If Our Past Life Experiences and Spiritual “Truths” Differ – How can we still Journey Together? #BeLikeAChild

why-are-we-here-nov-2016Why are you here? How often do you ask yourself this question? I think I ask myself this question countless times everyday…how to answer the unanswerable? I have started by reading the theories and research of those interested and experienced in metaphysical explanations for what and who we are in order to formulate a working hypothesis but as you will see below, it has ultimately opened a can of worms!

Let’s look at some of the researchers of ‘Past Lives’ and Reincarnation whose works I have been reading in large quantities over the last ten months and ask: What is the Truth about Past Life Experiences? Why do people experience different ‘Truths’ under hypnosis? Ultimately – do we need to accept that the Truth about What we Are and Where We Come From will remain elusive, just out of reach while we are here in human form?

Past Life Recollections Can Differ with the Therapeutic Approach

A huge number of us have past life recollections! I include myself here, as I have plenty and more crop up all the time. This is an undeniable fact whether or not past lives exist as we ‘see’ them through our human eyes is another question. Quantum Physicists tell us that ‘time’ is an illusion, and if we accept this is true then this must mean that all our past lives and current and future lives must be existing simultaneously. If we can accept this, it is clear that we can ‘tap’ into other forms of ‘ourselves’ at different points in ‘time’ – now!

It is also fascinating to consider that we must ultimately come from a single source of Energy -a Creating Force of All that is, this means that we are more than connected, we are ‘One’… Integrating this belief system opens the door to interpreting past and future life memories as a ‘tapping’ into our birthright, a Universal Consciousness, an Omniscience, of all that has ever happened and all that ever could happen.

But, leaving aside complex yet fascinating ‘Metaphysics meets Quantum Physics’ let’s look at some things that have interested me (and may interest you) about the differing past life experiences that individuals can experience in differing hypnotic approaches.

Brian Weiss

Subjects who experience past life regression with Brian Weiss induction or instruction experience vivid past life memories with clear story lines  – the subject then experiences death and leaves their human body, reconvening with spirit guides connecting with ‘higher’ masters. Through his approach many of his subjects experience radical and miraculous healing through these memories and it is clear that the mere recollection of these memories and deeper understanding of them is key to the manifestation of health and wellness in this current embodiment.

In Weiss’s group sessions there are incredible reports of shared past life experiences and memories.

There are no ‘angels’ observed as a rule by Weiss’s subjects -and there is a huge focus on ‘all being love’ with evil being viewed as spiritual immaturity. Weiss’s own perspective on earthly embodiments are that of a school/classroom with karmic implications so that souls can progress, learn and ultimately ‘ascend’ to a higher level of  being that doesn’t need to reincarnate  to progress before ultimately connecting back to The One of all that is/The Source.

Michael Newton

Newton’s research places a much greater emphasis on spiritual development. Newton has also mapped out a detailed spiritual dimension via his thousands of regressions, from the ‘viewing’ room where souls can ‘see’ future embodiments on  a ‘big screen’ to life reviews which take place in an offical court-like room. He has fine details on soul job descriptions and clear pathways for soul betterment and development. His subjects observe their own spiritual maturity via noting their ‘colour’ in the spirit world, white being the most immature soul to indigo being the colour of master souls.

Subjects in his regressions claim to have no access to ‘God’ or The Source – it is almost as if this divine energy source is entirely out of bounds with a element of grand secrecy surrounding it. Unlike subjects regressed by Weiss, there is a very humanistic reporting and depiction of ‘souls’ who play, laugh, make pranks on each other and practice their creation skills by creating earth like environments ‘in heaven’ for fun. Again his subjects never refer to the existence of an angelic or demonic realm but there is an extremely heavy emphasis on spirit guides.

Dolores Cannon

Cannon’s regressions are very different to the two therapists described above. Almost as a rule her subjects encounter extra terrestrial memories and many report current ET experiences during this embodiment (investigating ET memories/involvement was Cannon’s passion). Unlike Newton’s subjects, Cannon’s can and do return to the Source of all that Is in-between embodiments. Her subjects also recall being unusual aspects of creation including fragments of energy, stars and immaterial beings. From the works I’ve read up until this point there has been little focus on ‘spiritual development’ but there is a heavy emphasis on having ‘missions’ to fulfil whilst here on Earth to guide others who are less enlightened.

Other In-Between Life Memories and Near Death Experiences

In Proof of Heaven, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, on the cusp of death and comatose, spent weeks connecting back and forth with God/The Source in non-physical, spiritual dimensions. He had minimal contact and interaction with guides and ‘master souls’ unlike Weiss’s  and Newtons subjects describe under hypnosis, and no ET encounters like Cannon’s. Although nearing death, he also does not report any experience of the structured spiritual world as finely depicted by Newton. His experiences were profound and led to his miraculous healing. This is interesting as his experiences occurred freely  – without hypnotic guidance or influence and without any preexisting expectations. Eben had been very ‘scientific’ and non-spiritual prior to his near death experience so his uninfluenced story is very interesting and  demonstrates the potential healing power of any such like experiences.

