Travelling with Food Intolerances: Traveller Friendly Lentil and Vegetable Soup

Lentil and Permitted Vegetable Soup with "chips". My kids gobbled this down every night like there was no tomorrow.

Lentil and Permitted Vegetable Soup with “chips”. My kids gobbled this down every night on holiday like there was no tomorrow.

This soup was our main source of nutrition during our 10 day stay at a beautiful Red Sea Resort in Egypt (click on this link for our Vegan, Allergy-Friendly- Failsafe, diet breakdown), I also made up a big batch during the UK part of the trip for a quick, easily reheat-able meal. The main reason for this particular combination of ingredients is simple: They are all easy to find and all have a mild taste (important for fussy, travelling, nutrient compromised kids).

At home I experiment with my lentil soups and add cabbage, brussels sprouts, swede and so on (similar to Sue Dengate’s Red Soup recipe). In Egypt there are no brussels sprouts or swede and  in the UK  I was concerned about the slight difference in taste of the cabbage plus the possible changes in Food Chemical Levels (UK swede is another possible example of this). Sticking to a simple  “internationally easily reproducible recipe,” was the most failsafe option for me. I tried out the soup a few weeks before we left (they had it multiple times) so that by the time we were on holiday, it was a familiar meal option for them. It’s funny, because whoever ended up trying the soup thought it was an amazing recipe that I’d carefully devised not thrown together out of necessity! My mum and sister in law (plus her kids) loved it and both intend to cook it for themselves!


Red Lentils



Green Beans


Basically add whatever quantity of whatever ingredient you like and cook with water. I usually find my lentil soups take about 45 minutes to cook. I like to have a thick solid lentil base over any other ingredient, followed by potato, celery and then the green beans.

Now the quantities of each ingredient will affect the taste and texture outcome of the soup. More Lentil and Potato will make the soup thicker and blander, more green beans (I wouldn’t recommend going to town with these) makes the soup ‘greener’ which isn’t my daughters fave soup colour, I also don’t like the taste of the soup when they are added in large quantities. Typical to my recipes of course is the ad hoc nature to how I make them, I had no specific quantities for the Chefs at the Sheraton Hotel, I just asked that the soup be super thick rather than watery (more nutrition in quicker, fewer mouthfuls for my girls!). Having the soup thick meant they could just it almost as a ‘dip’ with their crackers, which was a lunch my youngest particularly enjoyed.


Ate home we eat this with toast fingers, homemade potato chips or wedges, buckwheat or rice pasta, Choices Pizza Base (plain), or rice, flavoured of course with salt and sunflower oil. On holiday we sometimes ate it with crackers which was actually really yummy.

More to Come!

Coming soon is Easy-Peasy Traveller Friendly Potato Bread plus details on what I food/meals I packed for the Aeroplane. If you don’t want to miss these posts, why not sign up to my blog or ‘like’ Naomi Cook Writer/Author? Getting a new like really makes my day 🙂

Read the following links to find out more about our Food Intolerances and our Vegan, Food Intolerant Friendly Diet.  And look here for more of my simple, easy Allergy Friendly Vegan recipes.

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