Why this Psychic Skill: ‘Automatic Writing,’ is good for Health (and how to do it)

Automatic Writing PicThis blog post is about a psychic ability that we ALL have, just maybe, we haven’t all ‘tapped’ into it yet: The power of Automatic Writing!

I  want to introduce you to the concept of ‘Automatic Writing,’ and if the concept is new to you to see if I can tempt you to try and utilise it for your own health purposes!

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is actually seen as a Psychic skill – to ‘write automatically’ you need to be in a certain level of trance where you are recipient to 1. Messages from spiritual entities or 2. communication from YOUR own soul self/higher self.

When in this state, the words simply pour onto the page without any interference from the ego or logical mind. The flow can be uninterrupted and seamless. You can find yourself writing out quite profound and deep things that have never entered your logical head before!

Because this is done in a trance-like state, the conscious or ego-self is temporarily suspended so I find I have no ‘intent’ on what I will write – my hand and pen simply channel information for me to later reflect on. I find that the words and sentences often flow so fast my hand cramps up, I find it impossible to write neatly during an automatic writing session!

What is the health benefit of Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing has the benefit of connecting you to a higher source of information, whether that information comes from yourself (subconscious or superconscious self) or from higher entities (God, The Source, Spirit Guides) the result is the same – there can be a sense of enlightenment gained from this and a sense of clarity surrounding whatever has been the topic of the writing session.

This enlightenment and sense of clarity is healing – it enables you to return to daily existence with a clear mindset, and a feeling of being anchored to your own truth…If the writing session has been about a certain decision or choice you must take, the revealed conclusion can help you take the necessary steps confidently without the veil of doubt pestering and bothering you.

How to do it?

I can only use my own experiences here…Automatic writing is something I’ve used since childhood without knowing it. As a child I would pour out my soul into journals and subsequently find a clearer path through doing that. However, since my awakening Automatic Writing has become something that feels ‘energetically’ different to me since it will often follow a session of deep meditation and unlike my childhood preparatory sessions, I find myself writing words and phrases that don’t usually belong in the normal domain of my logical mind. These words and sentences often resonate deeply into the very core of my being, teaching and leading me.

So I would recommend meditating for about 20 minutes with piece of music that helps you transcend your normal bodily and mental distractions. Then, when coming round, before rousing yourself properly (I know when I am still in trance because I feel dizzy and I am very uncoordinated, plus my eyes become very wide and round when opened) grab a pen and notebook that you only use for these post-mediation sessions and start writing. Keep the meditation music on.

You can just write down any word that comes into your head, even if it’s a crazy as ‘porridge’! Just trust those single words, they may ultimately join into phrases. Or you may see a picture or image, write that image down. And when you feel a word, phrase or another image ‘pushed’ into your mind, honour it and write it down. Nothing appears there as a coincidence. Trust that your higher self is communicating with you and that the communication will only improve the more you honour it.

Here are some beautiful insights that were given to me during an automatic writing session exploring one aspect of my “Soul Purpose”, you won’t be surprised to see that part of my (eternal) soul purpose involves communication – WRITING and WORDs (my favourite – over many life times – things!):

Throughout the history of our physical embodiments, communication (writing, words!) has been a way to connect us, as souls, to one another. Words are a bridge from soul to soul that cross the physical embodiment – the barrier to remembering who and what we are.

Communication helps us connect. When we connect, we remember (who we are).

Communication fosters empathy, empathy fosters love. When we love, we remember what we are.

Communication fosters connection, when we connect we become One, and part of the Oneness. Then we remember who and what we are.

Communication is a act of sharing. When we share we cease to be separate but united as One. We are part of the Oneness, the Source: This is what we all are. This is ALL we are!


So, let me know how you go!

Thanks for stopping by! Who’d have thought three years ago when I set up Nurse Naomi that I’d go from blogging about Germs to psychic abilities relevant to Soul health!? What a journey of unlearning it has been, and I’m eternally grateful to you for reading and sharing it because you are helping my express and fulfil my raison d’être – my Soul Purpose… Please drop in to see me on Facebook, as I love to meet readers there. And if you are super keen to hear more, why not sign up for email blog updates?





  4 comments for “Why this Psychic Skill: ‘Automatic Writing,’ is good for Health (and how to do it)

  1. timelesswheel
    August 10, 2016 at 4:18 am

    It’s remarkable that I came across this post as the most recent post I wrote came out of Automatic Writing! This is awesome advice, great post! 🙂

    • Naomi R Cook
      August 10, 2016 at 11:10 pm

      Thank you for stopping by! I’ll have to check out your latest post :-))

      • timelesswheel
        August 10, 2016 at 11:54 pm

        It’s no more the latest post 😅 it’s titled illuminate ☺

      • Naomi R Cook
        August 10, 2016 at 11:57 pm

        Cool xx

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