Why our Perception of the ‘Placebo Effect’ is Screwed Up (N.B. YOUR Mind can Heal YOU)


imageDo you believe we have an ability to cure ourselves by thinking we are well? Well, science can verify this is true – due to the existence of the ‘placebo effect.’

If you think that healing can come about via a ‘placebo effect’ rather than by a healing/treatment modality that science has ‘disproven’, or not yet proven, then you must necessarily believe that the human mindset is capable of  initiating cures. This is huge and raises the question, why isn’t the placebo effect celebrated for it’s existence? It also has a TREMENDOUS impact on us and the responsibility we must take for our mindsets and thought patterns.

Read on to find out more…

What is the Placebo Effect?

The Placebo Effect is a situation where a fake treatment can improve someone’s condition simply because they EXPECT it to i.e, I have a headache someone gives me a pain killer and I feel better – but actually it wasn’t a pain killer but a sugar pill. So, according to science my ‘feeling’ better came about from a belief I was receiving medication.

The placebo effect is not seen as a positive phenomenon by mainstream medicine and science – nor is it seen as a negative thing, but it is seen either as a yardstick in clinical trials or as something faintly irritating that gets in the way when testing a drug for it’s treatment efficacy.  I’m going to argue here that the placebo effect should be something we CELEBRATE for it’s amazingness rather than seen as a mere yardstick or faintly irritating phenomenon within the context of drug testing.

How our understanding of Placebo is screwed up

Scientists say ‘There is no evidence ‘so and so’ works, therefore the good results people are experiencing are just placebo effects’.

Hold it, right there. Can you see the glaringly obvious fault in this line of thinking? I can. Let’s take it step by step:

‘There is no evidence so and so works’ OK, that’s fair enough. There may indeed by no evidence that certain things work or maybe certain things cannot be proven by science (yet, yet, YET!), maybe some things are hard to quantify or hard to analyse via 21st Century Medical Gold Standards (double blind, randomised controlled trials). When we are pushed to make a conclusions on something that fits into one of the above, this conclusion may be understandable, if you think like a mainstream thinker.

‘Therefore the good results people are experiencing are just placebo effects’ this could be a frustrating statement for someone who claims to have been cured by something science can’t yet prove. And, in the light of the experiences of thousands, and thousands of people over hundreds of years, is a tad dismissive (see this post for truth, what people say and what science says). But perhaps all is not lost…

Placebo ‘Cures’ = Healing with the Mind

Some non-mainstream healing modalities cannot be proven by science, yet people claim they work for them. Scientists or individuals  who can’t yet fathom how this particular healing modality could work call this a ‘placebo effect’.

I say: It doesn’t’ matter what you call it, because, as a healing modality it works.

If you truly think a specific healing modality can’t POSSIBLY work ever, even considering the anticipated framework of futuristic sciences and the acknowledgement that science and knowledge will evolve – then we need to change our understanding of Placebo from ‘imagined cure from false drug’ to ‘something that is capabale of healing beyond current scientific understanding.’ And what is the mysterious healing power of these ‘placebos’? Well if you are DEADSET against the fact that science will progress and that understanding may be revealed in the future, then you will have to accept that a state of mind has healing potential; that an expectation of healing, will lead to healing.

Now this healing is very real for thousands who claim to have been healed by things science has currently ‘disproven.’Take my own experiences with homeopathy and my Hydrogen remedy. I believe that homeopathy works of course, as I’ve seen it do incredible things for my kids (and heard of miracles with animals, who of course, don’t have this preoccupation with ‘placebo’). But if you don’t believe that homeopathy works because scientists can’t prove it yet, the fact my exercise induced asthma completely disappeared after my hydrogen remedy (I’ve not needed to use an inhaler for two years now) was due to Placebo then I say, awesome, this ‘placebo’ worked by not by treating me temporarily – but curing me of a chronic health issue for which I need medication twice daily for years. If you just think it is a placebo – then you must think that I cured myself with my mindset – therefore you must believe that minds are capable of bringing about complete disease cure. And what a powerful idea that is…


Bob Proctor…Paradigm Doctor. LOVE this man. I’ve chosen this pic so I can publicly declare that I love this man. It also conveniently has a pic of the human biofield.

Although I credit my cure entirely to homeopathy, not my mindset, I uphold a belief that the mindset holds complete power over the state of an individuals health and wellbeing. We already know that we are more than cells – we are electromagnetic individuals that project energy around us at all times. We can impact on others with that energy as well as by affected by physically, on a cellular level by changes in our own energy and from the influential energy of others. This is called the human ‘bio-field’. But there is so much that we just don’t know and don’t understand, but sometimes it feels as if we’ve forgotten that. We are so secure in our knowledge base surrounding the physical, visible human body, we have forgotten that there is still much to learn.

We should be celebrating the Placebo Effect! 

The Placebo Effect demonstrates the power of our minds, and our untapped potential as beings ‘waking’ up to our true abilities and powers. For true conscious progression we need to be accepting responsibility for our roles in managing our mindsets, health and wellness, harnessing the ‘placebo effect’ and utilising it to manifest the best possible lives we can live!

***More to come on Theta Healing, Mind over Medicine and the  The Biology of Belief and a TON of inspiring medical miracles to share with you!  WOW WOW WOW-Some.***

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, as scientists and as members of the general public we need to remember to LISTEN to what people are saying…even if what is being said doesn’t cohere with what we think we’ve got nailed down pat, and know already. 

I’ve just completed  a Theta Healing Practitioner Course which upholds the concept that our mindsets are responsible for our entire physical being, illness, wellness and healing! I’ll be telling you all about it. Meanwhile please check in with me on Facebook  and leave a comment! I wanna know you were here 🙂 NN xx




  3 comments for “Why our Perception of the ‘Placebo Effect’ is Screwed Up (N.B. YOUR Mind can Heal YOU)

  1. Sarah hatfield
    October 21, 2016 at 1:07 am

    Love your work chick xx

    • Naomi R Cook
      October 21, 2016 at 1:09 am

      Love connecting with you – soul sis 🙂

  2. y0landa
    October 21, 2016 at 4:35 am

    Looking forward to more blog posts on this, especially with examples! 🙂

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