet they have no stock (and didn’t reply to my email).

Pharmaceutical Grade CBD vs High Quality CBD Oil on the Market

Now, it is clear that those companies who are producing ‘pharmaceutical CBD oil’ are keen to emphasise that their oils are pure whereas if one purchases oils from a company that say, sells CBD for nutritional purposes, these medical groups warn consumers they may be exposing themselves to an array of toxins and additives. I don’t deny that as consumers we must be exceedingly careful when choosing who and where to purchase all our supplements, including CBD oil. However I must say, that even though this advice may be well meaning in some circumstances I beg to differ with their vision for more than one reason. Firstly, most of us are pretty much awakened to the fact that the Pharmaceutical Industry is a giant money making business, this is no secret. And, therefore, the moment someone starts tampering with a herb that has played a role in healing for aeons, claiming their their tampering ‘improves’ the healing benefits, I have to pause and think for a moment about the truth in those claims. The very reason CBD is becoming widely available and legal is because consumers, who have used this plant for aeons are calling for it – they already KNOW the plant has potent healing properties. Pharmaceutical companies prefer to ‘reduce’ a complex compound to bare constituents because 1. It is easier to see what is working for the purposes of clinical trials 2. It is easier then to create a unique patent (and make money off that ‘unique’ product).

I like this quote off the Ananda Hemp website called “Nature is the Architect”

“We believe mother nature provides the best architecture for wellness and healing. In fact, the hemp plant has been used by humans for thousands of years as an herbal remedy to heal a host of ailments. We simply take the best parts of the plant that she has provided us, including the vast array of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, and other phytonutrients, and balance them in simple, easy to use formats.

There are at least 113 known cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant. However, today, our pharmaceutical industry is based on a model of developing single molecules against single targets. We are not sure that this is the optimal way to create wellness. We feel the current model is not working. Unfortunately, some of our competitors in the industry borrow from the same playbook and provide products that only contain CBD. We do not believe CBD by itself is the optimal way to consume cannabinoids; our products contain absolutely no isolates or synthetics.”

CBD Oil is Amazing

I will be following up on our experiences with CBD Oil in a separate post.  Note that a direct definition of topical is “Apply to a part of the body.”

But let’s just say for now that CBD Oil – Cannabis, is a permanent and integral part of ALL of our health and wellness regimes – it is simply criminal that this incredible plant has been demonised for so long when it offers such powerful health benefits that are basically relevant to our entire homeostasis, overall health and wellbeing. More soon!

The time has nearly come: How She Healed Me is due out next month,  gorgeous cover reveal next week and video trailer coming mid September. Meanwhile touch base with me on Facebook Naomi Cook – Nurse Naomi, or here for the Spiritual Your Soul Health and here for the Cosmic/Galactic Project Starseed.

Healing Hana’s Post Traumatic Stress…with Yoga

Hana yogaHana was ‘gone’ after her first surgery. When she opened her eyes in Recovery – I couldn’t see her, her essence simply wasn’t there. You will soon read these details in my memoir, How She Healed Me : Get ready, it’ll be a turbulent ride.

The sobs and howls that ricocheted around our Bondi Junction apartment were appallingly dark yet hollow – reminiscent to me of someone screaming for help at the bottom of a well that was so deep you’d never be able to reach the bottom. She sat upright, roaring from a beanbag into the living room but the sounds were empty of soul – because that ‘life spark’ in her was so far below the surface, she was unreachable. I knew no matter how far I reached, I wouldn’t be able to find her in that abyss, no matter how deeply I tried to look into her eyes, I was met with something flat, a barrier that prevented me from connecting with her.

For two years Hana could not connect with horrors and traumas her little body had undergone – literally mutilated by a surgeons knife (necessary yes, to save her life) and the rushing cascade of hellish symptoms, starvation and obesity that sucked the life further out of her each day. This lack of ‘connection’ to what she had been through was a conscious and subconscious protective mechanism – and quite right too, she needed to wait until it was safe to heal – she needed to wait until I’d healed first.

After her second surgery last year to remove the regrowth of her tumour she had a hard few months of pain and suffering: ‘I want to go back to where the Angels are’. My pain for her was bittersweet – although I was healing rapidly I still desperately wanted to eradicate her suffering. Yet it wasn’t until I resolved and cleared all need to heal her that she then began to change. Once I was whole, complete – healed – energetically she sensed it was safe to look back and this started happening in our Asthanga Yoga classes.

