Why Modern Day Science reminds me of 15th Century Religion

Middle Ages Execution Pic

Talking Openly about some things Science has “Disproven” can be professional Suicide for a 21st Century Health care Professional. Photo Credit: By Virgil Master – This file has been provided by the British Library from its digital collections. It is also made available on a British Library website.Catalogue entry: Royal MS 20 C viiThis tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing for more information.Deutsch | English | Español | Euskara | Français | Македонски | 中文 | +/−, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1457961

Ancient Egypt had its gods and pharaohs. The Middle Ages had the Church and Kings and the twenty first century have Scientists and a domineering medical paradigm, to which many people are happy to submit.

If you committed heresy in ancient Egypt you were a goner, usually thrown from a height onto a stake, execution in the Middle Ages was even more gory with hanging, drawing and quartering. The twenty first century approach to those who pursue something ‘that is not scientifically proven’ is a little less barbaric but nevertheless, you are still a goner. In terms of credibility and professional reputation at least, you are pretty much a goner the moment you begin an open, non biased conversation on something mainstream science has (currently) rejected or is continually striving to reject.

Don’t believe me? Do you really believe that we live in an open minded era where free speech and freedom of expression is welcomed?

It is simply isn’t. There really is little freedom to discuss certain issues with openness and honesty and this is because 21st Century scientific mindset has become like a domineering, controlling religion, owning the minds, opinions and actions of the population. Yes, there are many rallying against this, they are the ones that usually get called “Quacks”, “Hippies” “Woo-Woo”  among other things, usually venomously.

Let’s for fun, list some taboo topics that if discussed openly and honestly,  risk ruining the good reputation of a respectable health care professional:



Natural CURES for Cancer


“Big Pharma”

Food is Medicine

Health care professionals, particularly doctors were gods of the twentieth century – ‘Do what I say,’ and patients willingly obliged with a meek “Yes Doctor.” But things have changed in the twenty first century as individuals are becoming keen to take some control over their health and wellbeing by reading and researching. I think, and I hope that the ‘doctor is god’ perception is dying a death. Which paves the way to the birth of the Science Demi-God: a quest for scientific proof (which is different to truth – read this), the new religion.

The western world is gripping on to science as if it is a god. Science says…science doesn’t say and it will make us as narrow minded and timid in our thinking as the people of the royal court in the Middle Ages. Like the courtiers in ancient egypt and the middle ages who were forbidden to question the authority of the King and current gods so too are health care professionals indirectly forcibly muted on issues that are of great importance to ‘the people’ (everyone else!). They risk their reputation by entering the conversation, or debate.. ‘People’ are saying they can cure cancer with natural medicine, ‘people’ are saying they’ve had a bad experience with vaccines, people are saying homeopathy works. But since these things do not appear within a mainstream scientific body of evidence they are dismissed as heresy: “Not science based” is a terrible condemnation for a health care professional.

We are the people – let’s listen to what we are all saying. There is credibility in every single genuine human experience on this planet, we need to learn from each other as well as learning what science has to say. Science and human experience don’t need to exclude each other. Once we’ve mastered this union between scientific understanding, recognising it’s weaknesses as well as it’s strengths – in the light of human experience and what can’t (yet) be proven I wonder if another god or religion will take it’s place?

Or will we be finally be ready to rule ourselves?

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  2 comments for “Why Modern Day Science reminds me of 15th Century Religion

  1. Rae
    October 14, 2016 at 4:29 am

    Love this! I’ve been meaning to write something similar. Thank you for your voice.

    • Naomi R Cook
      October 14, 2016 at 9:21 am

      Thank YOU so much for taking the time to read and leave a comment, I really appreciate it!

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