Cannabis Oil HUGE Successes + Pharmaceutical Progress (= Massive Gratitude Blog.)

CBD oilThis is VERY exciting; four years ago I dreamt of days like this, I literally ached for a new life all of us and, although things didn’t pan out exactly the way I wanted them to, I learnt precious lessons because of it (it’s all about Love and you can read  the painful journey to learning that here) but what is happening  now is nothing short of incredible and I owe it Cannabis, Pharmaceutical Drugs (yep, ‘Big Pharma’ –  I’m grateful/privileged to be in a position where I can ‘integrate’ both mainstream and natural approaches) and… a new fantastic Chiropractor.

Cannabis – CBD – Oil: What it has done for Hana

You’ll remember from this post that I detailed multiple ways that cannabis oil could help Hana? If not, read it here so I don’t have to explain it all again.  In short what  prompted me to getting Hana established on CBD oil long term was her chronic headaches, however I was also excited about practically all the other aspects of the Endocannabionoid system CBD might have an effect on!

In a nutshell, weeks after starting high doses of CBD oil, three times a day, Hana was able to PERMANENTLY come off one of her medications. 

This is more than huge. This is monumental.

She was taking Metformin, a drug devised for people with high levels of Insulin  and Type 2 Diabetes. She didn’t yet have Type 2 Diabetes but due to the chronic high levels of insulin caused by her hypothalamic damage, her body was almost ‘hardwired’ to developing this disease. Ever since the surgery to remove her first tumour her body had been dumping out huge amounts of insulin. Hyperinsulinemia makes you hungry, makes you prone to gaining weight, can cause Cancer, is Inflammatory and is an ‘ageing’ hormone – none of this bode well for healthy longevity.

Six months after her Lap Band we found that her weight stabilisation began to be followed by a small rate of gain this is why we began the Metformin, January 2016. I didn’t like the fact she needed Metformin as I had read it can have irreversible damaging effects on the cellular Mitochondria which in the future could have devastating health effects. Having seen my own mum suffer with ME/CFS which is related to dysfunctional mitochondria, the threat to Hana’s future health was all too real. However, we had little choice due to the sneaky onset of slow weight gain again – health now, or health then??

So she was on Metformin for well over a year and although it helped a bit with high insulin, she still had dark skin patches on her neck “Acanthosis Nigricans”, her appetite was OK, well controlled by the Lap Band and the Metformin however she was still hungrier than the average person but was able to control it very well.

Then we started the CBD oil and because I was aware of the impact it can have on the metabolism I decided to do a trial off the Metformin and observe for 1. increased hunger 2, increased weight gain 3. increased dark skin patches on her neck all of which would indicate her insulin levels were increasing without the pharmaceutical drug in her system – but none of these happened in fact, things then began to improve! 

It has been over six months now on CBD Oil and Hana’s appetite is more regulated than ever before, she has actually lost weight (**this is also related to t3 hormone – a medication, see below) and all hints of dark patches on her neck have totally disappeared. Our endocrinologist who hasn’t seen Hana in nearly a year, was gobsmacked last week to discover this, the complete absence of these skin patches, regulated appetite and weight loss whilst off the Metformin!

Not to mention Hana’s overall wellbeing, she is radiant – RADIANT! She absolutely loves CBD oil, she inherently knows how wonderful it is for her overall wellbeing, we have started a life long relationship with this glorious herb.

About t3 Thyroid Therapy – The Game Changer Pharma Drug that we love

Hana had started taking supplementary synthetic t3 as well as her t4 Thyroxin for her thyroid replacement therapy back in April 2017. Like many thyroid patients, the synthetic t4 only drug wasn’t cutting it. She was tired, worn out, lethargic, suffered from low moods etc. We had previously tried Natural Desiccated (NDT) for a couple of years but had huge issues triturating it, basically Hana didn’t do well on it. When in April 2017  Hana’s bloods came back technically ‘hypothyroid’ with low active ft3 inspite of normal ft4 I had enough fodder to push for a script of synthetic T3. This wonderful drug had an instant fantastic impact upon her quality of life – OMG her ENERGY! She became a different person. I might add too that since my own diagnosis with Subacute Thyroiditis, I have also added t3 to my t4 therapy and it was a total game changer for me – I am off the couch, out of bed and able to function. Hopefully once my thyroid heals I’ll be able to come off these meds but i just wanna blow the t3 Trumpet a bit here. LOVE T3!

Another Amazing Thing: A new Chiropractor for Headaches 

We have finally – after x4 loooooong years – found a way to alleviate and potentially cure her debilitating headaches. These headaches affected daily quality of life, from minute to minute, hour to hour, we have watched her suffer terribly. I had a hunch for years that scar tissue on her head/skull (dura mater) would be one of the factors that was causing her chronic headaches which were increasing in severity every year that passed. At the end of last year we finally found a Chiropractor who shared the the same idea and knew EXACTLY what to do to relieve this issue. He is highly sensitive to small changes in Hana’s body, working on Cranial Sacral areas and he can instantly tell if I’ve done something as small as introducing a new herb for example, as he will sense and test to see if Hana is ‘out of alignment.’ This is subtle work and he is damn good at it. He has been working on her cranial sutures, and it doesn’t look like he ‘does’ much but oh gosh the impact has been incredible. We go three times a week and for the first time in four years Hana has days and days where she is headache free.

For those interested, here is his website: Complete Health Chiropractics – Chatswood Sydney

I hope you all love this jubilant post! You’ve been following for so long and I’ve dreamt of being able to share updates like this. You know that we still get the curveballs, all the time! My younger daughter right now for example has some health issues I’ll be sharing those, once I can figure what to do about it. It could be scary – but I believe that if you stand rooted and firm in the high frequency of Unconditional Love, not allowing fear and doubt into your mindset incredible things happen. Yes, life throws challenges at you regardless but it is the perspectives we choose to take on them that reveal our ‘what nexts’  to us. Life is good – even though we have more things to deal with – and the story continues to unfold but it unfolds in high frequency and it is only that which truly matters as that determines how we experience reality. 

My book, How She Healed Me sharing our tumultuous journey of Brain Tumour diagnosis through to ‘healing’ is available on Amazon on paperback and kindle, there is free postage for Australians now who want a paperback copy. The reviews so far are wonderful. And there’ll be a new gorgeous website up and running soon!

Meanwhile for those interested in exploring their own Energetic Health or physical and emotional wellbeing, my energy healing clinic is now open and Global. I treat clients via skype and use a combo of Theta Healing, Intuitive Healing and of course, a lot of Reiki. Contact me on Your Soul Health if you are interested in a powerful energy healing consult in the comfort of your own home. I’d be honoured to be part of your healing journey.

Naomi xx




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  1. yolanda
    February 21, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    I loved reading all the great improvements in Hana ….. absolutely brillant!! All thanks to your lateral thinking, Naomi!! I’m so happy for you all 🙂

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