Hand-Washing Project for Our Local School: Outline

Nurse Naomi's Latest Community Health Campaign: Hand-Washing In Schools

Nurse Naomi’s Latest Community Health Campaign: Hand-Washing In Schools

Below, I’ve outlined my Project Proposal for the local School Hand-Washing Project. This way, the  Project can easily be mirrored in other schools by other Nurses, Health Activists or simply by individuals that care about basic Health and Hygiene in Schools!

Feel free to use my YouTube video (link coming soon) for introducing Hand-Washing Technique either for time saving measures (it could  be shown in each class from the Interactive White Boards to save someone going in) or if you feel unqualified to teach students about Hand-Washing Technique but still want to run the Project!


To remind students of good Hand-Washing Technique.

To encourage a regular hand-washing regime, especially before eating.

This will be carried out by:

  • Teaching/revising good hand-washing technique through an in-class demonstration
  • Holding an elect-in whole  school competition to design a poster that reminds students to wash their hands. Posters will be professionally produced and placed above each sink in the school, the staff room included.

Suggested Method

1.Visit from Nurse Naomi to school assembly to introduce Hand-Washing theme and to alert students to class visits for further discussion and instruction over the next two weeks.

2.Visit from Nurse Naomi to each class for a 10 minute discussion about the importance of hand hygiene and demonstration of effective hand-washing.

3. Introduce poster competition: A4 size poster, that will go above sinks to remind students to wash their hands effectively in order to remove germs from their hands.

4. Distribution of a hand hygiene checklist for Teachers and referral to YouTube Video link (here, soon!) should they or students need revision.

5. After assembly introduction refer parents via school newsletter to the YouTube video that will be placed on www.nursenaomi.wordpress.com on effective hand-washing technique. This consolidates what students are learning and also provides parents with access to the link should the children ask for revision. Ask parents for permission for Media to take photos.

6. Contact local Media for coverage. Any coverage will impact positively on the local school as being Health and Hygiene Conscious and Proactive.

Principal to announce winner and runners up of the competition in school assembly later in the term. That will serve as a technique reminder/revision session too, Nurse Naomi can be there if needed to conduct the revision aspects.
Would the school be happy for the local media to feature the winning poster?

Let me know if you are interested in running a similar project in a school near you, I’d  be happy to help in anyway. Meanwhile, follow the Project as it continues via the Health Activism Category!

  2 comments for “Hand-Washing Project for Our Local School: Outline

  1. May 12, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    hi There

    we running a small NGO in Pakistan. the name of the organization is “Organization of Community training and Advocacy (OCTA)”. The aims of the organization are to improve the health status of children by raising awareness among children, parents and teacher. we are looking for small funding to run the same kind of project in our area. can we get some help in this regards.


    syed ali salman

    email: salmsyed@gmail.com
    mobile: + 92 51 332 5163 796

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