Dipping into Past Lives – My Experiences with Past Life Regression Hypnosis

plrh-have-you-been-here-beforeDuring my first past life regression hypnosis session I was wracked with fits of crying and visceral despair as I watched a tragic life unfold. The session that followed was less emotionally intense but physically painful. This was followed by another session where I was hit with elation and understanding! Sounds intense right? It is…

But what does this mean? Was everything I saw ‘real’ – real past life the memories that are locked into my spiritual being? Or was the whole thing just my imagination?

It is easy to claim things we don’t understand as being ‘our imagination’ – it’s harder to throughly investigate things that are unusual before reaching an opinion on them. I’ve spent the last six months reading up on the subject of past life regression via hypnosis and meditation. I do have opinions about the methods, paradigms and focus points used by the practitioners  I’ve researched (blog to come on that) but what I have found is that in my opinion, there is a great deal of evidence (more on that here) that supports the theory of past lives/collective memory of past lives.

The biggest ‘proof’ for me are mutual past life memories shared by individuals, recorded separately, from people who haven’t met before! How can this incredible occurrence possibly be explained by imagination? (Read Only Love is Real by Brian Weiss for one example of this). Then there are the intricate memories of past lives that have led to the discovery of relatives from that life still existing today (Michael Newton outlines a couple of these examples in his books) – all of these experiences I’ve come across in my readings over the last six months. There is also the speaking of foreign languages unknown to the subject (sometimes ancient) and there are intricate memories of places never visited. I have really been very shocked by my findings – and as usual, ashamed that up until this point I had disregarded the concept of ‘past lives’ because, ultimately, I had known nothing about it, to me it had sounded silly. Now who’s the silly one? 😉

The most important thing though, about this ‘recall’ of past lives is that deep healing usually occurs in the hypnotic subject – both emotionally, spiritually and physically (yes, true miracles can occur) and usually the onset of a great life change characterised by a sense of purpose and self-actualisation. Intrigued by that thought? I was too! Below is a little about my own experiences, I’ve experienced about 7 past lives/life in-between life (the spiritual realm)  so far- I’ll describe a few of them below-

 Why did I bother visiting my own Past Lives?

For me the purpose of discovering the secrets of my Spiritual Self was important in my quest to help Hana. Could I ‘remember’ something that would guide me on how to best help her heal? Or stop the tumour from returning? My sessions plus ALOT of self-hypnosis and meditation sessions in-between have certainly guided me on what to ‘do next’ with regards to thoughts/manifestation and Theta Healing, however, I did not experience life guiding ‘light bulb’ moments in any single session – the quest to heal Hana became to quest to know and heal myself while I proceeded;

  1. In my first and, I feel, most ancient lifetime, I was on another planet (according to my readings by Weiss and Newton this is not common but certainly not extraordinary, whereas according to Dolores Cannon’s research, this is VERY normal!). The planet was  very earth like but there were two suns and the overall light was very golden. It gave our skin a different sheen, we looked more radiant. The soul of Hana and I were living together – me as her mother again, and I lost her in that life, tragically. Witnessing that loss wracked me with sobs of despair – the emotional agony experienced by me on the bed whilst in trance, was painful. The loss of her in that life time completely destroyed me – I had nothing to live for and I did not even ‘try’ to get on with my life. The visceral sensations of fear and tragedy were so enormous I was crying and shaking for a lot of the session. My own tragic demise  followed soon afterward – I was murdered – to my surprise it was the physical sensations – what I could ‘feel’ – that were clearer than anything I could ‘see.’ I began gasping in my hypnotic state before I could understand what I was witnessing and before I could report back to my hypnotherapist  what I was witnessing, which I find very interesting. As my soul left my body, the sudden, extreme relief from the emotional torment as I drifted up to a place of cooling white light was phenomenal, breathtaking. This was my first experience of ‘seeing’ a spiritual dimension.

Q. But what was the point of going through that hell to witness that past life? What did I learn from it? How could ‘seeing’ this help me heal, or help me heal Hana? I had been so utterly broken! Who wouldn’t have been?

A. One thing that I ‘took’ from that session was that before I found peace earlier this year, my quest to heal Hana had been fuelled by  the fear of being broken at losing her – not a quest based on peace and love! Again, I don’t think there is anything ‘wrong’ with that, it’s just that I feel much healthier in myself driving my quest to heal her with love and peace – not fear of loss. I just wonder if that deep rooted fear of loss  that drove my passionate and intense battle to ‘save’ her, began in another place in space and time, earlier in my soul journey.

2. My second session took me to Earth, in Ancient Egypt. One where I was a scribe obsessed with finding the ‘truth’ (hmmm, sound familiar?) and the second a haughty royal. In both I died young of head injuries – one by a blow across my head (incidentally, exactly where Hana’s first craniotomy scar is) and the second by something that caused the pressure in my head to rise. Maybe a tumour. I did not experience any emotional attachment to these lives, apart from the head pain I felt throughout the full session, I did not have the same emotional and visceral reaction and ultimately I felt quite disinterested in them!

Q. But what did I learn?

A. I’m still trying to understand the soul connection between my daughter and I!  I’ve read we have many soul mates that we often reincarnate with many times, I know that she is definitely one of mine. I have a feeling this experience is linked to my revelation that I must ‘heal myself’  whilst trying to heal her.

valley-echo-voice-reality3. My third memory took me, unexpectedly during a deep meditation session, into a past life  as a Native Indian with the soul that I recognise to be my current main spirit guide. He took me to a cave in a mountain overlooking a valley. He instructed me to shout into the valley, and hear the echo. ‘Your voice is like your thoughts, and life is like that echo,’ he said. ‘The only real thing is your thoughts. Like the echoes reflect your voice so too does your life echo what you are thinking.’

