Gastro Update: Mum’s The Word!

We have known it's coming for months and now it's here. Let's start talking about how to avoid a gastro outbreak.

We have known it’s coming for months and now it’s here. Let’s start talking about how to avoid a gastro outbreak. Photo Source

Word off the playground this morning was that two separate day-care centres local to me had a gastro outbreak last week with over 8 kids affected in each centre plus some staff infection. I wonder how many of those sick infected other family members and friends?

I’ve just emailed a handful of centres and schools this morning in the hope that more will get on board in reminding parents of Government ‘return back’ guidelines to avoid anyone returning back too early, and risk infecting others.

We’ve known it’s coming and now it’s here! If we stop ignoring it and start talking about it now, we can potentially avoid an outbreak as severe as the one in Europe.

Who’s on board?

  2 comments for “Gastro Update: Mum’s The Word!

  1. WALSH, Eve [JACAU]
    March 11, 2013 at 12:23 am

    Dear Naomi,

    Would be great if you could email info on to our daycare at

    They may already have all of the info, but my daughter has been in hospital twice with bad gastro in the last 12 months so any extra information is very very welcome.

    • Naomi R Cook
      March 11, 2013 at 12:51 am

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and I will email them right away! How awful that your daughter has been hospitalised twice in the last year with this. You know it just goes to show how severe it can be for the young: The average, healthy adult can be very cavalier about their own health, but such a large proportion of our population may not fare so well with a simple gastro infection.

      I hope that this day care centre responds by alerting parents to the guidelines, that’s all I’m asking them to do. Fingers crossed. And fingers crossed you escape further bouts this winter…

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