Bitesize Chunks On Gastro: 4. The Ultimate Gastro Survival Pack


photo gastro pack2

Think positive: If we join together and stick to the guidelines as a community, we have a better chance of avoiding getting sick with the Norovirus that has kicked some serious…well, butt…I suppose it’s fair to say…this Winter in Europe.

But, being practically minded, I always like to be prepared and so, I have prepared for you: The Ultimate Gastro Survival Pack! Something to keep ready under your kitchen sink, or in bathroom cupboard just in case…

The Ultimate Gastro Survival Pack includes:

1 Medium Sized Bucket: Yeah, I know it always feels like you need something mega sized but usually your stomach contents can fit in a decent medium sized bucket. But please, something larger than the teensy hospital vomit tubs. No doubt I’ve seen plenty of vomit fit in these, but I kinda feel the Mighty Norovirus Himself deserves a little more room for his vomits… which tend to occur in an almost awe-inspiring projectile fashion.

1 Pack of Latex or non-Latex Gloves: This will help to keep your hands clean when dealing with the soiled linen and tissues from sick kids. But remember to still wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

1 Roll of Plastic Bin Bags: Double bag all rubbish that is contaminated, think of the poor garbage disposal men. And think of the rubbish bags that burst open on the street on rubbish collecting day….eek! Maybe we should triple bag…or is that getting too obsessive?

1 Roll of Toilet Paper: This is for mouth wiping. It’s better to use this as you can just stick it in the bucket after and then flush all the contents…kitchen roll is non-flushable and might clog your pipes. Something you really don’t want when you and family feel like you are dying from gastro.

2 Rolls of Kitchen Roll/paper towels: These are for hand drying, discard the used towels into a double-bagged plastic bag.

3 Packs of Rehyrdation Salts/Electrolytes: Start sipping as soon as you start vomiting or having diarrhoea. Get them now! Get them now! Get them now!

1 Ice lolly Apparatus: This is good for getting a few mls at a time into kids. If you freeze the ready made rehydration formula the taste buds will be numbed by the ice and the whole thing will be more palatable. Good for you too.

1 bottle of Household Bleach: Guidelines recommend diluting bleach to 0.1%, household bleach is generally stronger at 2.5% Hypochlorite. So this is good for disinfecting toilets and bathroom floors but not so great for wiping over other infected surfaces as it can cause more corrosive damage. More on this another time…

1 MASSIVE jar of Alcohol Gel: Studies show that alcohol gel may not be effective in killing the Almighty Norovirus off. But, while we don’t have any other suitable alternative, most governmental guidelines worldwide recommended using it on dry hands after vigorous hand-washing.

Pack of Moistened Flushable Wipes: Toilet paper burns after three bouts of diarrhoea.

The Hydration Chart: I used to have an excellent link to one but it’s disappeared. So an alternative is to simply draw a two columned chart of “MLs of Fluid In” and “MLs of Fluid Out”. You can chart the time of rough mls of consumed fluid and document number of vomits/loose bowel motions over the course of the night/day. Then, if the illness turns out to be more severe than average and you have to visit a doctor, they’ll simply love you for keeping this!

Do you have anything to add to the Ultimate Gastro Survival Pack? What helps you and your family survive an attack of Gastro?

The first time I wrote about the ‘Gastro Survival Pack’ was in an article for childhood101, here is the link:


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