How Cannabis may help Hana

Untitled design (5)Until very recently non-psychoactive cannabis oil, CBD oil, was completely illegal here in Australia and you couldn’t get hold of it via any ‘official’ means. If you ordered it from abroad you risked having your package seized by customs, you could go to a “dealer” but then you risked getting caught and you would never know exactly what you were getting or where your product came from, how it was manufactured etc. If you grew it at home you could find yourself in very hot water (… prison) and then there were some philanthropic organisations that existed to help people wanting to get hold of CBD oil for medicinal purposes but quite often their supplies ran out or got seized by customs. (A little more on that in my memoir How She Healed Me due out Sept, only a few weeks).

Actually, it’s still illegal to ‘consume’ CBD oil here in Australia without a prescription but you can now buy it through official means for ‘topical use’ (hemp seeds are still illegal to eat and sold for topical use only too, how hilarious is that?). The second huge development is that we are supposed to be able to get scripts for CBD oil from our doctors for ‘medicinal purposes’ however there appear to be huge barriers in place right now with regards to accessing prescription CBD oil, more on that below.

It is worth noting that the type of isolated CBD oil produced for pharmaceutical purposes here doesn’t necessarily have the same therapeutic benefits as raw CBD oils containing a wide range of hemp compounds that are thought to work synergistically and therefore potentially facilitate better results – more on that below too.

Why does Hana need Cannabinoids?

You know by now that Hana’s medical issues are complex and a myriad of differing bodily issues/imbalances/damage/knock on effects. One of my main aims via holistic healing (homeopathy and Energy Healing) have been to help her restore an Energetic balance or ‘wholeness’, biologically this would be translated to ‘homeostasis.’ Since the initial insult to her brain three and a half years ago with surgery to remove that giant tumour her body and  brain went haywire trying to compensate for the damaged neural pathways – doing the best it could – although the best it could do was also devastating, resulting in morbid obesity, hunger, memory issues, severe chronic headaches, joint pain (due to the obesity), mood swings (hormonal imbalance and lack of endogenous hormones/non-perfect hormone replacement), heat intolerance, sleep disturbance, fatigue and lethargy.

We have coped with her health issues by using and employing natural, pharmaceutical, energetic and surgical means to try and compensate for the systemic chaos her tiny five year old body encountered all those years ago. You also know that it has been my dream to heal her brain and watch her health challenges melt away…

Endocannabinoids are an aspect of our own physiology that we don’t really hear anything about yet they appear to play a huge role in a homeostasis and multiple biological processes. The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is found in the brain, so central but also peripheral nervous system (throughout the body) potentially impacting upon:

Appetite, Analgesia (pain relief/threshold), Autonomic Nervous System, Energy/Balance, Immune Function, Memory, Metabolism, Sleep, Stress Response, Thermoregulation. 

  • Every single of one those systems above was negatively affected in Hana after her first brain surgery. Some have improved dramatically over time thanks to the hard ongoing work we have been doing (brain healing with LLLT, herbals, homeopathy, energy healing and so on) and as you know some of her health issues have full on pharmaceutical help such as her synthetic hormone replacement as well as surgical i.e her lap band which saved her life.


Medicinal Properties of Cannabinoids

So far there is research to show that the Cannabinoids in Cannabis can potentially help:

-Appetite Disturbance (over or under eating – this an example of the bi-directional effect of the plant)

-Metabolic Issues (obesity and diabetes type 2)

-Mental Health (depression, anxiety and psychosis)

-Anti Cancer/Anti Tumour

-Antioxidant (free radical damage protecter and therefore anti ageing relevant then to overall health, wellness)


-Neuro protectant: Brain Regeneration (i.e Alzheimer’s)

-Anti Convulsant, anti seizure.

ALL these are relevant to Hana (except for the anti convulsant properties.). Which made me wonder if whether future research into hypothalamic dysfunction may include a look at how hypothalamic damage impacts upon the Endocannabinoid system which I don’t believe as yet, has been put forward as an area of interest in HO scientific research.  I will put some materials together and bounce my idea off my German Guru who is the most open minded researcher in the field of Craniopharyngioma that I have come across (he has now referenced my Oxytocin Case Report twice in his most recent papers woohoo!) to see what his thoughts are.

Specifically though for Hana I’d be looking at short term and long term benefits, short term I’d like to see a reduction in her chronic headaches, ankle pain, and appetite regulation/insulin hyper secretion (come off Metformin) and long term I would envisage that it would play a role in Brain Healing due to its neuro-regenerative effects. At the same time, I would like to see an impact on Hana as a whole/holistic/improved overall health, wellness, mood stability etc. The antioxidant effects of CBD are highly relevant to Hana due to her high levels of insulin (due to hypothalamic dysfunction) which causes premature ageing and will dramatically decrease her longevity if not tackled. The anti-inflammatory effects are fascinating as it is my feeling that her system is chronically in an ‘inflamed’ overdrive – as a response to the damage from her first surgery. This leads to ankle pain, hypersensitivity to headaches etc.

