Talking to Preschoolers about Hand Hygiene: Follow-Up Arty Activity

An example Hand Washing Poster/art activity for Preschoolers

An example Hand Washing Poster/art activity for Preschoolers. How cool would it look mounted on a classroom wall with 20 pairs of hands on there?!

As promised in this post on Talking To Preschoolers about Hand Hygiene; here is a description of a follow up activity that will serve as a reminder on the Preschool walls for as long as you want.

Hand Washing Poster/Collage


Paper to draw on and cut

Pens and Crayons

Mounting Paper (for the wall)




Hand washing collage, a work in progress!

Colouring soap blobs on our Hand washing collage: a work in progress!

Draw around each of the children’s hands then cut the paper in half. Put one hand aside (and named) for later. This first hand is the “dirty” hand, children can colour their hands with germs or anything that will make them look dirty. My daughter opted for multi-speckled “dirt” but anything goes. Then get the kids to colour in their other hand with a flesh colour, this is the clean hand.

Draw out blobs of germs, soap and water for the children to participate in colouring and cutting if they are old enough. The hands can also be cut out too.

Mount the dirty hands on one side of the collage and then clean on the other, soap and water goes in the middle.

I went for a ‘wordless’ collage since the specific age group this was a demo for can’t read but teachers may like to add the words “dirty hands”, Wash with soap and water” and “clean hands” for presentation purposes. They may also like to draw a big tap over the water blobs too.

Easy or what? 🙂 

Hey, if you do this can you me know and post a pic of the result here? Would love to see it!

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