News Flash: I am now officially studying to become a Qualified Homeopath!

Toot Toot: Announcement Time

Toot Toot: Announcement Time

Nurse Naomi the future Homeopath?! I know, I can’t quite believe it myself! And I certainly wouldn’t have believed it had someone told me that I’d be studying to become a homeopathic practitioner a year ago. But then a year ago I wouldn’t have believed my daughter was carrying a giant brain tumour in her head either. In the midst of her suffering, our suffering, MY suffering, I have stumbled across something golden: Homeopathy. I was very sceptical at first but I was also open minded enough – desperate enough – to give it a try, my mindset being that if people say it works for them – then it must work for them. Who am I to discount the real experiences of thousands of people at least without trying it myself? But even then there is something rather rude about saying someone’s experience of something isn’t real, just a ‘placebo’ but let’s not go there now because might spark off a philosophical discussion about Inner Qualia (#It’sAPhilosophyThing).

Only hours into the first remedy I handpicked for Hana after some online research, I saw a power that actually frightened me  so much at first (see Homeopathy and Brain Healing) that I stopped using it after three days, because as you will see from the post I’ve just linked to, the effects of the remedy were so strong that I was forced to almost 1/4 the medication for Hana’s Diabetes Insipidus for weeks because the filtration rate of her kidneys slowed so much – an awesomely fantastic thing for someone with Diabetes Insipidus! A short “Homeopathic First Aid Course” and a few remedies and experiments later I can’t see any other option available to me than to study to become a homeopath myself – whatever knowledge there is about this method of treating people – I want to know it too. I’m kind of greedy like that.

What I love about this change to my predicted life’s course is my excitement about being able to treat my family, friends (and patients I don’t even know yet) with this awesome, powerful mode of healing. To be able to work synergistically with contemporary medical approaches with my Nursing background but to also have the ability to prevent some illness states from even developing…I already feel less fearful and less threatened by the prospect of future illness and fear is something I’ve felt a lot this year, courtesy of one large Brain Tumour. What I don’t like about the fact I’ve chosen this particular next step in my life is that homeopathy is so heavily scorned by the medical profession. I really don’t want to live my life feeling like I have to defend this mode of healing to people who ultimately have no desire to learn what it is really about. People who scorn it because they can’t understand how it works (I don’t understand it; Therefore it simply cannot exist). This is a problem that exists due to a limited scientific understanding of quantum physics and the application of homeopathy to healing ‘bodies’. But there is also a problem within the professional homeopathic community in that it currently lacks a clear method in which it is able to demonstrate its successes to the satisfaction of the medical community. The medical community are hellbent on Proof  being equated to a Randomised Controlled Trial, ignoring the fact that even these can be questionable once pulled apart by critics – but critiques of study formats and questionable methods/results/stats analyses would make boring headlines. Need I even mention Thalidomide and Vioxx? And there are many more that satisfied the golden RCT standard yet caused death and deformity – this is conveniently forgotten when discussing ‘hocus pocus homeopathy.’

Having seen homeopathy work in my own home, I am now only at the start of looking at the evidence base available and one thing I’ve seen abounding are case studies with incredible stories of healing, particularly of interest are those about animals in whom there is no placebo effect! Why don’t these studies make the headlines?  The last problem lies within my own inbuilt militant tendencies. This is why “Nurse Naomi” exists, look at my heading picture, (the loudspeaker in particular) I am driven to stand up for what I believe. I really wish I wasn’t, as the mere prospect of  having to do this lifelong for this new profession, is exhausting in itself. It’s really very annoying, I wish I could have chosen something more mainstream to be fascinated and passionate about but passions have a habit of choosing me, rather than vice versa.

Well I better get over it I suppose and get on with my studies. It’ll take me YEARS to complete the course as I am still a full time mum, part time writer, author (in the making, I swear I’m making headway but it’s slow, I hope I can finally reveal all about this VERY soon) and blogger. But right now I’m just over the moon to be at the start of this new journey. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Interesting: The Royal Family of England, including the Queen use homeopathy and have their own designated Homeopathic Doctor. Hey! What’s good enough for the Queen is good enough for me! Other famous users of homeopathy include Abraham Lincoln , Dickens and Ghandi, and there are many more! Whoops, I think I was just being militant…

Find more on my Daughter’s Brain Tumour and our journey to heal her here

  2 comments for “News Flash: I am now officially studying to become a Qualified Homeopath!

  1. lordshipmayhem
    June 4, 2014 at 7:59 pm

    Actually, for me it isn’t a case of not understanding why homeopathy works: it’s a case of understanding why it does not. There’s no “there” there, it’s all just diluted water. No properly controlled study has managed to demonstrate any efficacy above that of a placebo, because like the placebo it has no active ingredients.

  2. June 5, 2014 at 2:08 am

    I understand your exhaustion for all your hard work but what you have achieved so far and will achieve in the future will be your best rewards. Keep up the good work! We are here to support you and your family!
    Congratulations on this new ‘page’ of your life Madame l’ecrivain 🙂

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