All packed and ready to fly – Toronto here we come #BrainHealing

toronto hat2This is just a quickie. Bags are pretty much packed and we are ready to fly! We head off to Toronto this Thursday, Hana will be seeing Fred Kahn this Friday morning and will have her first laser treatments immediately.

Also – Dr Kahn has said that I can attend the training course to become a Bioflex laser practitioner while I am in Toronto! That way, I can continue his work on Hana when we return to Australia (…and maybe open my own low level laser clinic in Sydney one day?? Dr Kahn has said the demand for cold laser therapy in Oz is monumental).

My hubby is only staying with us for a week then has to come back to work but I’ll be in Toronto for three weeks with my girls. Once we’ve settled over there I’ll try and get that blog post out on how laser may be able to help heal Hana’s brain – plus what aspects of her brain injury I’m interested to observe for changes.

toronto hat

Meanwhile, about woolly hats – how many is too many?



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