This was a total ‘WOAH, FAR OUT’ moment for me because at that time I had been studying ‘The Secret’ and researching individuals that purport that our thoughts literally become our biology and our reality. It was an intense time and oh, so, so beautiful! I deeply connect with my beautiful spirit guide in this lifetime and am so grateful to have this memory of a shared physical incarnation where he had so much to teach me in human form.

4. I’ve also had other memories of exisiting in spiritual form in, discovering my ‘spirit’ name and more – unless you’ve read a lot of Brian Weiss or Michael Newton you will think I’ve gone bonkers! They blow me away and have given me deep understanding for some issues I’ve had ‘being human’ giving me greater sympathy for myself and my idiosyncrasies.  We are all wonderful, incredible beings of light who are capable of more than we could ever have fathomed, really and truly, namaste to you all.

Should you ever stop looking back? Or should you just look forward?

As soon as I started reading about past life regression hypnosis I was utterly compelled to find out ‘who I was’ and ‘who I have been.’ However, one thing has become very clear to me during these sessions and deep meditative sessions, at this point in my soul development I need, less and less, to know who I’ve been. I definitely needed the experience of seeing who I have been (among the 1000’s of incarnated forms I have taken/remember via our universal connection to The One) but I have received messages from my Guides/Higher self/The Source that I do not need to integrate all my past lives in order to ‘heal’ – simply knowing and accepting that I don’t know everything about myself has been healing in itself (but yes, I still get curious and sometimes ‘explore’  my memories alone and with my hypnotherapist, sometimes past life snippets just ‘pop’ into my head – I am now able to recognise this when it occurs, it is pretty cool). However, key to my own personal development is investigating more about my entire spiritual purpose and ‘raison d’être’ – why, did I peel off the Source of All That Is, what aspects have I chosen as a focus point in my incarnations? This is huge because if you know this, or at least know parts of it, you can begin to  live a very fulfilled life, at peace with yourself, here on earth.

…What more could anyone want than a life filled with content purpose and satisfying fulfilment and deep immutable peace? What do you think?

Well that’s all from me today! I hope you found this interesting and useful, regardless of your own belief systems surrounding reincarnation. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Wait! Before you go: Have any of you explored the concept of Past Lives? Have any of you undergone regression? Please leave a comment below to show ‘you were here’ and do share your thoughts and experiences.  Also, remember to share this post with others if it resonates, you never know who’s journey you may impact upon by doing so. Remember to say hi on Facebook too, Love love love and namaste, NN xxx






  9 comments for “Dipping into Past Lives – My Experiences with Past Life Regression Hypnosis

  1. October 5, 2016 at 5:38 am

    I love love this post! I’ve been a reader for a long time, but never commented. I have recently finished reading Many Lives, Many Masters and I found it innately satisfying. I have had a past life experience, although while I was under hypnosis for something completely different. It was many many years ago and I never really looked into it then, but I’m very keen to now. I just need to find the right therapist! Love that you met your spirit guide in human form! x

    • Naomi R Cook
      October 5, 2016 at 11:26 pm

      Hey, it’s so good to hear from you! And thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Please do keep me posted 😉 I’d love to hear how you travel, PLR is fascinating xx

  2. Rae
    October 14, 2016 at 4:36 am

    Looking forward to the blog on “the methods, paradigms and focus points used by the practitioners” you have researched!

    • Naomi R Cook
      October 14, 2016 at 9:23 am

      YES! Thank you for reminding me to work on that one. You’ve inspired me to get cracking with it.

  3. November 10, 2016 at 1:36 am

    Beautiful! Unfortunately I never saw much. A warrior who lost his life in some forgein land, slain. I felt the sharpness of the sword. Wish I could see more, something that could help me in my current journey

    • Naomi R Cook
      November 10, 2016 at 10:56 pm

      It can take a lot of practice to ‘get into’ that state in where you liberate your mind to ‘see’ what it needs to, it took Weiss himself three months of trying! So I’d encourage you to keep trying. Yet, on the other hand – you can still get deep insight on your current journey simply from meditating and automatic writing. I believe PLR is amazing and can be life changing but there are many other ways to bring about the same results xxx

  4. June 26, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    I had no idea that deep healing can occur in a hypnotic subject. I had heard of hypnosis for trying to enter past lives, but I hadn’t thought about the healing that could come about because of it. I’ll have to keep this in mind, and try to visit past lives.

  5. Dagmar
    June 30, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    I did this myself once, without help and I couldn’t see anything so I looked down at my feet and I saw long black boots and a black nimble dress with one shoulder revealed, the floor changed to red carpet with a swirly light red pattern.
    I looked up and slowly a room started to form around me, it was like a big hallway with a stairwell in the middle leading to two doors.
    I looked around and from both sides were tall Windows. I couldn’t see what was out there. After I was done looking I slowly walked up the stairs and went into the right door leading to a smaller hallway with still the same carpet and color
    (I really wish I could draw it)
    There was a large painting but I couldn’t figure out anything that was on there,
    I wanted to explore further but my mother interuptdd me.
    This was an amazing experience altogether

  6. July 4, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    Thanks you for sharing your journey and experiences. Past life regression sessions are very powerful and affect us all differently. I love reading other people’s stories and learning about their experiences with past life regressions. I am happy to read that you are enjoying your journey to inner peace and happiness.

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