‘Rest At Home For 48 Hours After Gastro’: Does Social Conscience still exist?

Guidelines aren't Rules. Instead, they can prompt us to the best course of action, leaving the ultimate decision with us.

Guidelines aren’t Rules. Instead, they can prompt us to the best course of action, leaving the ultimate decision with us.

Today, I wanted to look at the concept of ‘Rest At Home’ in further detail, get ready for a discussion!

“Anyone with vomiting or diarrhoea should rest at home and not attend work, school or child-care or visit a residential care facility until vomiting and diarrhoea have stopped for 48 hours. During this time they should not prepare food for others, or care for patients, children or the elderly.”

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Rest At Home means Rest At Home

Government recommendations are to rest at home for 48 hours post symptom resolution. I love the fact the guidelines actually state to ‘Rest at Home’ because this is actually just as crucial to controlling Norovirus spread as not returning to school or work and so on within that period. In an earlier post, I highlighted that during that period of 48 hours after the last symptom of gastro, members of the community may want to think carefully before:

– Taking their children to: Playgrounds, Playgroup, Extra-Curricular Events, People’s Houses, Shops, Swimming Pools and so on.

– Adults may want to think carefully about having people round to their own houses, going to shops, restaurants, cafes and other areas in the public domain where they can spread the infection.

So many of us parents have witnessed other parent’s taking their recently sick kids to playgrounds, swimming pools or have even witnessed friends being invited to visit the houses of families sick with gastro! I have also had an acquaintance of mine, infect another family at a playground she visited three hours after her last bout of vomiting.

Too Didactic?

One journalist asked me if I thought people might find the guidelines too controlling (not to mention my own “extension” of them, which isn’t really an extension, as rest at home, really does mean rest at home!).
Should we complain about it being too didactic? As members of a community surely we have a duty to protect one another? And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we all know at least one person who belongs to a high-risk group (young baby, elderly, other health issues and so on). Shouldn’t we feel a moral obligation to protect them?

Preparation for Future Outbreaks

Another thought I have with regards to this particular campaign and the Norovirus “pandemic” is that, this is just the start. Because of the ease of international travel, future world outbreaks (pandemics) be they Influenza, Gastro or some mutated virus from an animal, I can’t be the only one to fear something ultra-mean and ultra-nasty zipping across the world in the not so far off future. Respecting and practicing Infection Control now can help to prepare us for when something more “threatening” than Norovirus heads our way.

Well that’s enough philosophizing for me today!

Do you think spelling out the guidelines will help to reignite a social conscience and moral obligation towards protecting others in this busy rat race we live in? Or do you think people will find it too controlling and didactic? Bah Humbug! 🙂  Your thoughts are welcome!

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