The Price Young Brain Cancer Survivors pay for a Second Chance – Blog for “Cure Brain Cancer”

imageMy daughter Hana is a brain cancer survivor, but her survival has come at a price. Every day I witness her suffering as she pays this price. Here is a piece I wrote about the cost of surviving paediatric brain cancer for the “Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.”

‘You can’t say that!’ My husband says, aghast. ‘It’s too…’ He fumbles for the word, ‘…harsh!’

‘But it’s the truth.’ I say quietly. Saved…but maimed. There is often a great cost to being one of the lucky ones, a price to pay for surviving paediatric brain cancer.

Perhaps I could use the word ‘collateral damage,’ or ‘fallout,’ he suggests, then he starts to list synonyms to ‘maim,’ ‘injure, disable’ and so on, all of them less ‘harsh’. I nod then I shrug. I’ve used these words before but they don’t encompass the living experience, the so very harsh reality of life after brain cancer and it is this that I want share with you today. I will not ‘pretty’ it up nor try to make it easier to read.

I want to tell you the truth.

Read the rest here: The Price Young Survivors of Brain Cancer pay…for a Second Chance

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