Hana’s Journey in the Media Recently…Links to Newspapers and Channel 7 News


My chance to tell Australia on TV what is was like being told my daughter had a Brain Tumour: “Terrifying” was all I managed to get out…then I was cut! LOL.

Charlie Teo’s Foundation Cure Brain Cancer  (Charlie Teo is a famous Australian Neurosurgeon, by the way) launched a campaign recently to alert people to the fact that Brain Cancer is Australia’s biggest disease related child killer, yet Brain Cancer research only receives a tiny portion of Government research funds – only 3% (hang on, say WHAT??).

I met Charlie Teo and some of the awesome staff from the Foundation last month and am very excited that they have asked me to blog for them regularly as well as get involved on another level (more juicy details on that coming early next year). Meanwhile, they asked if Hana and I would participate in some interviews for the media coverage of this campaign which of course we were happy to do! Here are links to some of the things we have been involved in:




With the lovely Charlie Teo

Channel 7 Sunday Night News

Brain Cancer Diagnoses on the rise 

Daily Mail Article

Two brave little girls – and their battle with Australia’s deadliest childhood disease: Eloise died at ten. Hana has endured invasive surgery. So why is just 3% of research cash spent on helping the children struck down by brain cancer?

Daily Telegraph Article

Fighting against a child killer: The battle to beat brain cancer…

A Mention in Clemency Norris’s piece  (from Cure Brain Cancer) for Mamamia

It kills more kids than any other disease, why aren’t we talking about it?


I’m glad Channel 7 used this shot, two days before her surgery… ‘I was wishing I could kiss the tumour out of her head…that my love could be enough to obliterate it.’

That’s it for today, thanks for reading and for following our Journey, all other related posts are under Brain Tumour, of course. Remember to check my Facebook page for daily updates if you fancy touching base there, I’d love to hear from you. x

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