How to talk to Preschoolers about Hand Hygiene

Nurse Naomi Preschool Visit: Hand Washing

Nurse Naomi Preschool Visit: Hand Washing with Rosie…(btw, the kids in this shot are mine, it was school hols and they insisted on sitting right up front, doing funny things with books, sunglasses and tiaras…)

I took a trip back to Preschool, this time, to talk to the 2-3 year olds about Hand Hygiene. They are a much more challenging audience because of their younger age, they can’t sit still for long and they definitely struggle to process too much at once. So I wanted to keep my talk super simple. Here’s how I went about my presentation:

1. With a doll, I acted various scenes where hand washing would be necessary. For example, I made Rosie (the doll) cough, eat, go to the loo (yep, I brought in a dolly potty) and elicited from the kids what Rosie should do before/after these activities. They were riveted.

2. Then I showed them a video clip from Doc Mcstuffins (Disney Junior) of a hand washing song. We watched it twice then we sang it together, pretending to wash our hands at the same time.

3. Then we practised washing our hands by pretending to put on the tap, put on soap and then wash our hands counting 15 Monkeys followed by pretend drying.

The whole thing took about 10-15 minutes which really, is all you can expect them to sit still for! This presentation can be followed up by an activity which I will blog about later this week and link into from here.


Here’s what I took with me:

Hand Washing demonstration props

Hand Washing demonstration props

Plus my iPad for a Doc Mcstuffins Clip

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