We started Yoga for health and wellness purposes – after years of triathlon training I was becoming as stiff as a plank of wood and because I used to be a flexible dancer (belly dancer – did you know?!) this was frustrating. And for Hana I wanted a hobby that would help her build her core strength and flexibility within a body that was artificially ‘too big’ for her. We chose Ashtanga yoga because it is physically rigourous and known to be a highly transformative style of yoga.

Yoga Moves Energy

Yoga is incredible not only for insane flexibility but for heightening your sensitivity to Energy – I’ve found that my ability to see Energy (clear seeing – clairvoyance) is highly activated during my classes. Moments within starting my sun salutes I begin to see Auras around everything in the room. In Warrior I often play with my fingers to see what the energy does as it flows off them, similarly with my toes once on the floor! Good job our classes are private.

For Hana the experience has been less enchanting and more challenging – Asthtanga Yoga is ‘strong’ and demanding, the fatigue and frustration we so frequently encounter when working with our limited 3d bodies can become overwhelming as we try and master the poses – my Yoga teacher tells me her classes are a place where people often cry with frustration and also encounter emotional releases. It is some of these ‘strong’ moves that began to ‘stir’ Hana. She would firstly experience some fatigue or frustration with a move but, whilst holding the position the feeling would grow into something deeper as the Energies moved within her those hidden feelings, experiences and memories she kept behind a brick wall began to pour through cracks.

One particular afternoon she soldered through her class, holding back her tears but after Shivasana she sat on the couch staring into space as our teacher packed up to go. I went and put my arms around her and she dissolved into tears:

‘It’s OK baby,’ I soothed her. ‘What is it, anything in particular?’

‘Memories,’ she began to sob loudly.

Tears welled up in my own eyes, ‘Of what?’

‘What happened to me…hospitals and my tummy getting bigger.’

The word ‘bigger’ turned into a roar, she began to howl so loudly the guinea pigs behind us in the dining room began to cry out in shock, running up and down their cage in fright.

‘The PAIN! Oh mummy, the PAIN!’

Her cries were as loud as they had been in Bondi all those years before, but this time she wasn’t screaming for help from the bottom of a well, she was back, – integrated and fully embracing the reality of the trauma’s she lived through. I held her tightly, my own tears flowing down my cheeks in mascara smudged black rivulets, but my tears weren’t of pain or release but of unfathomable gratitude that we were here – doing this. That she was well enough to face that hell she’d lived and that I was strong enough and whole enough to guide her through it.


Hana is healing rapidly – not only has one of her medication requirements decreased but she is living the life a child should be living. She still suffers from frequent headaches and greater fatigue than other children but her overall quality of life is incomparable to even last year, to even six  months ago. Her ankle pain has improved so much that she can tolerate a 30 minute walk (she often jogs parts of it for ‘fun’) every night in the dark before bed, she is full time at school and extremely busy with after school activities. Her lap band contains a minimal amount of saline yet her appetite is ‘normal’ and her food preoccupation has more or less gone. We have recently introduced T3 to her thyroid medication regime which has had absolutely transformative effects on her energy and mood. But the greatest aspect of her healing is her spiritual and emotional self – and for now, this is more than enough for me.

Ahh there is much MORE to tell you – details that I’ve saved for the book, only three months now until it’ll be out and I can share a far richer account of my journey, the website is in draft here and you can leave me your name and email so that you can receive updates on the progression to release. We are working on a beautiful dramatic trailer which I hope you will help me share to the word out!

Remember if you are interested in Elevating your Soul Health Consciousness please have a look at my other website YOUR SOUL HEALTH where you can sign up for weekly Soul Bites designed to elevate your Soul Health Consciousness. Or you can like the Facebook page @yoursoulhealth here.ysh-orange-web-banner copy

Using Light to Heal Hana’s Brain – Healing Update!


Truly blessed to have this girl in my life.

About sixteen months ago we went to Toronto to meet Fred Kahn, creator of Meditech and Bioflex Laser, on a hopeful quest to heal Hana’s brain.

I outlined the science behind how light particles, Photons, are beneficial for cellular recovery and healing in my first blog post on low level laser therapy (LLLT) here: How Light will heal Hana’s brain.

Our journey was covered by Channel 7’s Sunday Night documentary team and the show can be watched here.

