Lentil and Green Bean “Favourite” Dish: Vegan, Food Allergy/Intolerant Friendly

Healthy Lentil and Green Bean Dish: For Vegans and the food sensitive

Healthy Lentil and Green Bean Dish: For Vegans and the food sensitive

This dish is called “Favourite Dish” by my five year old. It is super simple (yep, my typical cooking style) yet strangely delicious and of course, highly nutritious! Here’s how I make it and and serve it:

French Lentil and Green Bean Dish 


One pack of dry french/puy lentils

One pack of frozen green beans

Half a pack of peas (optional depending on glutamate sensitivity)


Rinse lentils clean under running water, then add 1 kettle of water and bring to the boil. I play it by ear with water levels, and try not to add too much water to avoid a ‘soupy’ texture and appearance. When this dish is cooked to perfection, the lentils have a very slight chew to them rather than a mushy sensation and it makes them taste all the better. I like to boil the lentils for about 10-15 minutes, or until they begin to go slightly soft then a whack in the pack of frozen green beans and peas. I usually need to add more water at this stage. Then I keep cooking/boiling off the water until the lentils are soft (just beginning to split) and the green beans look cooked, this is usually around 30-40 minutes. The trick really is to keep the water levels as minimal as possible without causing the bottom layer to stick to the pan. This will make a huge batch and you can portion it off and put in tupperware to freeze for instant, reheatable meals in the week.

Serve with:

I add generous amounts of salt and sunflower oil to taste. My daughter loves “Favourite Dish” with white rice but I love it with mashed potato plus a generous serving of homemade Pear Ketchup. It is totally delish, very filling, low in fat, high in nutrients plus a cinch to make; not to mention easily frozen for ready made meals!

What are you waiting for? Make it today and let me know how it went down!

NB French Lentils aren’t listed in the RPAH Handbook as suitable for the Elimination diet, (nor are they deemed not suitable). So there is a chance they aren’t Failsafe. We’ve been eating them for a while and seem to be fine but I’d love to know if anyone else reacts to them, it could be that we’ve just ‘missed’ a reaction. 

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