An Awesome “Chocolate-Free Easter Egg & Treasure-Hunt” For Food Intolerant & Allergic Kids

No Chocolate for us at Easter...This Egg-Treasure Hunt is so much more fun!

No Chocolate for us at Easter…This Egg-Treasure Hunt is so much more fun!

Because we are wheat/gluten free, dairy free, soy free, low in salicylates, amines and glutamates in addition to not eating any processed foodstuffs that contain preservatives or artificial/natural colours and flavours (woah, take a breath!), eating chocolate at Easter is a no-go area.

Last year was the first year my kids were old enough to expect something different on Easter day so I invented the “Chocolate-Free Easter Egg-Treasure-Hunt” which I reckon is soooo much better than a chocolate egg hunt anyway! Here’s what you have to do:


a. Colourful Plastic Eggs that can be opened (I do roughly four per person)
b. Easy Clues written inside the eggs (i.e Look in a place where wet things hang to dry…Under the place you sleep…Look in the box of things your feet for outside etc).
c. Little (or big!) Presents! (This year I have new pink towels, Tinkerbell Fairies, A book each and new winter PJs to hide for my girls)


1. Place the clues inside the plastic eggs, you can note on the clue the initial of who the clue is intended for (where you will hide the present).
2. Hide the eggs around the living and dining room.
3. Remembering the clues, hide the corresponding presents further around the house, using the other rooms.


Kids come into the living and dining rooms and find the eggs. It doesn’t matter if they find an egg for another family member, the main thing is that the family member that the clue is intended for has to work out where their present is hidden. Once the clue has been deciphered they can go and find their present.

I know it’s a bit late but let me know if you try this with your kids and how it goes! Do you have any cool alternatives to chocolate Easter Egg hunts for your kids?

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