The biggest spanner in the works for continuing intensive therapy once we got back from Toronto was the diagnosis of Hana’s tumour regrowth. We stopped cranial treatments after this – not because LLLT is associated with cancer growth but her headaches were increasing as the tumour grew and the cranial placements also seemed to increase her headaches. At the same time, the girls changed to a Montessori school before we moved house and so hours in the car each day to and from school meant we didn’t have time to fit in as many treatments I had initially wanted. Then, in June 2016 Hana had her second tumour removed surgically and had quite severe headaches as a result for about four months – so although I treated her back and spinal areas  I wasn’t as religious and frequent with treatment as I had originally planned back in 2015.

Now we have finally managed to decrease the severity of her headaches with Homeopathic Phos Ac 200c and with the CEFALY device (I will blog soon on our non-pharmaceutical pain relief developments). Since accomplishing this we have settled into a solid routine of LLLT three times a week, three placements only on spinal areas, and again, although this isn’t as intense as I had planned, this routine finally seems to be working for us: Hana is very busy being a kid and getting her to sit down for treatments for more than 30 minutes three times a week simply isn’t possible – and I am so overjoyed I have this barrier to more intense treatment!

OK – background covered – let’s cut to the chase and update you on how Hana’s brain is healing since we started light therapy. In black is the text from my original table I outlined in this post, my updated comments are in blue. As you will see, I attribute some healing to LLLT, and other aspects of her healing to Energy Healing modalities. It is also useful to bear in mind we are ‘purists’ in what we eat and drink so nutrition, supplements and essential oils will also be playing an ongoing role in healing.


Hypothalamic Damage: Hunger, Obesity, Disruption to Circadian Rhythm, Poor thirst sensation

Measurements/Observations: Levels of Hunger, Any weight loss, reduced early morning awakening, improved sense of thirst in light of Hypernatremia, Improved serum Triglycerides (currently very elevated), Improved serum Insulin (currently hyperinsulinemic)


+ Reduced early morning awaking improved significantly and almost immediately after starting LLLT

+Better quality of sleep almost immediately with LLLT treatment

– Weight: Hana actually began gaining a little weight immediately post starting treatment and then commenced Metformin which has helped work with her Lap Band and has reduced Insulin levels significantly. Her weight is relatively stable (I have insane gratitude for the Lap Band and Metformin).

+Significant improvement in sense of thirst. This occurred almost immediately after starting LLLT and has changed Hana’s quality of life – I was always chasing her with water,  as she tended to not drink enough due to her impaired sense of thirst. However, I do not worry about this as much as she keeps herself hydrated now due to a stronger sense of thirst. Yahoo!


Pituitary Damage: Panhypopituitarism –hormones replaced include, Thyroid, Anti-diuretic, Cortisol, Growth Hormone, Oxytocin. n.b Surgical damage occurred along the pituitary stalk (past posterior bulb) – the pituitary itself was still visible on last MRI.

Measurements: Dosage of DDAVP is dependant on when previous dose wears off longer periods between doses may signify pituitary regeneration. Serum TSH currently 0.02 – any changes to this could signify Pit renewal. N.B Anti-diuretic hormone is secreted from the posterior pituitary and anecdotally, I know is one hormone that some survivors over the years begin to randomly secrete again.


– There are improvements reflecting some Pituitary function but I can’t attribute these to LLLT yet as these occurred in a period of time in which  we hadn’t been using LLLT for a few months and they occurred immediately after a particular Energy Healing technique (info to come) – a very sudden, random decrease in need for DDAVP over a 5 day period and a sudden change to Pituitary Function: serum TSH spontaneously rose to 0.3 after three solid years a 0.02. 


General TBI: Headaches, Memory issues, sleep disturbance (early morning), Mood instability, OCD traits, anxiety, poor motivation, lethargy, poor pain threshold, poor sensory integration – tactile, visual and auditory. Headaches are currently a daily occurrence and impact on QOL. Mood instability has already improved over 2 year period but – I look for further improvement. Hana has anxiety over changes to routine and needs to repeatedly list events that will occur in order to process them. Changes to routine are hard and cause mood swings. I will be observing for increased desire to play with her sister (increased sociability).


