Do you believe in Past Lives? Why I (now) do and an intro to Dr Weiss…

Brian WeissUp until a few of months ago I didn’t believe in Past Lives or the concept of reincarnation. I thought it was complete and utter rubbish. And of course I pompously thought I wasn’t at all arrogant in my fossilised non-spirtual beliefs! Just not prepared to budge an inch. Oh boy…more un-learning for me to do! How can one person BE SO WRONG about so many things? Sigh.

You remember that I’ve had to unlearn my arrogance in believing in much that I’ve learnt in a medical/health context? Well I WAS NOT prepared to transmute that to a spiritual context! I was a happy atheist and closed…LISTEN, came that nagging whisper, yeah, I’m listening but I’m sorry, not to THAT! I’d respond with a huff. Well you know what happened then (read about my Spiritual Awakening here). At the time I ‘woke up’ someone special (she knows who she is) was placed in my life to present me with the amazing work of Dr Brian Weiss the very week my hands began the unfamiliar sensation of pouring energy.

My whole system of belief was knocked flat, sideways and turned upside down. I felt like I’d been dragged backwards through a Combine Harvester (or ComVine HarBester as Hana used to call them) by the time I finished the last page. Finally, I was truly LISTENING.

The book proposed to me was “Many Lives and Many Masters” and details the story of prestigious Yale trained Psychiatrist presented with a patient who  to his utter disbelief kept regressing to multiple past lives during hypnosis, leading to a complete resolution of her poor mental health symptoms. Dr Weiss, mainstream in medical approach and agnostic in religious beliefs was shocked by his patient’s revelations under hypnosis and couldn’t deny their validity due to the fact she knew things about him that were impossible! For four years the lovely Dr Weiss kept quiet on his findings, frightened he’d be ridiculed by his colleagues and his reputation sullied! And who can blame him. But luckily for us, he wrote the book and many more to follow. He has now put tens of thousands of individuals through past life regression hypnosis and has incredible stories to share. I’ve recently read “Same soul, many bodies” which blew my mind – read the part about his coloured robe and patient who recognised him in biblical times!!!! I am now reading “Miracles Happen” which is a compilation of personal testimonies sent in to Dr Weiss – I read them – greedy to ‘listen’ to what these people are saying. Each tale is phenomenal.

The incredible thing is, I’ve read his work at a time I’ve been called to ‘listen to what people are saying’ and through his work I’ve heard the voices of thousands of others. I cannot ignore those voices.

I highly, highly recommend these books, read them ALL if you can. But these were the three that I started with and my life has been radically transformed. What you should know is that in all the cases listed, radical healing occurs once the higher self (soul) is accessed via Past Life Regression Hypnosis, this healing can be physical or emotional and can be subtle or crazily dramatic.

Past Life Regression for me?

But of course – I have already started! What I have discovered has blown my mind and is helping me figure out who I am and what the hell I need to do while I am here…

OK so you think I’m mad? I don’t blame you! (Disclaimer: I AM a little loony). You think you don’t know me anymore? I don’t know me anymore! My spiritual awakening has knocked me flat, humbled and reshaped me and I’m loving every minute of it. I know some of the things I’m sharing will not resonate with everyone, no problem. But for those in whom this strikes a cord, please please share! I’ve been told there are so many of us ‘waking up’ RIGHT NOW! This is real and worldwide as many of us are begining to remember that we are so much more than this earthly embodiment. NAMASTE beautiful souls, please connect with me on Facebook and share your journey with me as I progress with mine xx



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