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“Healing Hana” Sunday Night, Channel 7 – Documentary Links

Just in case you missed us on TV recently, here are the links. We’ve been lucky to have a wonderful team follow and document our story with love and care over the past 6 months – here are the shows to date: Sunday March 13th 2016 Sunday March 27th 2016

Toxic Homes: ‘EMF’s, Dirty Electricity-why we are leaving the City for Health Reasons

My craving for the countryside is physically tangible and has been growing in intensity since Hana was diagnosed with her brain tumour. It started with the occasional whim that I wanted to move back to the UK (greenery!) and gradually become something so intense I feel it in my gut, and arms and fingers –…

“Love Yourself, and that includes your Cancer.” – Why our Daughter is NOT Fighting Cancer

The words slip out automatically – ‘We have another battle on our hands,’ ‘We’re going to fight this together.’ It’s the cancer lingo,  jargon everyone uses to talk about cancer. The implication that Cancer is the foreign body, the enemy inside, something to be battled, fought, rallied against and…hated. Hated? I’ve used these words with…