Hana’s Latest Diagnosis – Why I lost it.

1AE27CC7-FECA-47B1-A56A-5735CDEC68C5Screaming when you have laryngitis is not only difficult (at least in having the impact you want it to have) but it also hurts. Plus, it will knock your voice out for weeks afterwards. I had acute laryngitis and no voice, and I was attempting to scream in the front seat of my parked car into my iPhone at my confused and progressively worried husband who was at work.

‘She has freakin SCOLIOSIS!’ I screamed (sounded more like a donkey’s hee haw). This was followed by a creaky sound: a wail of despair and grating sobs.

There was a confused silence and  I swear I could hear my husband’s colleagues back away from the alien roaring into his ear, leaving the room so he could deal with this fresh new disaster in peace.

‘Wh-what exactly IS that?’ He asked.

Even more mad now that he simply didn’t KNOW what freakin SCOLIOSIS is, I let out another wail and even louder sobs. Then more donkey hee haw screams for good measure.

‘A CURVE! A CURVE A CURVE in her spine,’ I wailed again. ‘She has a CURVE in her lumbar region Nour! Hana, after ALL she has been through now this total and utter s***.’ (Yes I’m not averse to swearing when life situations call for it).

‘A curve? What, how – what’s the treatment?’ Poor thing, he was just as worried for me as he was for Hana, this thunderbolt out of the blue screaming at him whilst he was in-between patients.

More wails, screams and hee haws.

‘Freakin rigid lumbar and thoracic bracing.’ My voice was so husky by now it probably sounded more like a gale force wind raging into the mic. ‘Imagine!’ I screamed/hee hawed/husked ‘Squashing her belly into a freakin BRACE?!! For 18 hours a day for the next few years or more?? No no NOOOO!’

Brace Pic


Nour took a deep breath, ‘This is unbelievable, there must  be other ways to treat this thing!’

‘They do surgery in severe cases but that’s off limits in my mind too. I just can’t believe this is happening to her! Why HER? Why not someone ELSE? After all she’s been through now she has scoliosis? Not only does she need a brace for her entire growth period which is way into her teens but she will have to do exercises every day to combat the curve! I can’t do this, we have enough on our plate! I can’t make her do this!’

I tried to scream louder but frustratingly only more hee haws followed. Then I got decidedly philosophical in my despair, yelling at my invisible spirit guides and star family members in other dimensions and densities:

‘I’m over this, this is a load of BS, why did we even come to this stupid planet in the first place? I hate 3D! I hate 4D! I don’t wanna be here – what was I THINKING! This existence sucks – I don’t want to EVER incarnate again because all we get handed is total BS…This is a stupid stupid stupid life and don’t try and comfort me!’ I attempted to end this spiel with an aggressive ‘rah’ like sound which came out more like a pipsqueak.

Drama Over.

A couple of rather unhinged days followed – I was angry along with devastated that we had something else to deal wiht, learn about, research. I didn’t want to become a parental expert in anything else. The crazy thing is, if this new diagnosis had any direct relation to her current health issues I would have coped better because life certainly is not ‘smooth’ for us. But this new diagnosis was so cruelly out of the blue and seemingly unrelated I couldn’t believe how sneaky and mean life was being. There is a chance Hana’s obesity contributed to the formation of the lumbar curve of course, yet idiopathic juvenile scoliosis exists and she may just be unlucky. Yep, you heard me, unlucky.

I spent some time researching alternatives to bracing – investigating whether we would travel to New York for non bracing treatments as well as physio’s and chiropractors that taught intensive exercise programs to attempt to treat scoliosis without braces. Meanwhile our own chiropractor continued to work on her posture and curve with traction and adjustments while Nour and I mellowed so we could opt for the  best treatment option with clear heads.

Hana’s headaches were (and are) continuing to increase in severity, we have had some great results recently from Cannabis – CBD Oil and T3 Thyroid meds (post to come on that, as we have EXCELLENT news, yeah AWESOME news!) but her head pain is still dramatically impacting upon her, and therefore our, quality of life. So we signed up to see another chiropractor who wanted more x-rays of her spine and began work on adjusting her cranial sutures with the suggestion that scar tissue was causing intracranial tension causing the headaches. At the time our own Chiropractor discovered that a night time only bracing option might be available for curves the size of Hanas. Compared to the idea of strapping her into a rigid brace for 18 hours a day, a night time only brace seemed like a godsend! I immediately booked in to the clinic.

First a Miracle! Then Treatment…

At the appointment a small miracle was revealed, when the assessing clinician looked at the original X-ray of Hana’s curved spine before checking the second lot of X-rays a baffled silence followed:

‘Her curve has decreased!’ He looked up at me, unspoken words were: Umm, this doesn’t usually happen.’

