Brain Healing and Homeopathy Update: Some return of Memory, Satiety & Smell


What my kitchen counter looks like!

It’s high time I posted an update on the homeopathic remedies we’ve been trying! As you know from this post, I used to be a homeopathy sceptic until I tried it myself and was so amazed by the results that I decided to start studying to become a qualified homeopath. Only earlier this week I used a remedy called Ant Tart on my youngest daughter who has a cough and cold. She often requires Phosphorous when she is unwell but three days ago she needed Ant Tart and it worked on her painful cough within minutes of her taking a single dry dose. Unless you’ve tried homeopathy, got the right remedy and then seen the results I know you’ll think I’m mad. What I’ve learnt (the hard way) this year, is don’t judge or be disdainful of anything until you’ve tried it, or at least gained a decent insight through whatever means. I see so many posts floating over Facebook taking the mick out of homeopathy and I cringe – I remember how arrogant I used to be.

Memory – Brain 1M

The impact that this sarcode had on Hana’s memory was crazy. I had purchased this remedy before I had  found my homeopath so I was literally trying this kind of blind with very limited knowledge about homeopathy, just hoping that it would ‘work’. The description on the Elixirs site said that Brain 1M could have uses in Tumours and memory loss, so as far as I could see it was a very relevant remedy for Hana after her Brain surgery. At the time Hana’s short term memory was terrible and very worrying. It’s still not right – but it IS improving. However, when I gave this remedy it was so bad that I would pick her up from two hours of school and she wouldn’t be able to remember what she’d done. At all. Twenty-four hours after the first dose I picked her up from school and she told me what she’d done that morning. This ‘return’ of her short term memory stuck after only two doses of 1M, I repeated the second dose one week later. I’m keen to see if another big dose like that will have an impact at some point, or maybe even a bigger dose at 10M, obviously now I have a homeopath (Karen Leadbeater) I consult her for advice on things like this, for now we are trying a daily 30c…


Return of Smell – Brain 30c

I was keen to see what and if Brain 30c would do for Hana considering she responded so well to the Brain 1M. After a couple of weeks on daily Brain 30c Hana’s very fine sense of smell ‘suddenly’ returned. Hana has always had a very sensitive sense of smell and got headaches easily from strong smells, as does my youngest daughter (and me, I feel sick very easily from strong odours). Post op it was weird then to see Hana colouring in with those scented colouring pens not batting an eyelid when I, from across the table, would be feeling headachy and nauseous. This loss of smell can happen in people who have their tumour removed via their nose but I  wasn’t aware it was an issue for those with open craniotomies – however it was for Hana. Interesting then, that 9 months into recovery that her strong sense of smell returned shortly after the Brain 3oc. Suddenly Hana was screwing up her nose in the lift (don’t you think lifts always stink? The lingering odour of whoever was in there before you), suddenly more sensitive to perfumes and the smells of her pens. Fascinating. Over the past few weeks I’ve been forgetting to give her the Brain 30c but her sense of smell has persisted so I’m sure that it did actually facilitate some permanent brain healing. My homeopath has asked me to give it every other day, so I’ve just started that routine and will continue to observe.


Satiety R.N.A 12c & Hypothalamus 9c 

A week into giving RNA and Hypothalamus 12c Hana began to say ‘I’m full’ after snacks and meals. This is a VERY encouraging sign, although neither acted on Hana’s intractable weight gain as my homeopath and I have been hoping and dreaming for since March. However, the re-emergence of this sense of being ‘full’ is something to be very grateful for. Hana’s food obsession, part of her Hypothalamic Obesity, still persists and we are taking steps to get urgent Bariatric surgery, as many of you know.

Hana initially had a good response to the Hypothalamus 6c (see this post here) then things went haywire after the 200c, then my homeopath decided  RNA and Hypothalamus 9c could be goers…Because Hana continued to gain weight and still had severe hunger issues even with these remedies we decided to stop them a few weeks ago. However, since then her appetite has been progressively unbearable and I’m shocked by the sudden increase in speed of her weight gain. I’m going to re-try the Hypoth 9c followed by the RNA to see if the increase in appetite and increased speed of weight gain was related to stopping these…I’ll let you know what happens.



ooooh a mouth watering selection of awesome remedies…

As for the rest of us…

We are all using homeopathy to support ourselves right now. My youngest daughter had a fantastic response from Tuberculin 30c – after not gaining weight for one year, with a poor appetite and low energy levels she developed a hearty appetite and put on a KG two weeks later. She’s also been the most active in terms of playing (alone!) that she’s ever been. I feel like I’m finally ‘meeting’ my true daughter, I’ve had glimpses of her over the last four years – and don’t get me wrong, we still have a long way to go with her – but I’m so excited by her fantastic turnaround after the Tuberculin. Hana is continuing her Carcinosin LM2 and I’ve observed less emotional volatility when she takes it daily then when we have a break off it. Hopefully it is working at a deeper level too – although she’s still prone to ear infections and I have had to use antibiotics to get rid of two infections over the last few months. I’ve also seen my youngest respond brilliantly to Pulsatilla 200c for conjunctivitis. I was trying the 30c dose for two days, frustratingly to no avail and I was about to go out and buy antibiotic eye ointment. Then, I gave her a 200c dry dose in the morning and by the afternoon the discharge had stopped, one more dose the next day and the infection was gone by the evening. Magic isn’t it?


I had a massive ‘aggravation’ after taking Hydrogen 1M a few months back – a constitutional remedy that fits one ‘layer’ at least for me. I was exhausted and felt very low, even the ankle bone that I broke as a teenager (and hadn’t felt pain from for over ten years) started hurting, as did an ancient shoulder injury from swimming. These literally took months to clear up and the whole aggravation was only finally shifted in the end by another prescription from my homeopath for Sulph Ac 30c which did wonders for my energy levels and creativity.


I use homeopathy for all acute illnesses and injuries in the home and have even found on one occasion that Arnica 30c had a better pain relieving effect for my sore back than paracetamol. I’ve also had great results from taking Aconite 30c at times of acute fear and stress (i.e when Hana has been very sick and I’ve been afraid of her death – Aconite is associated with ‘fears of dying.’).

As for my studies: I’ve finished Unit One of Year One, just working my way through the assignments (some are very tedious) but I’m looking forward to starting Unit Two and learning more…

Thanks for reading and if you are interested in homeopathy please share this post. I’ve been blown away by the results I’ve witnessed myself with homeopathic remedies and I can’t wait to get deeper into my studies to learn more. There is more on our Brain Tumour Journey here, and if you’re on Facebook I’d love hear from you here.



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