I connected recently with another spiritual-nurse-healer blogger, Kate DeLodovico who has had her own near death experience, connecting with The Source of All That Is (“It’s All Love” – you can read about it here) which I told her, reminded me immensely of Eben’s as depicted in “Proof of Heaven”:

“There was no tunnel, no white light at the end of it and no dead relatives. There weren’t even any Light Beings to greet me. I just felt cozy and peaceful and so loved as Faith carried me Home.

As I sat in the field of potentiality, I became aware that the sparkles of shimmering light were alive. I was separate from them but I was also connected to them. It was all love. At this point I began to receive downloads of information. I wasn’t conscious of it, I just suddenly knew about the intricacies of the Universe. It wasn’t even really a download, it was more like a remembering, a reminder that I had always had this knowledge inside of me.”

The differing ‘maps’ of the the spiritual world, differing reported truths on access to God/The Source when in spiritual form and very different experiences individuals can have under hypnosis and when in a near death state are fascinating. But when looking for ‘truth’ we tend to look for continuity, so how can these differences in experiences affect our understanding of the truth surrounding What and Who We Are?

How can we understand these differing reports on What We Are and where we come from? What is the TRUTH?

My feeling is that we can use any of these ‘truths’ to benefit us on our journeys to self-understanding, so long as the result of the integration of these truths results in a positive mindset with emotional and spiritual healing facilitating a sense of spiritual progression.

I certainly have utilised some of these theories on spirituality during my own spiritual journey over the last ten months. Initially these theories helped me to see Hana’s soul journey as separate to mine, and one that I couldn’t and shouldn’t control, this helped me to find peace in our situation which, back then was one of intolerable suffering! This led to further deeper shifts in my thinking and further changes in my perspective as I integrated other metaphysical theories in to my mindset (Creatorship and the Law of Attraction is but one!).  I can integrate the Newton-Weiss-Cannon like perspective on What and Who I Am – their years of hard work, their research into past life experiences and incredible stories they have shared were integral to my own development and were pivotal to the ongoing spiralling of my own spirituality as they are for hundreds of thousands of others all over the world. I highly recommend that anyone interested in exploring their spirituality read these incredible works.

Personally, I am interested to see if trends in reported past/future life experiences will change as the collective consciousness evolves and further numbers of us incorporate quantum physical concepts such as ‘multiverses’ (multiple parallel universes) into our thinking. I’m also interested to see if mass experiences will change as greater numbers of us recognise the Power of Thought as being the true Creative Force (as described in “The Secret” – see my blog on this here).

Ultimately, I think it is edifying to continually hold an open mind on What and Who we Are and embrace whatever resonates deeply whilst simultaneously accepting that whilst we are here with the filters of physicality and within the context of a profound (most likely deliberate) amnesia with regards to our origins we will NEVER truly know the Truth of all that is. No matter how amazing our psychic skills are – our clairvoyance, our ability to ‘channel’ and our ability to connect to The Source via meditation and trance like states, the ultimate understanding and interpretation of what we see will always have to pass through our physical minds – whilst we are alive, physicality will necessarily filter what it must in order to seek and confirm an understanding that suits its current context.  I feel that this must be part of the challenge we’ve initiated…otherwise why bother with amnesia – forgetting what and who we are?

To accept that we will never truly know the full truth with regards to what and who we are while we are ‘here’ requires an enormous degree of humility. Don’t we, as egotistical beings like to feel that we are right? That we are ‘in the know’? That we know better than those around us?


My youngest daughter – who sees the world through incredible eyes that have seen much more than her peers. I adore her, admire her and learn from her as I ‘grow down’.

To accept that whilst we may have ecstatic spiritual experiences and deep insights in to the Truth Of All That Is in transcendental meditative states yet having the discipline to keep the mind a blank slate for further growth, ideas, development and maturity must necessarily take us to a deeper state of spirituality because it requires humility and discipline.  This is beautiful and you will see and sense this incredible humility from Spiritual Leaders do not profess to ‘know’ the Truth or who have a fossilised perception on ‘What Is’ with didactic implications for their followers. They do not claim to ‘know’. In essence, to truly connect with the Truth of all that is, without claiming to know it or pin it down to something a human mind can fathom and entertain like a story – is to uphold the non-judgemental, innocent, curious and inquisitive mind of a child.

So it feels then, that to ‘grow up’ spiritually we must ‘grow down’ as a human! For that, I look at my children and embrace their open-mindeness and pray that I will be able to become like them once again.

Thanks for stopping by! How do you integrate the myriad of theories about our spiritual natures and theories of Truth? What resonates for you?

Please share your thoughts below and don’t forget to check in with me on Facebook if you are new here! I love meeting new readers so do say Hi!



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