Introducing Dr John Hart & ‘Compounded’ – For Brain Tumour Survivors interested in Oxytocin and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement


Dr John Hart – For more about him read on!

After I published ‘A Plea to Scientists Worldwide: Study Oxytocin for Brain Tumour Survivors Please!’ I began to get messages from brain cancer survivors  all over the world who are interested in trying Oxytocin either themselves or for their children. Many have been following my own journey trialling Oxytocin with my six year old daughter and want to know what studies to read and what to show their own doctors. Some have had the concept quickly dismissed by their doctors and others have been lucky to meet with open mindedness. But there are others who want to know who my awesome doctor is! So I thought it was time I introduced him to you all: Meet Dr John Hart.

Dr Hart is a GP who is passionate about bio-identical hormone replacement and is a true ‘thinker out of the box-‘ a godsend to me.  Finding a doctor who is willing to stand back from contemporary, standard panhypopituitary hormone replacement and  one who is able question with me whether ‘standard’ is good enough –  now that sort of doctor is hard to find and one that is too good to keep all to myself.

Dr Hart is willing to consult via Skype for anyone else who is interested in discussing Oxytocin and other topics relevant to people on total hormone replacement such as t4/ t3 thyroid replacement. Dr Hart also introduced ‘long acting hydrocortisone’ into Hana’s medication regime – something that I hadn’t known existed! This form of hydrocortisone has been an excellent replacement to the normal hydrocort, Hana doesn’t ‘come up’ on it as quickly and neither does she suddenly ‘come down’ abruptly right before her next dose, this also helps to stabilise her moods and blood sugars too.

**Update September 2016*** Dr Hart no longer works at Elevate in Sydney CBD but has his own clinic in Mosman:  Email:


Dr Hart works with compounding Pharmacists, at ‘Compounded’ who courier made to order (compounded) medication to you. They are happy to talk to you about the possibility of posting Oxytocin internationally. By the way, Compounded are putting together a really cool, slow release form of Metformin for Hana to try over the next two weeks, which I think sounds brilliant. Prolonging the action the drug helps the body to use it more  ‘sparingly’ over a period of time and may well enable us to get away with a better response on a lower dose. Great idea guys.

About Dr Hart and Bio-Identical Hormones…

Dr Hart commenced practising integrative medicine in 2001. Since then he has gained extensive experience in natural health care, specialising in bio-identical hormone support.

The term ‘bio-identical hormone’ refers to a molecule made outside the body, that has the exact shape and therefore the exact action of the hormone made within the body. Whether it was derived from a natural or synthetic substance is irrelevant as far as the body is concerned. It is the 3D shape, determined by the unique arrangement of the atoms within the molecule, that matters. A bio-identical hormone supplement will bind to the same receptors, for the same duration, as the body’s endogenously produced hormone. It will then have exactly the same effect as the body’s hormone. Conversely, patented non-bio-identical hormones are molecules that have been chemically altered away from the state found in nature (different atoms in the molecule). They have a different 3D shape. This makes them patentable and profitable, but means they bind to the body’s receptors in a different manner, and hence cause some similar effects but also some dis-similar side effects. Hence the problem that developed with artificial, patentable estrogen and progestins causing heart attacks and breast cancer that the original bio-identical hormones do not.

Dr Hart uses diet, exercise, stress management, sleep optimisation, hormonal, herbal and nutriceutical support to treat disease and optimise health.

Dr Hart is fascinated by the ever expanding science of bio-identical hormone medicine. He uses every opportunity to read the latest research and attend international conferences. He is a regular speaker at the Australasian Academy of Anti-ageing Medicine’s Annual Conference.

Thanks for reading! More updates on our Oxytocin trial coming soon (it’s going really well!), check under the Brain Tumour category for more info, I also update my Facebook Page every day. 


  1 comment for “Introducing Dr John Hart & ‘Compounded’ – For Brain Tumour Survivors interested in Oxytocin and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement

  1. Claire Ross
    June 23, 2014 at 11:08 am

    bless him – what a find!!!!

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