Two Minute Party Food Substitute ‘Snack Box’: For Food Intolerant/Allergic Kids

Two Minute Allergy Friendly Party Food

Rushing to a party? Prepare something for your food intolerant kids in two minutes!

I had approximately two minutes to get the kids ready for a birthday party today. I admit that I usually put a bit more thought into their packed party-food substitute lunches but today was so busy I simply didn’t have time. Here was the result of my two minute larder raid for failsafe party food:

The Easiest Party Food Substitute Snack Box-Ever!

Fairy Bread: 1 piece of wheat/gluten, soy free, white rice and tapioca flour bread, buttered with Nuttelex and sprinkled with White Hopper Sprinkles.
From: Bread from Choices Bakery and Hopper Sprinkes from Allergy Train

Serving of Crisps: We only use Kettle Crisps in Ready Salted as we know this brand doesn’t use antioxidant 320 in the sunflower oil.
From: Local Supermarket

Pear Puree: These sachets are expensive and I prefer to use them for treats. Note the pear is organic and therefore slightly higher in salicylates! But they taste so much nicer than the baby Heinz tins…
From: Local Health Food Store

1 Hoppers Lollypop: I searched high and low for these as my daughter always felt really left out at parties when other kids would run around with a lolly pop. These are just made of glucose, sugar and water. I don’t give them to my youngest super-responder just in case there is preservative 220 in the Glucose powder/syrup. Although I know 220 should disperse when heated, I still worry there could still be remnants left that she might react too.
From: Allergy Train

1 Maple Syrup Sweet: These were my best find last year! They taste amazing and are only made of Maple Syrup and Glucose Syrup. Again I don’t give them to my Super Responder for the same concerns about the Glucose Syrup.
From: Local Health Food Store

1 Citric Pebble: These are just made of sugar, glucose and water, no citric acid.
From: Allergy Train

I will redeem myself for this hastily packed snack box in the near future with a more lengthy post containing more Snack box substitutes including the cupcakes I use to replace the birthday cake!

In the meantime: Mums of allergic and food intolerant kids, share with me! What do you pack in your kids’ replacement snack boxes for parties?

  1 comment for “Two Minute Party Food Substitute ‘Snack Box’: For Food Intolerant/Allergic Kids

  1. Nanny Claire
    March 4, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    how fanulous does that look – my children would be envious and prefer your daughters “snack boxes” I think! NC

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