+The most obvious improvements  in brain healing have occurred here, I attribute these to LLLT and also to our Energy Healing modalities. Hana’s mood instability has transformed, I wouldn’t say she has regular mood instability anymore. She has significantly reduced anxiety over changes to routine and has had massive improvements in memory. Now she reminds ME of what I need to do! Improvements in memory occurred within weeks of starting LLLT and I can definitely attribute laser to this aspect of her healing. She has increased sociability without Oxytocin (which has been decreased) and longer periods without lethargy although energy levels are still less than that of a child who hasn’t been chronically ill.

Brain Healing via Bioflex Laser

Hana getting LLLT, December 2015 at Meditech, Toronto

I feel triumphant that I was able to find a healing modality to help her and infinitely grateful to Fred Kahn at Meditech for his ongoing support – this man is an angel in human form. I still remember the wonderful staff who helped us with their endless optimism and positive attitudes, a beautiful team of intelligent, compassionate individuals who were a blessing to meet.

That’s all from me today – remember if you want to sign up for Your Soul Health Weekly Bites – short weekly emails, intended to help you elevate your Soul Health Consciousness – sign up here! You can find me on Facebook here and the Your Soul Health Tribe is here. Love you all, will touch base soon with info on my latest Certifications in Energy Healing and how you will soon be able to call me “Master” hehehehe, NN xxx

My Daughter’s Miracle Healing: How I Got it Wrong.

healing-hana-three-years-onThree years ago my daughter suffered enormous fallout from her surgery and I pledged myself, lifelong, to finding a cure. I want to tell you something: I no longer need to find a cure for Hana (although I am working for one). The most incredible transformation has happened over the last six months as I have unravelled the underlying truth of my consuming desire to heal  her. Are you surprised to find out that my desire to heal Hana had an underlying motive? And it has nothing to do her. It is all about ME.

Those who have been with me since then remember this promise – and many of you, beautifully, assured me of how convinced you were that I’d find the cure – a way to heal her brain. I knew in myself as a matter of certainty that  if I didn’t find one that already existed, I would create one.

Then, as you all know, I searched in the realms of mainstream medicine and found many good things that helped us. I also began to explore the non-mainstream and alternative realms and had my mind cranked open to the possibilities of healing modalities not yet proven or understood by science. It was amazing.

But then I had another awakening, this time of a spiritual kind, massive waves of kundalini energy began charging through me, connecting me to a spiritual dimension and realm I had been adamant didn’t exist. In this realm I found schools of thought around spiritual lessons, karmic implications, growth and repeated physical embodiments in the form of reincarnation. Maybe, I thought, Hana and I had chosen this life to learn together as souls? Therefore everything we were going through was for the best. But then – as my journey progressed and my thirst to expand my knowledge base and understanding of the meaning of everything I found theories on our Co-Creative abilities – we as creator beings create our entire realities by thought:

‘Life is responding to you. There are no accidents or coincidences: every single thing has a frequency, and when anything comes into your life, it means it is on the same frequency as you are.’ – Rhonda Bryne, THE POWER

I was introduced to and then began to train in Energy Healing modalities that facilitated medical miracles – mircales that re-created entire realities, healing terminal illnesses and more! I met and mixed with people who had these incredible miracle hearings.

I ached inside: If others can have a spontaneous miracle healing – so can Hana!

So then after the peaceful acceptance of a paradigm that accepted suffering as part of spiritual growth I was back in a state of flux and unease: I knew now that it was possible to grow spiritually without suffering – I could now recognise my creatorship abilities, accept responsibility for my reality and  I was working hard on manifesting a future where Hana was healed! I experienced her instantaneous healing in meditations and I lived in two realities – two vibrations, one where she was healed completely and the other where I’d pick her up from school and give her medications to keep her alive.

Using Theta Healing and Manifestation Meditations Hana began to change in front my eyes – one reality merging into another as the dosage of one of her life sustaining medications quartered  dramatically and inexplicably over the period of a week and a tiny change to her pituitary function – which according to current medical understanding ‘shouldn’t be working’ – showed up on a blood test.

But I wanted more. I needed more. This miracle, of seeing my daughter heal completely – this was my birthright just as much as it was the birthright of any other human around me who shared miraculous stories of miraculous healings.

‘I’m trying to work out what to do next…’ I told my Theta Healing Instructor on my Advanced Practitioner course, ‘I can’t figure out yet what more I need to do to facilitate Hana’s instantaneous healing – the blockage must be with me, not her!’

