Using Light to Heal Hana’s Brain – Healing Update!


Truly blessed to have this girl in my life.

About sixteen months ago we went to Toronto to meet Fred Kahn, creator of Meditech and Bioflex Laser, on a hopeful quest to heal Hana’s brain.

I outlined the science behind how light particles, Photons, are beneficial for cellular recovery and healing in my first blog post on low level laser therapy (LLLT) here: How Light will heal Hana’s brain.

Our journey was covered by Channel 7’s Sunday Night documentary team and the show can be watched here.

The biggest spanner in the works for continuing intensive therapy once we got back from Toronto was the diagnosis of Hana’s tumour regrowth. We stopped cranial treatments after this – not because LLLT is associated with cancer growth but her headaches were increasing as the tumour grew and the cranial placements also seemed to increase her headaches. At the same time, the girls changed to a Montessori school before we moved house and so hours in the car each day to and from school meant we didn’t have time to fit in as many treatments I had initially wanted. Then, in June 2016 Hana had her second tumour removed surgically and had quite severe headaches as a result for about four months – so although I treated her back and spinal areas  I wasn’t as religious and frequent with treatment as I had originally planned back in 2015.

Now we have finally managed to decrease the severity of her headaches with Homeopathic Phos Ac 200c and with the CEFALY device (I will blog soon on our non-pharmaceutical pain relief developments). Since accomplishing this we have settled into a solid routine of LLLT three times a week, three placements only on spinal areas, and again, although this isn’t as intense as I had planned, this routine finally seems to be working for us: Hana is very busy being a kid and getting her to sit down for treatments for more than 30 minutes three times a week simply isn’t possible – and I am so overjoyed I have this barrier to more intense treatment!

OK – background covered – let’s cut to the chase and update you on how Hana’s brain is healing since we started light therapy. In black is the text from my original table I outlined in this post, my updated comments are in blue. As you will see, I attribute some healing to LLLT, and other aspects of her healing to Energy Healing modalities. It is also useful to bear in mind we are ‘purists’ in what we eat and drink so nutrition, supplements and essential oils will also be playing an ongoing role in healing.


Hypothalamic Damage: Hunger, Obesity, Disruption to Circadian Rhythm, Poor thirst sensation

Measurements/Observations: Levels of Hunger, Any weight loss, reduced early morning awakening, improved sense of thirst in light of Hypernatremia, Improved serum Triglycerides (currently very elevated), Improved serum Insulin (currently hyperinsulinemic)


+ Reduced early morning awaking improved significantly and almost immediately after starting LLLT

+Better quality of sleep almost immediately with LLLT treatment

– Weight: Hana actually began gaining a little weight immediately post starting treatment and then commenced Metformin which has helped work with her Lap Band and has reduced Insulin levels significantly. Her weight is relatively stable (I have insane gratitude for the Lap Band and Metformin).

+Significant improvement in sense of thirst. This occurred almost immediately after starting LLLT and has changed Hana’s quality of life – I was always chasing her with water,  as she tended to not drink enough due to her impaired sense of thirst. However, I do not worry about this as much as she keeps herself hydrated now due to a stronger sense of thirst. Yahoo!


Pituitary Damage: Panhypopituitarism –hormones replaced include, Thyroid, Anti-diuretic, Cortisol, Growth Hormone, Oxytocin. n.b Surgical damage occurred along the pituitary stalk (past posterior bulb) – the pituitary itself was still visible on last MRI.

Measurements: Dosage of DDAVP is dependant on when previous dose wears off longer periods between doses may signify pituitary regeneration. Serum TSH currently 0.02 – any changes to this could signify Pit renewal. N.B Anti-diuretic hormone is secreted from the posterior pituitary and anecdotally, I know is one hormone that some survivors over the years begin to randomly secrete again.


– There are improvements reflecting some Pituitary function but I can’t attribute these to LLLT yet as these occurred in a period of time in which  we hadn’t been using LLLT for a few months and they occurred immediately after a particular Energy Healing technique (info to come) – a very sudden, random decrease in need for DDAVP over a 5 day period and a sudden change to Pituitary Function: serum TSH spontaneously rose to 0.3 after three solid years a 0.02. 


General TBI: Headaches, Memory issues, sleep disturbance (early morning), Mood instability, OCD traits, anxiety, poor motivation, lethargy, poor pain threshold, poor sensory integration – tactile, visual and auditory. Headaches are currently a daily occurrence and impact on QOL. Mood instability has already improved over 2 year period but – I look for further improvement. Hana has anxiety over changes to routine and needs to repeatedly list events that will occur in order to process them. Changes to routine are hard and cause mood swings. I will be observing for increased desire to play with her sister (increased sociability).


+The most obvious improvements  in brain healing have occurred here, I attribute these to LLLT and also to our Energy Healing modalities. Hana’s mood instability has transformed, I wouldn’t say she has regular mood instability anymore. She has significantly reduced anxiety over changes to routine and has had massive improvements in memory. Now she reminds ME of what I need to do! Improvements in memory occurred within weeks of starting LLLT and I can definitely attribute laser to this aspect of her healing. She has increased sociability without Oxytocin (which has been decreased) and longer periods without lethargy although energy levels are still less than that of a child who hasn’t been chronically ill.

Brain Healing via Bioflex Laser

Hana getting LLLT, December 2015 at Meditech, Toronto

I feel triumphant that I was able to find a healing modality to help her and infinitely grateful to Fred Kahn at Meditech for his ongoing support – this man is an angel in human form. I still remember the wonderful staff who helped us with their endless optimism and positive attitudes, a beautiful team of intelligent, compassionate individuals who were a blessing to meet.

That’s all from me today – remember if you want to sign up for Your Soul Health Weekly Bites – short weekly emails, intended to help you elevate your Soul Health Consciousness – sign up here! You can find me on Facebook here and the Your Soul Health Tribe is here. Love you all, will touch base soon with info on my latest Certifications in Energy Healing and how you will soon be able to call me “Master” hehehehe, NN xxx

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