A Simple Festive Touch to a Failsafe – Allergic – Intolerant Kid’s Lunchbox

Festive touch to a School lunch box

Festive touch to a School Lunch Box

Hi everyone, here is a quickie from me today; a quick and easy festive touch to your child’s lunch in the last few days of term before Christmas break!

These boxes are from Woolies, and I’ve been putting them in my daughters lunch-boxes all week to add a Christmassy feel to their morning tea at a time where other kids may be having treats in their own lunches that they can’t have because of their food sensitivities.

I use the boxes for morning break. The first day I sneaked them so that they would have a pretty surprise at break time. But since then I’ve invited both my kids to fill the boxes themselves every morning. They’ve chosen cookies, crackers and potato bread  (easy recipe  for that coming next week) so far.

Morning Tea in a Christmassy Box

Morning Tea in a Christmassy Box

For Allergy/Failsafe/Vegan Friendly Recipes click here

For more on Food Intolerance click here

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