5 Minute “Christmas” Cakes with 4 Snowy Icing Ideas: Vegan, Allergy and Food Intolerant Friendly


A simple light morning “frost” for the hubby

If, like me you are always in a hurry, whip up a batch of these festive allergy friendly cakes in 5 minutes like I did with my three year old yesterday, 30 minutes before the school pick up. Bung in the oven for 15-20 minutes and then pick your poison for the icing. They are so easy to make and a great chance for your kids to get stuck into some kitchen fun.


Silicon cake moulds with festive themes

One pack of Choices Muffin Premix (or mix your own fave self raising flour mix with sugar. FYI the bag of premix weighs 440g)


Gingerbread Men, Xmas trees and Stars were our Festive moulds of choice


Choices Muffin Pre-Mix (I don’t add egg as recommended because I am vegan). You could also mix up your own flour with rice, tapioca, potato starch, baking powder and a little guar or xantham gum  & sugar if you don’t have any of these premixes in your cupboard.

Water (you could use milk as per packet instructions if you aren’t vegan or dairy intolerant)

CSR Golden Syrup

Sunflower Oil


Carob Powder

Icing Sugar

OR, Cashew Nut Cream (n.b not for nut allergies)


When they were a nice deep golden I knew they were ready

When they were a nice deep golden I knew they were ready


Preheat the oven at 180c. Mix the cake mix with three table spoons of golden syrup (or more if want it even sweeter), and add water little by little to make a rich cake batter that stirs easily – but not too easily or else the sponge comes out tasting quite watery. Add 75 mls of Oil or 75 mg of Nuttelex.

Spoon cake mixture into the moulds which I placed on a larger baking tray to make them easier to put in and remove from the oven. Bake until risen slightly (as there is no egg they don’t rise that much) and remove when are going golden.

I had to dash to school then and didn’t want to leave the cakes sitting in the moulds until I got back so I removed them  all right away (watch out for the steam if you do it this way) and put them on a cooling rack.

Later, in the evening, once they’d cooled down, we all made the icing together:

Icing Ideas:


Carob Snowy icing was my both daughters choice!

Carob Snow: A dollop of Nuttelex mixed with carob powder (we mashed them together with a fork) spread on the cake and then sprinkled with ‘snow’ (icing sugar)

Heavy Snow: A dollop of Nuttelex mixed with icing sugar, them sprinkled with icing sugar for a frosty dusting

Light Snow: A dusting of icing sugar


And…can you guess what I choose for my icing? Yes, you’ve got it, Decadent Cashew Cream, sprinkled with both carob and icing sugar. Ooh. La. La. (I apologise for not getting a whole shot of the gingerbread man…my appetite got the better of me and he was already dismembered when I finally got round to picking up my iPad).

Decadent Snow: Cashew Nut Cream (thermomix made, more on that coming next week as I have a yummy brekkie idea, and cashew nut cream recipe link to share, take a peek at my Facebook page if you want to see what it is)  dusted with icing sugar and carob powder.

That’s all it takes! Such a cinch yet made my kids and hubby so happy! Let me know if you get round to making them too. If you liked this recipe you might enjoy my little compilation of Allergy Friendly, Vegan recipes here, or for more on Food Intolerances you can click here. Don’t forgot to pass by my Facebook Page and give me a like if you fancy staying updated with my blog posts on Health, Wellness, Germs and the BIG BOOK DEAL I’m not very patiently waiting for.

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