Haven’t heard about my new kid’s books business venture? Then please read this…

Nurse Naomi PressLast year I decided to make my dreams come true: I wanted to write about health – for kids, I wanted to write books and I wanted those books published. There was some publisher interest in one of my series from a major publishing house – things looked super promising but then it was rejected (find out why here), so my husband and my literary agent, who both believed in the series, finally convinced me to Do It Myself.

Introducing Nurse Naomi Press!

Mission Statement and Company Philosophy:

“Nurse Naomi Press uniquely creates and produces health themed children’s books. The Nurse Naomi Press philosophy maintains that children can be inspired and motivated to healthy behaviour when they are empowered with the ‘know-how’ and when they realise the key role they play in actualising their own health and wellbeing.

Nurse Naomi Press upholds that children are ready to be imbued with a sense of responsibility and gently entrusted to take charge of their own health and wellbeing. Nurse Naomi Press dreams of a future generation of healthy role models that may, perhaps, teach us grown ups a thing or two…”

Books. Health. Kids. Empowerment.

The First Series

I am currently working with a talented illustrator and awesome book designer on the illustrations and design for book one in the up and coming series. It should be ready to go to print by September time and ready to buy by November, provided all things go to plan. Have a look through my new site for more info and updates on my journey as Children’s Author, Publisher and Founder of Nurse Naomi Press. I’d love to touch base with you ‘over there!’



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