The Cause of my Daughter’s Brain Tumour & The Law of Attraction: VERY Confronting Stuff.


Giving my darling girl Reiki, this May, a few days after her second brain tumour  was removed.

‘Everything that surrounds you in your life right now…you’ve attracted.’Dr Joe Vitale, The Secret

But, what about my daughter’s brain tumour and post surgical catastrophic fallout?

I didn’t will my daughter’s brain tumour into existence! I didn’t WISH that she suffer chronic health issues after her surgery that put her life in constant jeopardy! Surely these are examples of where we CAN be true victims?

But it appears this isn’t the case: A Law is a Law and this law, the Law of Attraction, upholds that there are no exceptions, we are never Victims. And, for me, this is the most confronting thing about recognising the Power of Thought and the Law of Attraction.

I’m going to share with you how I integrate what was an initially heartbreaking realisation into my understanding of reality and then…then I’m going to share with you the phenomenal, life shaking POWER this realisation has given me. A power that can, I believe, ultimately change everything.

The Secret 

I got ‘The Secret’ years ago – after-all everyone was making such a fuss about it. I started reading it about 5 years ago but upon deducing within minutes that that was how I already lived my life (I called it “Cook Luck”), I promptly closed it and went back to reading Dystopian YA novels. ‘The Secret’ lay at the bottom of my bedside table in amongst dusty forgotten odd socks, for five years.

When we moved house five months ago, upon emptying the bedside table and throwing away the odd socks I  picked up the book, hesitated and reluctantly packed it into a box – ‘OK,’ I thought, ‘I won’t chuck it now, I’ll review once we’ve moved in, but seriously after five years, it really needs to go to charity.’

We moved in, I unpacked The Secret, and said to myself, ‘Fine, you have one month of it being on your bedside table again, if you don’t read it: Ditch it.’

One evening, short of books on reincarnation by Brian Weiss I picked it up heavy hearted, sure that it would be boring.

‘Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind. It’s what you are thinking.’ – The Secret.

I was grabbed by these first sentences: For some reason the words I’d once disregarded as ‘I already do that’ jarred me so much I couldn’t put it down. Because this time round, life hadn’t been swimming along, happy go lucky as it had pre-brain tumour. This time I had an uncomfortable truth to face. If this was true, then according to the Law of Attraction I had attracted my daughter’s poor health into existence (unknowingly), through my own thought forms, belief systems and deep unspoken fears. Let’s say this was just a little bit confronting!

Yet…in realising this, admitting and connecting once again with the dark, unspoken inner fears I’d harboured for my children’s health and wellbeing ever since they’d been born, there was something liberating and fantastic about this revelation. My heart began racing and in fascination I began reading out parts aloud to my sleepy disgruntled husband who was trying to plough through a Dan Brown.

‘I have to see this movie,’ I thought, ‘this weekend I will see it.’

That weekend arrived and I’d been too lazy to order the DVD online, but I still felt a sense of certainty that I would see it that night. On the way to buy hay from the pet store I happened to glance into one of the last (ever) remaining CD/DVD stores (in the world that happens to be in in St Ives, Northern Sydney) and the only DVD (amongst hundreds of others) I could see was ‘The Secret.’ It’s hilarious isn’t it?

The movie had me spellbound – there were literal chemical changes happening in my body as I watched it: My palms began sweating and I was filled with a sense of elation. The energy of those awesome presenters intermingled with my own – not only did I love the message but I KNEW, I KNEW in every inch of my entire being that the Law of Attraction was true.

I then rapidly progressed to reading and watching others who support the same theories; Raymond Holliwell – Working with the Law, Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief, James Allen – As a Man Thinketh, I did a weekend seminar with the incredible Bob Proctor on Paradigm Shifting and, as you know, was led my Theta Healing Practitioner course, a healing modality that upholds the most crucial Premise: What you believe – you are.

Then I began to see the Truth of this everywhere…

By the way, Children’s Films/Songs, Remind Us!

Children’s movies and songs often have this central tenet that if you believe ( in yourself or whatever) it will happen. This resonates for children, do they KNOW this to be true but simply forget as they grow up? The more I’ve looked for this re-occuring theme in children’s arts the more I’ve come across it:

‘Nothing is black and white, with so many colours in this life, take a brush and paint what’s in your dreams. A perfect picture. Looking at my reflection for the answers to your question. Make a wish tonight…And all you have to do is believe the impossible-‘ (Tinker bell and the Lost Treasure).

‘There can be miracles, if you believe…who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe, somehow you will achieve (when you believe). ” (Prince of Egypt)

Accepting Responsibility and…Growing Up?

What a gift, to begin to realise the full responsibility that I must take for my life as experienced by me, so far! Now was a chance to grow up, really grow up! But, how incredibly hard would it be to integrate my daughter’s illness and suffering into this?! How could I integrate the concept into my self-understanding that, if I am responsible for MY reality, I had willed in this? HOW?!

I have theories: although please note that I take ALL theories of reality, truth and existence with a pinch of salt. The Truth is that we cannot truly know The Truth of All That Is – down here, through these filters of physicality, no matter how strong our connection is to anything ‘out there.’ 

