Toxic Homes: ‘EMF’s, Dirty Electricity-why we are leaving the City for Health Reasons

Smelling RosesMy craving for the countryside is physically tangible and has been growing in intensity since Hana was diagnosed with her brain tumour. It started with the occasional whim that I wanted to move back to the UK (greenery!) and gradually become something so intense I feel it in my gut, and arms and fingers – everywhere! I am just desperate to be surrounded by nature.

“Listen to that!” Francoise, a psychologist and our Tomatis practitioner told me. “You must listen to what you are feeling.” So I have…

When we popped over to the UK after Hana’s lap band surgery I simply couldn’t get enough of the beauty of it all. I would choose outings that would force me to drive for long periods of time along the twisty country roads, I would ooh and ahh over the miles of green fields. “What’s that stink Mummy?” The girls would ask as warm wafts of manure would drift through the open windows. “That is the smell of the country my dears,” I’d smile serenely. Even the smell of Horse Poo – I found it all so delicious…

my concrete neighbours

These are my Concrete Neighbours, snap taken on a ‘relaxing’ evening walk. There is a current plague of high rise constructions within my vicinity! Eeek, get me outta here!

Then we returned to our fantastic sky high apartment in the midst of busy, city-like, Bondi Junction- in this place I feel like I am living in the sky – the most beautiful sunrises fill our place with pink light at dawn. We get nearly 360 degree view of Sydney – the ocean over the airport, Bondi, all the way to the bushy north and harbour glimpse. But in spite of the beauty of the views, the place is so wrong! Check out my concrete neighbours – there are five new high rises flying up around our building, all within a 200m radius! Suffocating. I am desperate to have my own feet on the ground rather than on the 11th floor and aching to be able to walk amongst greenery at my will – to be able to touch green things and breathe them in. To feel them near me. Interestingly, I’ve been told that such craving for nature can surround a spiritual awakening, so no coincidence really that this happened to me.

EMF’s – Electrical Magnetic Frequencies

So when did I first start being concerned about the health effects of Wifi and other EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies)? I can’t really remember, it’s been a slow growing concern for a year or two and now that I am able to focus on healing Hana’s brain it has become a more pertinent concern. Anything that could impact upon her neural re-wiring, healing and cancer regrowth needs to be obliterated!

Here’s a very simple explanation that will show why I’m concerned:

  1. Our bodies/cells/auric fields vibrate at a natural frequency – this is our natural ‘EMF.’
  2. Manmade objects can emit powerful ‘artificial’ EMFs.
  3. The natural frequency of our bodies can be altered by the frequency of surrounding electromagnetic waves.
  4. Distorting our ‘natural frequency’ can lead to inappropriate cellular function. 
  5. Inappropriate cellular function can lead to bodily dysregulation, systemic chaos = Disease.
  6. Metal in an environment can act as a mirror to EMF’s – sending off and around over and over again thus intensifying exposure.
  7. We already  know that very powerful radio waves destroy human tissue. Think X-rays, Gamma Rays…What about ricocheting EMF’s from things like Wifi’s? Telecommunications towers? Electricity Pylons?

Are my concerns ‘science based’? Yes. There have been numerous studies outlining the potentially serious health risks that can arise from excessive EMF but these concerns don’t yet affect a high percentage of public consciousness. I’m sure it will though, in time.If you want to know more about EMF’s and the potential impact it could be having on your health I recommend having a good google around Google Scholar. You could wait around for mainstream science to catch up and declare excessive exposure to artificial EMF’s as harmful to human health – but I’m certainly not going to. Intuitively, the ‘harmful EMF’ theory makes more than good sense AND there are a growing number of scientific studies that back that up, most of whom call for further research. Note that any mainstream ‘newsy’ website you come across will claim that science hasn’t proven it (yet) implying then to the average reader that everything is OK. I don’t think everything is  OK simply because it hasn’t been proven yet! You know from my journey with Hana how far ‘science’ can lag behind what is needed to be officially ‘proven’ and declared ‘truth.’  Yes, further research needs to be undertaken but I plan to protect myself and my children, as much as I can, until I get conclusive evidence. For a good look at published research so far this is a great, meaty starting point: Health Implications of Electromagnetic Fields, Mechanisms of Action and Research Needs, Singh and Kapoor, Advances in Biology 2014

Off to the ‘Country’? Yes, next week! 

I’d envisaged myself swanning around the Australian bush, a mini donkey or two in tow for school pick ups. Seriously, I want a mini donkey SO BADLY. However, living out in the sticks won’t work for my hubby’s clinic and also for ease of travel to our new Montessori school for the girls so we are looking at quiet, leafy, green suburbs. Our plans to move ASAP were thwarted by Hana’s tumour regrowth but we are now only a week away from DDay!

It’s also worth mentioning that I employed the expert help of  a building biologist, Jo Lia from No Tox Rox who gave our new abode a thorough check for  harmful exposures including mould, EMFs to dirty electricity. For us – exposure to harmful EMFs will be massively reduced by moving away from the telecommunications tower and surrounding hundreds of Wifi devices in our sky high block but nevertheless we still needed expert input on how to run our new home. A blog post Q&A with Jo on all aspects of building health is coming once we’ve moved!

Thanks for stopping by and for reading, please do share this if the conversation on EMF’s strikes a cord. You may have already thought about this and know what you think, on the other hand perhaps this is the first time you’ve considered the potential impact EMF could be having on you. Also, please stop by my Facebook page and say Hi. Catch you soon! NN xx


  5 comments for “Toxic Homes: ‘EMF’s, Dirty Electricity-why we are leaving the City for Health Reasons

  1. Elizabeta
    April 26, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    Very good text. And very true. EMF is very dangerous and interfering with our own body field that can lead to many health issues. Good that you are doing something about this. Good luck in your new place.

  2. Mary Birtill
    April 27, 2016 at 9:30 am

    That connection with nature is the feeling you get on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. It lifts the spirit for sure. Would be so lovely for your Mum if you were back in the UK.

  3. April 28, 2016 at 12:07 am

    Environment we live in certainly affects our health. I would not want to live next to a telecommunication tower and the effects of invisible radio magnetic fields may certainly can have harmful effects just like radiation from x rays. Most people don’t realise how unhealthy their own homes can be when they live by busy dusty roads with air pollution, noise and light pollution. Moving to a green leafy suburb is going to be a positive move for all health aspects.

    Fresh air, sunshine, clean water, quietness, good sleep, healthy eating, peace and tranquility from psychological stress is my prescription as a medical doctor to get over any illness including cancer. Congratulations on your move to a healthy place, both physically and mentally.

  4. Frances Beato
    April 28, 2016 at 7:22 am

    Hi Naomi,

    Thank you for all your information on EMF. It makes me wonder about Yvette.

    Like you, I considered moving back home but, our children want to stay in Sydney. Yvette needs to near where all her doctors are. So, when we moved last year we stayed close to where she is living. At present, I have her here with us as she cannot be left on her own.

    Looking forward to hearing how you go after your move.

    Love from,

  5. May 13, 2016 at 11:06 am

    Not everyone can afford to move in to the wild, which will be the best from EMF perspective to live some where in the deep valley surrounded by forest, but it is possible to shield the house or flat by using EMF shielding materials. And to dramatically reduce exposure microwave radiation to the body the solution is to wear EMF shielded clothing.

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