Oxytocin for Muscle Healing and Anti-Ageing: Another reason to prescribe for Brain Cancer Survivors?


I will do everything I can to bring my Hana back – to improve her quality of life after her Tumour and aggressive surgery destroyed part of her brain.  Oxytocin is just one aspect of my mission, but I believe a very important one. I want to get the message out there so others can benefit too. Most Doctors won’t feel able to help their patients with this unless they have ‘studies’ to back them. By sharing this post, you can help me spread the word.

I started talking about why I believe Oxytocin should be a standard medication in the regime of brain cancer survivors with a damaged hypothalamic-pituitary access a few months ago. If this is the first post you’re reading about my thoughts on Oxytocin and if you want to know why my daughter is the only little girl in the world (so far) with acquired panhypopituitarism (no pituitary function) and hypothalamic damage to take Oxytocin for an improved quality of life then check out these:

A Plea to Scientists around the World; “Study Oxytocin for Brain Tumour Survivors Please!” and My Daughter NEEDS Oxytocin after her Craniopharyngioma Brain Tumour: But why isn’t she getting it?

If you already know the background check this out. Here is ANOTHER reason why Oxytocin is important for maintaing an acceptable quality of life in Brain Cancer survivors, like my little girl:

‘Trust Hormone Oxytocin, helps old muscle work like new” – don’t worry I’ve summarised the study for you below, here it is:

In short;

1. Oxytocin helps facilitate muscle repair, thus researchers conclude that the use of Oxytocin can have a rejuvenating ‘anti-ageing’ benefit.

2. It is not known WHEN Oxytocin level start to decline in adulthood but is IS known that they do.

3.  Oxytocin has been found to reduce the onset of Osteoporosis in Mice given an artificial menopause and it is thought that Oxytocin replacement therapy can help reduce/prevent Osteoporosis in humans. N.B.I’ve heard on the grape vine that SOME adult Craniopharyniogma survivors suffer from osteoporosis – longterm use of excessive steroid replacement can cause this, but does a life of low levels of Oxytocin contribute? This study might imply so.

4. Young mice with a disabled Oxytocin gene didn’t show poor effects (i.e in poor muscle/tissue regeneration) until they were

OLDER – when signs of premature ageing began to appear:

“When disabling other genes associated with tissue repair effects are seen… early in life…To our knowledge the Oxytocin gene is the only one whose impact is seen later in life, suggesting that it’s role is closely linked to the ageing process.” 

5. Oxytocin is already known to have uses for combating obesity and appetite (check out my other blogs for info on that, they are the reason I began researching Oxytocin for my little girl in the first place)

My daughter continues to take Oxytocin twice a day, she is still on a very low dose, a dose that most likely mimics endogenous secretion and it has improved her quality of life way, way, beyond my expectations. With regards to increasing the dose to gain weight loss and appetite control benefits, I’ll need time to do this. A higher dose of Oxytocin causes a strong sensation of thirst in Hana which is dangerous due to the medication she takes for her Diabetes Insipidus – she can basically end up Fluid Retentive which can cause swelling in the brain. It may take us years to work up to the therapeutic dose used for weight loss in the study on obese adults and this is why I’m trying to find someone to run a study on oxytocin on Panpit adults so we can fully study the advantages of Oxytocin hormone replacement in congenital and acquired panhypopituitary individuals.

You may also like: My Daughter is the first child to take Oxytocin for Obesity, Extreme Hunger and Emotional Wellbeing: This is what happened as well as Could Oxytocin for reduce Obsessive Compulsive Behvaiour in Brain Cancer Survivors?

Thanks for following our Journey. There’s more  on my mission to improve Hana’s quality of life and my  dream, to heal her brain after she suffered major collateral damage due to the removal of her brain tumour, under the Brain Tumour category and as you know, I update my Facebook Page daily.




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