I believe that it is by no mistake or accident that we are mutually amnesic with regards to our purpose and true origins. But I believe that there is one truth we may be able to access and that is this:


This picture was taken nearly three years ago. A year ago I said this: “I was wishing my love was enough to obliterate the brain tumour in her head. It wasn’t enough to do that, but it has been enough to propel me through my fight to cure her.”  Stay with me on my journey to see what I NOW believe unconditional LOVE CAN ACHIEVE. 

We are One: There is only Oneness.

For some reason this Oneness (that is me, you, you and you and me) has decided to ‘be’ here in this form and from this standpoint at this point in ‘time’ (bearing in mind that time is an illusion anyway!). This reason is most likely a good reason, otherwise me, you, you, you and me wouldn’t have bothered. The most obvious explanation for BEING is EXPERIENCE…Experience in what? How about CREATING? How can we not when we are One with all that is, and this Oneness is The Creator? ‘Being through Creating’ is our inherent nature.

As a stepping stone it can be helpful to consider that certain aspects of our lives were ‘pre-determined’ by aspects our energetic forms (souls) wanted to experience in this form, experiences that we might be able to utilise for our self-growth, knowledge and development. This helped me initially  earlier on in my spiritual journey- the feeling that as souls embarking on our next journey Hana and I chose this specific path for our own benefits as well as for the benefit of being able to connect and share our experiences with others. However, upon truly connecting with Oneness I have been able to broaden this perspective further – after all, isn’t it a merely a ‘belief system’ or ‘paradigm’ that upholds the very concept that suffering is indeed necessary for spiritual growth? 

Other theories include the impact of belief systems and memories from either the collective consciousness (the Oneness) or from previous lives that subconsciously cause certain things to happen to us in this form.

The most confronting and painful part of realising that WE are the cause of the entire perceived universe around us is this: We created everything we see – we are not a victim to our (perception of) reality and it must NECESSARILY expand beyond our own lives to the world around us. What about the amount of evil and suffering we witness in the world?  (Exactly! Good question! And a blog is in draft on Evil and why I don’t believe it exists as we have traditionally thought it to).

Are We ready to Grow Up?

My feeling is, that to accept FULL responsibility for our entire life’s events and the perceived world around us represents a pivotal time in our spiritual development – no I wouldn’t go on to make a claim like ‘this might lead to our ascension’ like some spiritualists because we have no idea really, about the Truth of things beyond here. Yet, my intuitive feeling is that recognising yourself not only as a Creator of your life but as an inherent aspect of the Creator of ALL That Is, is pretty significant. Do we come to live/experience/ perceive multiple lives to learn, experience, remember WHAT and WHO we truly are before we are finally ready to return back to the Oneness? Or do we simply BE what we currently perceive ourselves to be once we realise that we are always at One with The One – creating a new Reality for ourselves, marvelling at our inherent divine Power?

How many of us are ready to fully accept our responsibility for the entire reality that manifests before our eyes? How many of us are able to turn around and look at the disasters, failures, disappointments in our lives and accept that only one thing brought them into being…ourSELVES?

But what about my Daughter’s Brain Tumour?

The pain in recognising that my current reality with regards to my daughter, her tumour and the purported life long fallout, was a result of my own doing (either via  my subconscious or via an extra-dimensional pre-determind life pattern that drove my subconscious) brought about something incredible and miraculous with it that overrode any emotional pain. Because I could accept that the power to bring it about was in me, it must necessarily also mean that I possessed an infinite power to take it away. It must mean that:

I have the Power to WILL into existence her permanent, irrevocable healing.

And here is the biggest question I will EVER ask myself and one I meditate on every single day: By utilising the Law of Attraction, can I manifest my daughter’s complete and total healing? 

Accepting our role in our current realities is probably the most enormous step a human could ever take, don’t you think? We naturally ‘feel’ a victim to what ‘feels’ like an unpredictable world swimming around us, it is almost as if we thrive in a victim mentality! But I invite you today to join in this conversation with me – what are your thoughts, perspectives and insights to this topic? Do you feel you use the Law of Attraction in your own life and if so, how do you accept responsibility – painful or confronting – for the ‘bad’ you’ve experienced before utilising your new found power to unfold good and abundance?

Guys, thank you for stopping by. If it’s your first time here I would love for you to know the background to this incredible transformative journey I have been on as a Nurse, Mother and Human after my daughter’s first brain tumour was diagnosed  nearly three years ago. If you are interested in signing up for an e-letter for the next six months please let me know – for a short time only I’m offering new readers to get up to speed with the past three years, so much has happened!!! I will send new readers a personal monthly e-letter with the most important blog posts in the journey up until now. Email is nursenaomi AT outlook DOT com. Meanwhile please check in with me on Facebook, love meeting you guys there. xxxx

  2 comments for “The Cause of my Daughter’s Brain Tumour & The Law of Attraction: VERY Confronting Stuff.

  1. Carole
    October 26, 2016 at 5:09 pm

    I totally agree. I am just recovering from pancreatic cancer. I am totally convinced that I created it. My life had become bitter. It is now sweet. Or at least sweeter, I am working on it every day. I use Ed Lester ‘ s meditations. They have saved my life!!!

  2. November 8, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    Very thought provoking. I agree we should not be the victims. We should always look for the lessons, and presume a role in our own lives.

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