Nurse Naomi’s First Year at a Glance (A review, no trumpets blowing!)

Nurse Naomi LogoI thought I’d be publishing this post early January 2014, but as you will be aware now, my beautiful daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour a few weeks ago. I’ve started sharing our journey here on Nurse Naomi: “When they told me my daughter had a brain tumour…and how I already knew” and “My Gethsemane: The night before they removed my daughter’s brain tumour”. So, here I am a little later in February, ready to summarise the last year as Nurse Naomi.

When New Year’s day dawned January 2013, Nurse Naomi Blog didn’t exist! Now, over 100 posts later I want to share with you some of my blog highlights from my first year as a Nurse Blogger:

Community Health Campaigns:

Stop Gastro Spread: I blogged the progress of my community health campaign to educate and remind members of the community on how to reduce the spread of Norovirus earier this year. My Gastro posts still get regular hits, espeically now that it’s winter in the West.

Handwashing at School Project: I posted a number of entries on my local school handwashing project that involved class visits, hand washing demonstrations followed by a whole school handwashing poster competition.


Food Intolerance Posts: As a food sensitive mum of two food intolerant children it’s no wonder I like to blog about Food Intolerance as well as posting my (reeeeally) simple, easy vegan, food allergy friendly recipes. I usually post a food themed post once a week.

My brief post on the 5:2  or “Fast” diet was one of my most popular posts much to my surprise, I intend to write more on diets in the future. Honing in on Lifestyle, Healthy dietary habits and good relationships with food (see Has our relationship with food been Hijacked?) versus ‘diets’ or High Dose Nutritional Supplements when striving for good health.

Health Activism

Aside from community health campaigns I’ve enjoyed writing about:

Violence In Children’s Books and the Moral Duty of Authors and the Gatekeepers.

City living and Infection Spread, Sick Kids at school and daycare and the loss of social conscience.

Sexploitation in local advertising (see my Burberry Post and for a ‘laugh’ see Sexploitation of Men)

Nurse Naomi Elsewhere

My blog has attracted the attention of a few people (in Australia and across the world!) which is really flattering and very exciting. A few months back I was approached by  a new prestigious Australian website, Healthengine who have asked me to blog regularly for them.

I also write regularly for Platinum Preschool Newsletters and sometimes for MY CHILD magazine as their Nurse expert.

My Food Intolerance posts are shared by other members of the Food Intolerance Network and are displayed within the official website of the Network itself. Considering my recipes are so simple and mundane, I am honoured they get shared so much.

My Vaccinations posts are often picked up and relayed on website that promote vaccinations for kids. I’m not too worried about internet ‘scraping’ here, I’m just happy to get the message out.

Children’s Books

It’s been an intense year for me as an (as yet unpublished) Author. There was a lot of excitement at the start of the year when I was taken on as a client by the awesome Virginia Lloyd. Initially I had a massive edit to do on Pyramid of Secrets, Book one of the Pharaoh Prophecies Trilogy before sending it out to publishers. Then came along the Astro Nurse series and I also have another series on the go! I’ve got so much to say about all these series, especially my newest one but need to wait a little longer before spilling the beans. Let’s just say there is some good news, some not so good news and that I’m positive but also may have to go back to the drawing board…More later!

Thanks so much for reading and I can’t wait to touch base with you this year. After an unexpectedly tough start to 2014, I’m not really sure what the year ahead holds but I do know that I’m ready for it. xx

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