The Hand-Washing Poster – Professionally Produced and now up in School!


Doesn’t it look great?

OK, so here it is, a few months later than I’d intended! But here’s a post I had lined up for the end of december 2013, before my daughter got seriously ill:

I can’t think of a better way to wind up 2013, Nurse Naomi Blog’s first year! The winning Hand-Washing Poster selected from the whole school competition as a result of my local school Hand-Washing Project (see Project Proposal hereLearning Aims here and Kid’s Hand-Washing Questions here) has been been professionally produced and put up above all the sinks in school just in time for Christmas and the new school year, starting in February.

Now, hopefully, when all students pass  by sinks in their classrooms and after going to the toilet they will be reminded of the principles we discussed during my school visits.

1. Why you should wash your hands

2.When to wash your hands

4. How to do it and for how long

5. Dry if there is something available that is clean to use (not your school uniform!)

imageThe little girl who designed this brilliant, simple yet aesthetically pleasing poster was only 7 years old. It was her poster among the other, very high quality entries that caught my eye due to it’s straightforward approach with little pictures on the side and awesome germs at the bottom. The hand-washing information and message was clear yet not at the expense of imagination and creativity.

For details on the Project click on the highlighted links above or scroll through my Health Activism Category.

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