Homeopathy and Brain Healing – The start of a new Adventure

My first experiences of homeopathy have shown me  not that it is as ‘ subtle’ as I’d imagined! What I have witnessed so far is something very powerful, something that  needs respect and careful prescribing. You’ll see why below. Meanwhile, a bit of philosophising.


The awesome kit that arrived with my homeopathy course!

When you suffer you also learn, and one thing I’ve learnt over the past three months is that sometimes, a little bit of knowledge can breed more arrogance than open mindedness. Yet the more that you learn – the more you begin to know – you more you realise how little you actually do know! There is nothing like suffering to wrench you out of your comfort zone, to force you to reassess the limitations of your own knowledge, and this has been very humbling, as I’ve realised how little I know.

Initial Scepticism

Homeopathy- Something that because I didn’t understand how it could possibly work before, within my biomedical education and perspective – I viewed it hesitantly, with some scepticism. Remedies that cure,  not through a material substance but through an energetic imprint that is brought about through ‘shaking’ and diluting the ‘cure’  many times. I still don’t understand how these remedies ‘work’ and homeopaths readily admit that the healing forces of their remedies are still not fully understood BUT THAT DOESN”T MATTER. Science is actually full of more questions than answers, right? Perhaps the full answers on how homeopathy heals will be discovered day in the realm of quantum physics, but maybe not in my lifetime. However, just because I don’t understand it, doesn’t mean that I should disregard it. Especially when I am on a mission to ‘heal my daughter’s brain’ through what ever means possible.

Why Homeopathy?

Why did I choose to try homeopathy for Hana? I was willing to try any healing remedy that has been supported by widespread use and claimed success. People have successfully used homeopathy for 2oo hundred years and it is widely used today, particularly in India. I have also discovered that many medical doctors also practice and use homeopathy in conjunction with regular biomedical or allopathic treatment! To ignore what thousands of people claim about the success of homeopathy would be stupid. And arrogant.

What we have used so far:

Nat Mur: All I can say is WOW.


I’ve lined up some remedies that interest me and have an emergency Kid’s Kit ready to try

This was the first remedy I tried for Hana. It is for water retention, something she has a problem with due to her steroids and growth hormone side effects. This remedy taught me that homeopathy is something to be respected. Here’s what happened:

Instead of losing water, Hana appeared to become very water retentive whilst taking this remedy. It affected her weight, mood and I ‘lost’ her, her sense of self disappeared. Our acupuncturist wanted me to stop using it straight away, and I did because she was miserable. But I’m keen to try and investigate this again because: I’m wondering if this exacerbation of symptoms was temporary and actually a sign that the remedy WAS needed (this can happen with homeopathy). PLUS, GET THIS:

Hana is on desmopressin for her diabetes insipidus. Before I tried the Nat Mur remedy she was needing unusually enormous doses: 400 mcg, 400mcg then 700mcg at night. On the Nat Mur I had to reduce her dose as, basically her medication worked more efficiently and her urine output decreased dramatically! For the three days of Nat Mur treatment and for 10 days after, this was her Desmopressin dose: 50mcg, 40mcg, 250mcg!

Over the last three weeks her requirements for desmopressin have gradually increased once again. She is now back on 400, 400, and 700mcg. There is no placebo in this! This an objective observation and it proves one thing to me: Homeopathy is powerful. 

It didn’t do what I wanted it to do (my fault in making the wrong prescription) but it was powerful enough to drastically reduce Hana’s requirements for her medication. By the way her endocrinologist knows I’m doing a course in homeopathy and supports my use of it for Hana.He says his mind ‘is open.’

Hypothalamus: Hunger Control

I chose this remedy for Hana’s appetite and weight issues. I figured if there is any one time when an individual needed a Hypothalamic homeopathic remedy – it would be due to damage to the Hypothalamus post surgery. After our powerful experiences with the Nat Mur I chose the low dose at 6c.

Hana thinks about food frequently, she plans her meals and snacks and lives from one to the next. She also cries for food if she is finding it hard to wait for a meal or snack. Four days after starting the Hypothalamus 6c once a day, we began to see a part of the day that wasn’t food focused, this is between 2.30pm-7pm. So now, after her last afternoon snack (be it lettuce, cabbage, pear what ever she chooses) and until dinner, she will not mention food except perhaps asking for a reminder of what is for dinner. Prior to the Hypothalamus 6C, during this window of the day, she would be saying how hungry she is, asking how long until dinner and asking repeatedly what dinner was (short term memory issues). She would be sitting at the table before dinner was ready, grumpy and asking when could she eat? That she was “starving.” Her end of the day fatigue made this period even harder to deal with. We had 12 weeks of this! I’m VERY happy with this development, it is bliss to have some respite from the hunger (for both of us) and I am now increasing the daily 6c to twice a day and then plan to try three days at the 200c dose if we see further improvements. I’m hoping a higher dose may give her another window of relief from the preoccupation with food. I’ll keep you posted.

That’s all for now, I’m write more about the Homeopathic side of things as we try new remedies both under the instruction of a naturopath and also other homeopaths who know about Hana. I’m also trying my ‘first aid’ remedies as I learn them from my course and I’m still contemplating studying to become a Qualified Homeopath. As I said to a friend recently, ‘I can’t believe this method of healing has been around my whole life and I didn’t know about it! Now I know how powerful it is, I need to be a part of it!

For more of our journey with Hana’s Brain Tumour and issues with Hypothalamic Obesity have a look under the Brain Tumour category, thanks for reading and for keeping in touch. “Growth Hormone” Update is coming soon.



  4 comments for “Homeopathy and Brain Healing – The start of a new Adventure

  1. Claire Ross
    April 26, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    have you tried the nat mur again? increased dosage of of 6c?

    • Naomi R Cook
      April 29, 2014 at 7:40 pm

      Not yet, we will try it again but we have some other remedies we need to try for other issues and it’s best not to mix remedies. But I have some ideas for other remedies including Sarcodes (organ remedies) to help with her diabetes insipidus. Will keep you posted!

  2. Mary V
    April 30, 2014 at 9:25 am

    Isn’t it funny that people fear what they don’t know about? It’s such a struggle to explain these alternative methods to people, they think you’re mad or gullible . It’s a cultural thing too. Had we grown up in India, maybe we wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the thought of using homeopathy to heal. If anyone can give this a good crack it’s you.

    • Naomi R Cook
      May 7, 2014 at 2:01 am

      Fear and arrogance I think. There are studies that demonstrate how well homeopathy works but they are limited as they occur within the framework of contemporary science and medicine. Homeopathy is more than treating specific aliments (although it does) – being about treating the whole person. One person may need a different headache remedy to another depending on their personality or environment. This molecular biologist, who is a homeopath in Oxford UK is someone to watch, striving for further understanding on how it actually works: http://www.oxford-homeopathy.org.uk/homeopathy-research.htm

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