Why the Evil Eye can’t hurt You (unless You Believe it will)

evil-eye-postI don’t think, I KNOW this will be a little controversial as I have many friends who believe that any of us can become victim to the Evil Eye – the jealously or poor intentions of others – at any single point in time.

I am going to argue why I don’t believe we can be hurt by someone else’s malicious or non-malicious jealousy or envy – unless we believe it will be so.

Background: What is the Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye may be seen by some as a superstition – but for many it is real, and something that should be feared. The implications of  the belief in the existence of the Evil Eye means that for those who believe,  any individual is perceived as being at risk of being hurt by the negative thought patterns and intent of someone else. People will take active measures to reduce the chance of this hurt occurring via physical protection (blue colours, certain symbols) by altering behaviour and speech – such as not sharing positive news with others or by a ‘saying’ that is thought to confer protection. Some people fear the evil eye so greatly they will keep their babies/young children away from certain social situations.

Throughout history thousands of people in a myriad of cultures have experienced a misfortune, an injury or illness that has been attributed to the ‘evil eye.’

Can Negative Energy from others really impact on us?

I believe we ‘notice’ in some shape or form ‘negative’ (or ‘low vibrational’) energy of others but the extent to which we are affected will be determined by how much we allow ourselves to be affected and by how much we EXPECT to be affected…which is basically how much we  BELIEVE we will be affected.

Can you imagine a scenario where someone is living in fear of the evil eye? He will hide his successes in fear, play down the health of  his children in fear, for self protection he will adorn his house and home with colours and symbols that for him hold protective power.  This meanwhile, is sending out an energy, a message to the universe that is saying I AM VULNERABLE – I CAN BE HURT BY YOU. I EXPECT TO BE HURT BY YOU. This is expectation that he will be hurt by the evil eye is not unlike a wish.

Be careful what thoughts fill your mind and be careful what you wish for!

This is what some others have said:

Brian Weiss after  years of researching  and contacting the spiritual planes via his patients under hypnosis was interested as to why he had never come across a single negative entity! He had only found loving beings, no hell, just heaven. He asked these questions to spiritual leaders and guru’s worldwide. All of whom LAUGHED at him, before shaking their heads, they’d inform him that a negative energy would never come near an energy so positive as his. Negative energies are repelled by the positive.

Similarly, in “The Secret” – it is made clear that simply by thinking negative thoughts you invite negative events – a quantum physicist reminds us that each thought is a creation, we must therefore focus our thoughts onto the positive and subsequently our realities unfold positivity. These thinkers uphold that negative thought patterns invite negative events – thus the lowest vibrational energy belongs to that of ‘fear.’ Living then in fear, will attract those fears to actualise.

However, there are enormous numbers of people who do not believe this – their fear of being hurt is ultimately unnoticed/ignored –  instead they focus on their perception that their positive vibration will ATTRACT negative energy. For them, jealousy in the form of the Evil Eye WILL harm them. And I do believe they are harmed by the ‘evil eye’ in these circumstances.

Q. But why do I believe it harms them when I don’t believe the Evil Eye can harm ME?

A. Because we are all Creators of our own realities – if we truly believe that someone’s jealousy over our good health will make us sick then it WILL make us sick. We create and manifest exactly what we are thinking – even though we are blind to it half of the time. I believe that we are not Victim to someone else’s poor intentions (whether they exist or not) we are responsible for upholding a strong positive stance in the face of what we may perceive as negativity/low vibrational energy from others. Whilst remembering all the while, that this ‘negativity’ we are seeing, is also a manifestation!

Instead of questioning why everyone around us is so negative we should instead be asking ourSELVES, why AM I living in a reality where I PERCEIVE everyone around me as negative?

This is my belief system and it is true for me. If it is not part of your belief system then it is not true for you and you may find repeated examples of where you are indeed hurt by ‘the evil eye,’ and I believe in the validity of your experiences.

What does this have to do with Health and Wellbeing?

It has MORE to do with health and wellbeing than ‘eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away.’ Being able to take full responsibility for your own Reality – understanding the true Power you have as an embodied soul – or however you choose to understand ‘what and who you are’ – has a greater impact on health than anything else possibly ever could. More to come on that!

Of course this topic does not belong in the realms of 21st Century science, but maybe it will in the 22nd Century? I think it is relevant to health on all levels – physical  emotional and soul!

Thank you for stopping by, feel free to leave your comments below, whether you agree or disagree – so long as we respect our differing belief systems, all will be cool. For more info About Me check out this page and please stop by on Facebook and say hi ya.NN xx



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