Healthy 5 minute dinner for Vegans and Food Intolerant Kids (and Mums)

Simple but tasty dinner for vegans and food intolerant kids

Simple but tasty dinner for vegans and food intolerant kids (and Mums)

True to my usual culinary style, this dinner is simple and a total cinch to make. AND my kids love it, we had it last night and my daughter has put in a request for the same tonight. The key to making it a 5 min meal is by having portions of rice pre-cooked and frozen in the freezer.

What is it?

Rice, cooked Egyptian style (with oil and salt, AKA the Absorption Method).

Frozen Green Peas (cooked for 2 min in the microwave). NB the peas contain glutamates so I give them only to my older daughter. My youngest super-duper responder only gets green beans.

Frozen Green Beans (boiled for 8 mins, we like them soft, not stringy)…yeah OK so strictly speaking, this makes this meal an 8 min meal, not 5!

Borlotti Beans (rinsed from the tin)

Method: Whack them in a bowl and mix with a little salt and oil if needed. If the rice is particularly salty and oily (for us it depends on that particular batch), it may not even need anything added. Fancy or what? 🙂

You may enjoy more of my easy-peasy, super simple yet healthy meal ideas under Allergy  Friendly Recipes. And if you are keen to know more about our diet which is ‘Failsafe’ because we are highly food sensitive, you may enjoy my introduction to food intolerances here.

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