Where did the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder go?

OK…I can’t quite believe this, but at this moment in time I am sitting at a table with NO PENS on it. Yes, there are NO PENS ON MY TABLE. Not sure what I’m talking about? Let me back track a little – I’m sure most of you remember that post operatively Hana suddenly showed signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Hana’s OCD mainly centers around pens and crayons and we have about the equivalent of stars in the Milky Way crammed into our tiny dining area. Hana grew obsessive with her pens post op, counting them, ordering them and arranging them. Nothing must touch them. They must be straight and put back instantly in their places if taken out of line. Hana’s pens and their positioning were sacred. Her area of table was hallowed ground, woe betide Daddy if he stuck his computer on her section…Of course she wasn’t always like that:

This is our table the week Hana was diagnosed with her Brain Tumour (this is actually the day before her surgery). Note it is messy, disorderly, clearly nothing OCDish about it.

OCD Pre Op

This is our table post op.  Months of obsessive pen ordering and laying out had begun.

OCD post op

This the week we started Oxytocin (which – if you read this post here, you will see improved some aspects of her OCD symptoms, particularly at a high dose.)


As months passed the desire to colour group-pen groups began to decrease – whether or not this is due to the ongoing use of Oxytocin or related to brain healing I don’t know. However the obsessive laying out of pens and a desire to have no one and no-thing touching them persisted …

OCD March 2015

Although colour grouping different types of pens had reduced Hana was still obsessive about laying out her pens in colour order and ‘putting them back in the right spot’.

…ALL the way until now:

A few weeks ago, I was rooting around in my now rather extensive collection of homeopathic remedies and stumbled across my BRAIN 1M. If you recall from this older post – I had some success with BRAIN 1M and Hana’s poor short term memory way, way back. My homeopath and I repeated the remedy a couple more times but didn’t find any further success and so we had temporarily shelved it. That is, until a few weeks ago. Out of interest to see how Hana responded to the remedy, I repeated it a couple of times noting a slight improvement in her appetite in the day following the dose. I have no idea how much this homeopathic sarcode can help with Hana’s hypothalamic obesity  or if the appetite improvement was a coincidence, time will tell – but one thing that has really interested us both is this that this happened after two doses:

OCD post op Brain 1M

A sudden messiness descended upon us. I was delighted.

Then a couple of days after the third dose Hana simply said one evening “Why don’t I put all my pens back in the pencil case?” “Awesome idea!” I agreed distractedly, assuming she would change her mind a minute later. Well, four weeks later, she still hasn’t changed her mind. My dining room table is now EMPTY. After a solid 15 months of my table being overlaid with pens  – save for a pencil and a couple of toys, it is now empty!

OCD post brain 1m 2

Hana’s work space is officially clear of OCDish traits!

What does this mean?

My homeopath and I have no idea. There are no ‘provings’ done on Brain 1M (“provings” are a  type of homeopathic ‘trial’ where healthy subjects are given an unknown remedy and all responses/changes noted thus indicating the remedy’s healing potential) and so we don’t know if others have had similar benefits from this remedy. We also have no idea if this remedy would do the same thing in other sufferers of OCD – it didn’t notably help this disorder when Hana first tried it a year ago. I do believe there has been on going Brain healing over the past year – this is clear from how Hana is generally so it makes sense that her OCD would also improve. However, it was the sudden, dramatic turnaround after the Brain 1M dose that is an indicator, to me and my homeopath, that some good has come about from that remedy. Fifteen months of daily laying out of pens doesn’t disappear more or less overnight without a very good cause! I am absolutely overjoyed. And of course, being ‘liberated’ from that obsession is wonderful for Hana too.

Now we will repeat the dose of Brain 1M, observing for changes of any sort and we will potentially repeat with a higher potency at a later date. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

Thanks for reading. For more on my incredible, devastating, mind opening (++many other adjectives!) on my quest  to help and heal my daughter after her Brain Tumour check out this category and or pop over to my Facebook page and say hi!

  2 comments for “Where did the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder go?

  1. io1anda
    May 22, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    That’s absolutely great news Naomi!! Such a big improvement, isn’t it??

  2. Andrew Cook
    May 23, 2015 at 6:57 pm


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