File 10-8-17, 10 41 53 amTypes of High Quality CBD oil I have come across that are available LEGALLY without prescription (note the quality of the oil is imperative):

Charlottes Web – This was one of the first CBD oils to become well known and used as a nutritional supplement (that has anecdotal, therapeutic benefits, although science is now in the process of ‘proving’ these anecdotes). It is available legally here in Australia for “topical use” from Lariese who are an Australian authorised distributor and importer. Lariese are amazing and deliver immediately – we currently have their “Everyday Advanced” which is their strongest ratio of CBD to Olive Oil ratio.

Endoca – huge range of gorgeous products, all exceptionally high quality from Denmark, will post internationally however there is always a chance that the product may get seized by customs. I have ordered one and will let you know if it eventually arrives: CBD is expensive so this is really important.

Ananda Hemp This brand was recommended to me by a reader who has witnessed her epileptic niece transform on it after previously using Charlottes Web and Endoca products. Again this has to be ordered from the USA although this particular reader has never had her products seized.

Barriers to Getting a Prescription

My GP has said that although the law was passed to make CBD oil accessible by script there are currently only a couple of conditions for which you can apply i.e Chemo related nausea and vomiting and a few others. Although this makes me wonder if there hasn’t been a true distinction between no THC-CBD oil and pure CBD oil?? My GP supports the use of it ‘off label’ for many of his patients who swear by it and but is unable to write scripts for more than a small handful of conditions. This is interesting because the Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia appears set up and ready to handle cannabis prescriptions and distribution for an enormous range of medical conditions (many relevant to Hana) yet they have no stock (and didn’t reply to my email).

Pharmaceutical Grade CBD vs High Quality CBD Oil on the Market

Now, it is clear that those companies who are producing ‘pharmaceutical CBD oil’ are keen to emphasise that their oils are pure whereas if one purchases oils from a company that say, sells CBD for nutritional purposes, these medical groups warn consumers they may be exposing themselves to an array of toxins and additives. I don’t deny that as consumers we must be exceedingly careful when choosing who and where to purchase all our supplements, including CBD oil. However I must say, that even though this advice may be well meaning in some circumstances I beg to differ with their vision for more than one reason. Firstly, most of us are pretty much awakened to the fact that the Pharmaceutical Industry is a giant money making business, this is no secret. And, therefore, the moment someone starts tampering with a herb that has played a role in healing for aeons, claiming their their tampering ‘improves’ the healing benefits, I have to pause and think for a moment about the truth in those claims. The very reason CBD is becoming widely available and legal is because consumers, who have used this plant for aeons are calling for it – they already KNOW the plant has potent healing properties. Pharmaceutical companies prefer to ‘reduce’ a complex compound to bare constituents because 1. It is easier to see what is working for the purposes of clinical trials 2. It is easier then to create a unique patent (and make money off that ‘unique’ product).

I like this quote off the Ananda Hemp website called “Nature is the Architect”

“We believe mother nature provides the best architecture for wellness and healing. In fact, the hemp plant has been used by humans for thousands of years as an herbal remedy to heal a host of ailments. We simply take the best parts of the plant that she has provided us, including the vast array of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, and other phytonutrients, and balance them in simple, easy to use formats.

There are at least 113 known cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant. However, today, our pharmaceutical industry is based on a model of developing single molecules against single targets. We are not sure that this is the optimal way to create wellness. We feel the current model is not working. Unfortunately, some of our competitors in the industry borrow from the same playbook and provide products that only contain CBD. We do not believe CBD by itself is the optimal way to consume cannabinoids; our products contain absolutely no isolates or synthetics.”

CBD Oil is Amazing

I will be following up on our experiences with CBD Oil in a separate post.  Note that a direct definition of topical is “Apply to a part of the body.”

But let’s just say for now that CBD Oil – Cannabis, is a permanent and integral part of ALL of our health and wellness regimes – it is simply criminal that this incredible plant has been demonised for so long when it offers such powerful health benefits that are basically relevant to our entire homeostasis, overall health and wellbeing. More soon!

The time has nearly come: How She Healed Me is due out next month,  gorgeous cover reveal next week and video trailer coming mid September. Meanwhile touch base with me on Facebook Naomi Cook – Nurse Naomi, or here for the Spiritual Your Soul Health and here for the Cosmic/Galactic Project Starseed.

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