How long should I take off after being sick with Gastro?


The general consensus, at least at the countries I’ve looked at, specify at least a 48 hour waiting period before returning to work/school and so on, post Gastroenteritis caused by Norovirus.

NSW Health Guidelines state a general 48 hour waiting period: “Anyone with vomiting or diarrhoea should rest at home and not attend work, school or child-care or visit a residential care facility until vomiting and diarrhoea have stopped for 48 hours.” (Ref below)

But Public Health policy in Western Australia and Queensland is different and states that children and adults should not return to day-care, school or work until only 24 hours have passed from the last symptom experienced.

In Queensland exceptions apply to food handlers and day care teachers who are told to wait 48 hours.

UK Policy is 48 hours.

US Policy appears to be 48-72 hours.

The CDC (Centre for Disease Control) state that people are still infectious for at least three days post infection.

Just to Confuse You All

Please note an inconsistency here in one NSW Health document (page 14) that states that children should wait 24 hours before returning to day-care:

Not only does this document go against the NSW Health Guidelines but also the Australian Department of Health’s “Staying Healthy at Day-care Policy” which recommends children stay away from day-care until 48 hours has passed from the last episode of vomiting and diarrhoea/loose stool. I’m presuming it’s an error and will email them about it today.

References, Resources and Guidelines

Click to access 26697.pdf

Click to access ch43poster4.pdf

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