Nurse Naomi visits a Local Preschool: Health Discussion and Kid’s Questions

Nurse Naomi Preschool Visit for a discussion on how to stay healthy

Nurse Naomi Preschool Visit for a discussion on how to stay healthy

I recently paid a visit to a local preschool to talk about staying healthy.

We discussed:

  • Why is it good to be healthy? (answers here!), How can we stay Healthy?
  • Then we talked about the best action plan for when we get sick, clarifying that is isn’t good to spread your germs around  by going to school, preschool, the playground or anywhere else when we are poorly. We decided that staying at home, listening to music, reading a book or having a nap was the best thing to do when unwell. (I kinda hoped this ‘teaching of mine would go viral, or at least make it to their parents…Sick Kids=Belong at home!).
  • Then we looked at Cough and Cold Etiquette (coughing in the elbow and sneezing into our hands followed by hand-washing) and Hand-Washing technique. We washed all parts of our hands counting to fifteen (1-monkey-2-monkey-3 monkey till15).
  • Finally we recapped when it is good to wash our hands: 1. When getting home: Shoes off, Coat off, Hand Wash 2. Before eating 3. After using the toilet.


Q. Why can’t we speak with our mouth full?

A. If we speak with our mouths full we can spit bits of food across the table to our friends and family. That’s yucky but it also means we can spread our germs to them. If you  are busy talking to someone while you are eating it might also mean that you accidentally bite yourself, ouch! It’s much better to chew slowly, swallow our food and then talk to our friends!

Q. Why can’t we put lots of food in our mouths all at once?

Small mouthfuls of food are much safer than big ones. A big mouthful of food can get stuck in our throats making us choke and choking is really scary. It is also better for our tummies if we have small mouthfuls of food, chew it really well and then swallow it. This means that smaller bits of food get into our tummies and then the food can pass through our tummies much more easily.

Q.Why should we wear warm clothes when it’s cold outside? 

When we get cold, it’s a big effort for our bodies to try and stay warm. Although being cold can’t make you sick, it can mean that your body is pretty busy trying to keep warm. And when it’s busy trying to keep warm, that means it’s paying less attention to fighting off germs. So if we wear warm clothes and keep our body warm, it means our body can concentrate on fighting germs!

More Kid’s Health Questions Here

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