Are these “Proofs” of Reincarnation? And how do they relate to Health?

Have we been here before?

I’ve also learnt/heard/listened that as souls, we tend to reincarnate together in the same groups, but in different roles in order to learn new things. This is thought to facilitate our growth as beings.

It still feels weird talking about reincarnation – it is a concept I was deeply opposed to only six months ago. However, as you know, I’ve been allowing my mind to open and  have even began past life regression hypnosis myself so let me share these recent discoveries with you:

I’ve read of some of the amazing things in Brian Weiss’s books over the last few months – you can take it all with a pinch of salt of course, but I  know that many of you are already there – having been ‘awake’ and ‘open’ for so much longer than me (yes, I know, I took my sweet time 🙂

You know when something is ‘truth’ for you as it resonates deep within. However, we all have a sceptical side, myself included of course and it can be helpful to look at ‘what people are saying’ objectively in order to further develop your own belief system and journey to soul healing.

It is worth adding that experiencing ‘past lives’ via regression hypnosis is not ‘proof’ that past lives/reincarnation is a truth. However, I find the points listed below very interesting and would find them hard to explain if  the concept of reincarnation is as false as I once thought it was…

Are these Proofs that Reincarnation is Truth?

  • People speak and have spoken foreign languages under hypnosis that they have never been taught. Dr Weiss describes the case of one non-English speaking Chinese patient who needed a translator to go under hypnosis but once she was ‘under’ she started speaking in fluent English. Her translator was so confused he began to translate the English back into Chinese much to Dr Weiss’s amusement.
  • More than this, people under hypnosis have spoken in ancient languages which have been verified by professionals familiar with these time periods.
  • People have been able to ‘know’ places they have never been before. Dr Weiss outlines one case where a man who recalled a past life in an ancient time went to visit the remains of a specific temple he’d been associated with and once there, knew of a hidden way in that used to be the door but had since been closed off to tourists.
  • Children can intuitively ‘know’ about past lives – some will describe their ‘other mummy’ or talk about events that happened to them or places they’ve been. Before my awakening, my own daughter, Maryam, would often talk about dying and then coming back to life again – much to my surprised horror at the time, I couldn’t imagine where she had got this idea from, certainly not from me or my  husband!
  • What persuaded Dr Weiss that his patient Catherine was truly experiencing past lives and accessing the spiritual dimension (‘life in-between lives’ – as Michael Newton would call it) was the fact that she knew things about him personally that she couldn’t have known.
  • There are some amazing stories of subjects being hypnotised separately but sharing a past life experience together. The one that gave me shivers was one that Dr Weiss shared in “Same Soul, Many Bodies“. He’d kept his past life witnessing the day Jesus was crucified a secret in case he was mocked for it (I don’t blame him!!)- however he had a strong memory of the coloured  coat he was wearing while he saw Jesus walking to his death. He was amazed then when he hypnotised someone who was present in that same past life who recognised him there, watching this procession and who, when they came, out of hypnosis, told him all about his coloured coat! He has written a whole book on two patients  he was working with separately who shared a past life, meeting in his waiting room their appointments (this is next on my reading list: Only Love is Real).
  • There is also the fact that the thousands of stories tend to corroborate each other. Dr Weiss has recently been taking subjects into future lives or possible future lives and their reports on what might happen tend to cohere – this is thousands of people, unconnected, saying very similar things.

This next point doesn’t act as a proof for reincarnation, however it shows the sheer power of past life regression hypnosis as tool for physical, emotional and soul healing:

  • Medical miracles can occur with past life recall: Dr Weiss outlines dramatic and miraculous healings that can take place when someone is able to encounter a past life. Where one part of the body is damaged in a past life the physical body (particularly when relating to the cause of death in a previous life) in the current life can be affected. Once the past life is recalled and the initial source of the discomfort recognised, spontaneous and permanent healing can occur. One example of this was a women who had terrible psoriasis on her legs, for her whole life. Once she recalled being taken to be burned at the stake for being a healer (witch, in those times), she could see that her legs were tightly bound in rope causing her much discomfort. After the regression, her psoriasis began to recede and disappear. Ten years down the line, she is still completely psoriasis free.

There are many more examples of miracles taking place and I really recommend you read Dr Weiss’s books if you are interested in this topic! It really is that case that individuals who undergo past life regression work are capable of radically and spontaneously ‘healing’ themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I don’t believe we will find the absolute ‘truth’ in the experiences of others, but I do believe that ‘listening’ to others helps to guide us in our own quests for truth, meaning and self-healing. Keep an open mind and start reading…Blog coming soon summarising some of the most well known past life regression hypnotherapists and their work & my thoughts on their ‘paradigms.’ 

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