A Simple Failsafe Dinner: Friendly Food for Super Responders

Beautifully simple food...

Beautifully simple food…

Sometimes having food intolerant children makes me look like an AWESOME mum. When Brussels Sprouts came back into season at the end of January, we were walking into Woollies and my daughter, in a really loud, high pitched voice pleaded: “OH Mummy please can we get Brussels Sprouts PLEEEEEEASE?” A lady looked over at me with astonishment as I said “Alright then, if you reeeeally want them…” 🙂

This is an example of one of our regular meals. Because of our multiple food chemical intolerances we have learnt to eat very simply and we really enjoy the natural taste of vegetables, just as they are.

What is this?

Mashed Potato, made with thickly peeled, large white potatoes, boiled and mashed then mixed with sunflower oil and salt.

Brussel Sprouts, peeled, sauteed a little with sunflower oil and then very lightly boiled so that the ‘nutty’ taste remains, sprinkled with salt.

Kidney beans (tinned), washed, for the protein source.

When I handed this dish over to my five year old daughter she said: “Hmmmm! Yummy, Mummy!”

Try it and let me know if you love it as much as we do…

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