Following my advanced certification in Theta Healing I spent the most part of three days in meditation and in Theta state, looking deeply within myself for the answer that I knew was buried within me, I could feel it shifting and wrestling there – waiting to be accessed: Everything that is around us is here because it is benefitting us in some way – we have willed our realities into existence. But how, when I wanted it so badly wasn’t Hana’s complete, dramatic and instantaneous healing part of what I was willing into reality?

I need to know what do! I kept yelling at myself, over and over again.

‘Don’t ‘Do’, just Be’ was one answer. Does a star try to shine?

Naff! Totally naff, I thought. I’d never been one for inspirational quotes and nauseating anecdotes, although I could openly admit that I was becoming more and more like ‘that’. Nevertheless, this was still naff.

But then again, ‘Like the essence of a Star is to be Light, so you need to BE in a state of Love.’

All very good and well, I thought, sighing a little cynically whilst still in meditative trance, but I wanted to know how to heal my daughter!

So I gave up meditating and got out a pen and paper to begin digging deeper so I could find the bottom line to healing my daughter, what was it? WHY did I want to witness the miracle of her healing? And the big question, what would happen if I didn’t facilitate her healing?

If I don’t heal Hana – she continues to suffer –

If she suffers I feel powerless –

If I feel powerless I feel alone –

If I feel alone I don’t know Who I Am –

If I don’t know Who I Am I don’t know What I Am –

If I don’t know What and Who I Am – I don’t know the Truth.

I bent double in pain as the realisation literally slammed into my cognitive mind, like a car ramming into a wall. My quest to heal my daughter was so much more than about healing her, it was my quest to discover the Truth of What and Who I Am – the essence of my Soul and what it really means to be human.

The quest to Heal my Daughter was a lead but the person that truly needed healing was ME.

The tears that had drenched my cheeks and couch I was kneeling against, dried up and I went back up in meditative Theta state and asked to be shown the Truth on What and Who I Am.

What I Witnessed:  

I felt myself and the whole of creation – the physical, the spiritual realms and everything in-between to be a single roll of thread, delicately and vibrantly interwoven. The thread was the essence of All That Is – a single creating energy force that is Love. Everything that didn’t look like Love was just an Illusion, it was all a matter of perspective and perspective was a choice.

I experienced myself as everything at the same time: the Earth and my children, I saw Hana coming out of school but I saw quite clearly that she wasn’t separate to me, she was ME. And then I felt a puzzled amusement at the ego-driven, humanistic quest to facilitate her healing. I felt a whisper – Why? Can’t you see? Don’t you remember? Things are not as they seem. Everything is perfect because everything is Love. Why do you want to change perfection?

At that point I could feel what a waste of energy it would be to try and bring about Hana’s healing from the perspective of a confused ego-driven human, thinking it’s doing one thing, but really it was doing something else. It is hard to put what I mean into words because at the same time  it definitely wasn’t suggesting that healings shouldn’t be pursued – not at all! But the important message for me was the starting point. My starting point had been ego driven and selfish although I’d been unaware of it, my quest to heal Hana was in actual fact about finding out the Truth on (and proof of) What and Who I am.

But now I had seen and felt the true essence of my being – and it wasn’t separate or alone, it was divine and it was a one continuum of loving energy that is everything all at once. The need to see Hana instantly healed began to dissolve into a feeling of bliss as my attachment to her healing ‘de-attached’ as I shifted my focus away from facilitating her healing solely onto my love for her.

Right on time, my meditation music began to play a piece called ‘Heaven is on Earth.’

But still – I had questions:

‘How do I work as a co-creator, here in physical form?’

Create from a place of endless love.

Love doesn’t look for proof or results, it just is. Like a star shines it’s light.

I tried to incorporate this into my analytical mind – so the concept being attached to outcomes…this Buddhist concept of attachment being the root cause of all suffering, incorporating this was  necessary for me here and now.

And then I knew nothing would ever be the same again: to create in the purest sense, would be to create as the Creator Of All That Is creates (we are a continuum of this creating force) and that is in the highest vibrational energy that exists – LOVE. If we create from a starting point of unconditional, eternal love that expects nothing back and seeks nothing in return then it will only ever be perfect because this is creating with perfection.

I no longer needed a Miracle Healing to prove to me my connection to the Divine and to give me the Truth of What and Who I Am – I had experienced it firsthand. Just like anyone else can if they want to. The Truth to What and Who we are is in each and everyone one of us – we are never separate from it.

