Sexual Objectification of Women, and, for a change, Men too? An Alternative Photo shoot by Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati Photoshoot replaces Female model with Male

This Ducati Photo-shoot complimented the female pics with identical male shots. Position for position we are reminded of how ridiculous ‘sexy’ is and how invisible the sexual objectification of women has become.

I really love what Ducati Motorcycles have done in this photo-shoot (see link below). Without intending to (I…think?) they have done a great job of illustrating just how damn ridiculous ‘sexy’ has become.


Everyday we are exposed to images of women scantily clad, pouting and positioning themselves in (odd) angled poses that look (uncomfortable and, it would seem -) sexually alluring. It’s so normal in fact that for years I switched off from it, brushed it aside and thought it ‘no big deal’. Having children, two little girls, has helped to revoke that placid desensitisation thankfully (here is one example of when I flipped my lid at a local Burberry Advert: From Chic to Cheap). And now I not only cringe but feel a sense of moral outrage at images that portray women purely as objects, there to tantalise male desire.

Girls as Products

How can I tell my daughters they can take on the world as young women when what their subconscious is really being taught every time they flick open a mag or look at a tacky billboard is that their bodies and sultry expressions are what comes first? Products, part of our consumer culture are glorified and advertised by the use of women’s bodies. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that girls may begin to amalgamate the two: Females + Products = Females who grow to understand themselves a products for consumption. When the hard wiring of the brain occurs in this environment, why wouldn’t young girls ultimately learn to devalue themselves, perceiving themselves as Products too?

Teaching my Girls to be Objective; not Objectified

What Ducati have done isn’t new – I’ve seen a photo shoot on my Facebook feed once, doing a similar thing purely for drawing attention to the sexual objectification of women – but they’ve definitely done it well. The men, adopting the same clothes and poses as the model, really help to illustrate just how utterly ridiculous ‘sexy’ has become.

Whether or not they have intended to, Ducati have also offered us a chance to remember perhaps, how desensitised we have become to  sexploitative and sexually objectifying images of woman. When my girls are old enough, I’d like to show them this photo-shoot, hoping that by laughing at it and by poking fun at it, they will become more aware of other images of women they may be surrounded by that are equally ridiculous, and equally objectifying. I hope that by doing this, they will be able to raise their finger and scoff at what has been done to the female model, rather than aspiring to be like her.

Good on Ducati for doing this, whatever their reasons. And my hat is well and truly off to the male models for being game.

Check it out here and let me know what you think:

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