‘Cancer cured by Imaginary Chemo’ 1# Medical Miracle Series


miracles-happen-series-1Did you know that Medical Miracles happen all the time? Why don’t we hear of them in the news?  Is it because mainstream science can’t explain them and therefore such amazing stories of hope aren’t covered in case they appear woo-woo? Or is it because good news doesn’t sell?

The lack of sharing of these tales of hope and incredible transformation has an impact upon each and every one of us: On a daily basis we forget that we are capable of carrying out, witnessing and experiencing true miracles of our own.

So, read this short incredible miracle #1 (more to come!) and consider sharing it with your friends. By sharing these mind blowing stories of hope amongst each other we can remind ourselves of What and Who We Are – infinitely powerful creator beings.

Cancer Cured by Imaginary Chemo

*I’ve pulled this miracle from ‘You are the Placebo’ by Joe Dispenza  and ‘Mind Over Medicine’ by Lissa Rankin MD. It was published in 1957 in the Journal of Protective Techniques.*

A feverish man lay gasping for breath dying in hospital, riddled with enormous orange sized tumours all over his body. He had been given weeks to live. Whilst in hospital he heard of a new chemotherapy trial being conducted in the hospital with an experimental drug ‘Krebiozen’, an extract from horses blood. He begged his doctor to let him try this new drug. He wasn’t allowed onto the trial because he was literally on death’s door but his doctor gave him some of the new drug because he felt sorry for him. Within two days the man’s tumours had reduced significantly in size ‘melted like snowballs’ – and he was out of bed wandering around his room, chatting and laughing with the nursing staff, clearly feeling extremely well. Ten days later his tumours totally disappeared and he was discharged home, cured of his cancers.

Two months later the  man saw a new’s program on his chemo drug, it exposed the drug as being ineffective. Immediately after seeing this, the man’s tumours grew back. He presented back to his oncologist at hospital. His doctor was pretty intuitive and got a sense that the man’s mind was key to his wellness and so he pretended to get a new, super strength version of the ineffective chemo drug to give to his patient – saying that the other versions used weren’t as strong as this  super-duper version. He injected the man with distilled water and miraculously, the man’s tumours rapidly and completely disappeared once again.

But then there was a news piece two months later where the American Medical Association blew this new chemo drug to bits, saying that it absolutely did not work and it was a con. The man heard of this, returned back to his doctor once again as the tumours immediately grew back. But this time he had no faith or hope anymore  that ‘treatment’ would help him and within two days of being in hospital he was dead.

I know this miracle has a tragic ending but it is a miraculous story that simply has to be shared! What a phenomenal demonstration of the Power of the Mind (over Matter) – both in recovery but also in our ability to procure illness as part of our paradigms or belief systems. 

We are divine creators – of our good health, ill health and ultimately our entire realities.

More Miracles in this blog series (with happy endings!) to come! Don’t miss them – sign up to receive my blogs in email format and check in with me on Facebook, don’t forget to introduce yourself (if you aren’t too shy) as I love meeting my readers. Meanwhile if you enjoyed this post you might like these two:

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