In my mind’s eye I saw Hana walking out of school: My love for her was so powerful it engulfed her in fierce golden flames. And what happens next? A little voice piped up -does she rise from the ashes, healed, like a Phoenix?

Then I let go of the question the ego was asking – because the flames were still raging and I knew the answer didn’t matter – it would embody Perfection  because anything that is created out of Love is Perfect.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this…I hope that you have been able to resonate with some of it. I believe there are no coincidences that you have taken the time to read this – there are truly massive leaps happening in the human consciousness at this point in time. A year ago I’d have laughed my head off if you’d shown me this as a future blog post, but as the collective consciousness is evolving to that of a higher vibration, I too felt it and a year into my spiritual journey I am honoured to sharing my experiences with you. 

I am continuing to work in the physical; mainstream and integrative healing modalities and also in the non-physical realms ‘Healing Hana’ – it is phenomenal to be able to do this, I am witnessing amazing things. 

Meanwhile, here is some HUGE news:


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we-are-the-sun-soul-healthHello lovely readers! OK, some big news, I am about to launch a new project – it links in with Nurse Naomi but will have a different ‘home’. So, for those of you with an interest in Soul health, Spirituality and Spiritual wellbeing I have a little favour to ask of you.

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‘Cancer cured by Imaginary Chemo’ 1# Medical Miracle Series


miracles-happen-series-1Did you know that Medical Miracles happen all the time? Why don’t we hear of them in the news?  Is it because mainstream science can’t explain them and therefore such amazing stories of hope aren’t covered in case they appear woo-woo? Or is it because good news doesn’t sell?

The lack of sharing of these tales of hope and incredible transformation has an impact upon each and every one of us: On a daily basis we forget that we are capable of carrying out, witnessing and experiencing true miracles of our own.

So, read this short incredible miracle #1 (more to come!) and consider sharing it with your friends. By sharing these mind blowing stories of hope amongst each other we can remind ourselves of What and Who We Are – infinitely powerful creator beings.

Cancer Cured by Imaginary Chemo

*I’ve pulled this miracle from ‘You are the Placebo’ by Joe Dispenza  and ‘Mind Over Medicine’ by Lissa Rankin MD. It was published in 1957 in the Journal of Protective Techniques.*

A feverish man lay gasping for breath dying in hospital, riddled with enormous orange sized tumours all over his body. He had been given weeks to live. Whilst in hospital he heard of a new chemotherapy trial being conducted in the hospital with an experimental drug ‘Krebiozen’, an extract from horses blood. He begged his doctor to let him try this new drug. He wasn’t allowed onto the trial because he was literally on death’s door but his doctor gave him some of the new drug because he felt sorry for him. Within two days the man’s tumours had reduced significantly in size ‘melted like snowballs’ – and he was out of bed wandering around his room, chatting and laughing with the nursing staff, clearly feeling extremely well. Ten days later his tumours totally disappeared and he was discharged home, cured of his cancers.

Two months later the  man saw a new’s program on his chemo drug, it exposed the drug as being ineffective. Immediately after seeing this, the man’s tumours grew back. He presented back to his oncologist at hospital. His doctor was pretty intuitive and got a sense that the man’s mind was key to his wellness and so he pretended to get a new, super strength version of the ineffective chemo drug to give to his patient – saying that the other versions used weren’t as strong as this  super-duper version. He injected the man with distilled water and miraculously, the man’s tumours rapidly and completely disappeared once again.

But then there was a news piece two months later where the American Medical Association blew this new chemo drug to bits, saying that it absolutely did not work and it was a con. The man heard of this, returned back to his doctor once again as the tumours immediately grew back. But this time he had no faith or hope anymore  that ‘treatment’ would help him and within two days of being in hospital he was dead.

I know this miracle has a tragic ending but it is a miraculous story that simply has to be shared! What a phenomenal demonstration of the Power of the Mind (over Matter) – both in recovery but also in our ability to procure illness as part of our paradigms or belief systems. 

We are divine creators – of our good health, ill health and ultimately our entire realities.

More Miracles in this blog series (with happy endings!) to come! Don’t miss them – sign up to receive my blogs in email format and check in with me on Facebook, don’t forget to introduce yourself (if you aren’t too shy) as I love meeting my readers. Meanwhile if you enjoyed this post you might like these two:

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