Joyously I began dancing around the office, her curve had miraculously straightened from 27 degrees curve to 22 (2’s are a series of ‘my’ divine numbers, especially the 22, it pops up everywhere when I’m ‘in the flow’ with things!). The minimal work our Chiropractor had done had already began to rectify her curve, which is incredibly unusual. Because Hana is due to start growth hormone again soon we realised that her growth period would be extremely rapid and unrelenting and we equally decided that a nighttime brace would help support the curve and twist of her spine until her mid teens (most likely) and help to stabilise or better, decrease her curve for good. She is happy with this decision and has chosen a pretty violet brace covered with butterflies it will be ready in four weeks time.

The Law of Attraction

What initially baffled me most about this latest diagnosis was the fact that I had been living and Be-Ing in a place of peace and love ever since my own ‘healing’ last year. I know then that energetically, this has been my frequency inspite of the ups and downs and so I simply couldn’t understand why this new challenge had manifested. I meditated on this and go this message:

Untitled design (7)

I know in myself that I wasn’t ‘forcing’ anything into being, by Be-Ing in a state of love you remain somewhat unattached to the outcomes. But…nevertheless I hadn’t expected a  below the belt blow whilst in this energetic state, which makes me feel there is more to this than meets the eye. And I’m OK with that.

Once I integrated this teaching – that here in 3/4D we must surf with ease rather than search for calm waters I felt much better and apologised to my astral and cosmic support crew for yelling at them. I embraced our new challenge from a perspective of peace, knowing that maybe it would end up being a positive thing (in some shape or form). After this integration and decision to not go to New York (none of us wanted to travel nor to put Hana through the two week long ‘boot camp’ – not knowing if it would work anyway) that things became easier. Soon enough we had this miracle discovery that her curve had improved and that an easier option to 18 hour a day bracing was available! Interesting to say the least…

So! As promised there is some excellent news to be shared – I’ll get onto drafting that next week, you’ll LOVE it. Meanwhile – have you read my book yet ?– it’s available on Amazon globally and also on Kindle. I can’t promise it will be an easy read but I can promise it will, hopefully inspire you, let me know if you are reading it as I would love to hear from you. Meanwhile, my energy healing clinic (Skype) will be up and running in the new year, Bush Nurse book 2 is nearly ready to be ‘birthed’ and Project Starseed for humans with a strong cosmic consciousness is growing nicely, check these out! Love  NN xx



  4 comments for “Hana’s Latest Diagnosis – Why I lost it.

  1. Frances Beato
    November 24, 2017 at 2:57 am

    Hi Naomi,

    I can understand you being upset regarding Hana now being diagnosed with scoliosis. I was pleased to hear that it has decreased to a 22 degree curve. If it can be treated that will be great because if left untreated can lead to bad back pain later on.

    Yvette saw Dr James Van Gelder at Burwood a few years ago who was highly recommended. Unfortunately in Yvette’s case, even though it has been a long time since she was first diagnosed, he said that her scoliosis was too severe and any attempt to operate could end in her death. He actually remember her from the Children’s Hospital back in 1996!

    I am encouraging you to do something now as Yvette was not diagnosed until it was too late. I am not trying to frighten you but, don’t want to see Hana end up like Yvette who has a double curvature of the spine – 90 degree and 83 degree curves. She is in severe back pain virtually every day and in recent times it has been so bad that I have had her collapse on the floor when we are out. Her GP has now told her to take pain killers when out and not to struggle through the pain.

    In regards, to her collapsing when we are out, which I told you about previously, she has now been diagnosed with possible Residual Sleepiness due to her sleep apnoea. I have been thinking back about it possibly being related to her Hypothalamus being damaged by the tumour as those who have had Childhood Craniopharyngiomas can sleep for 10 hours plus. I have had her tested and her Melatonin levels are 3 when they should be 45+. She now takes 10mgs of Melantonin each night before going to bed. Her sleep disorder doctor has put her on 1 Modafinial daily and 2 if she goes out. So far this is working but, for her it is expensive as it is $140 per perscription because she doesn’t come under what the Government has set down for patients to be covered by PBS.

    I am hoping that this helps you with Hana as I have found out that no-one really wants to know about nor support those who have had a Craniopharyngioma as they are considered healed! This makes me very angry! I have had no response from The Cancer Council and Rare Cancer Council are not the least bit interested. As far as people are concerned they are not interested once these children become adults! I am grateful for Google as I have been able to find medical sites with studies on people who have had Childhood Craniopharyngiomas.

    Thank you for sharing and wish Hana all the best.

    Love from,

  2. August 21, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    I just discovered you, Naomi, and am perusing through your blogs, looking into your books, and wondering desperately what’s happening with your precious daughter. Peace and light.

    • Naomi R Cook
      August 21, 2019 at 11:31 pm

      Hey! Great to hear from you! Ahhh yes, things have moved on ALOT – I probably need to give this blog a bit of a dust, life has raced on, in amazing ways. Hana is doing great in many ways dreams coming true. If you are on Facebook I post a lot on my public page (Naomi Cook Nurse Naomi) – it would be good to connect there!

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