If Our Past Life Experiences and Spiritual “Truths” Differ – How can we still Journey Together? #BeLikeAChild

why-are-we-here-nov-2016Why are you here? How often do you ask yourself this question? I think I ask myself this question countless times everyday…how to answer the unanswerable? I have started by reading the theories and research of those interested and experienced in metaphysical explanations for what and who we are in order to formulate a working hypothesis but as you will see below, it has ultimately opened a can of worms!

Let’s look at some of the researchers of ‘Past Lives’ and Reincarnation whose works I have been reading in large quantities over the last ten months and ask: What is the Truth about Past Life Experiences? Why do people experience different ‘Truths’ under hypnosis? Ultimately – do we need to accept that the Truth about What we Are and Where We Come From will remain elusive, just out of reach while we are here in human form?

Past Life Recollections Can Differ with the Therapeutic Approach

A huge number of us have past life recollections! I include myself here, as I have plenty and more crop up all the time. This is an undeniable fact whether or not past lives exist as we ‘see’ them through our human eyes is another question. Quantum Physicists tell us that ‘time’ is an illusion, and if we accept this is true then this must mean that all our past lives and current and future lives must be existing simultaneously. If we can accept this, it is clear that we can ‘tap’ into other forms of ‘ourselves’ at different points in ‘time’ – now!

It is also fascinating to consider that we must ultimately come from a single source of Energy -a Creating Force of All that is, this means that we are more than connected, we are ‘One’… Integrating this belief system opens the door to interpreting past and future life memories as a ‘tapping’ into our birthright, a Universal Consciousness, an Omniscience, of all that has ever happened and all that ever could happen.

But, leaving aside complex yet fascinating ‘Metaphysics meets Quantum Physics’ let’s look at some things that have interested me (and may interest you) about the differing past life experiences that individuals can experience in differing hypnotic approaches.

Brian Weiss

Subjects who experience past life regression with Brian Weiss induction or instruction experience vivid past life memories with clear story lines  – the subject then experiences death and leaves their human body, reconvening with spirit guides connecting with ‘higher’ masters. Through his approach many of his subjects experience radical and miraculous healing through these memories and it is clear that the mere recollection of these memories and deeper understanding of them is key to the manifestation of health and wellness in this current embodiment.

In Weiss’s group sessions there are incredible reports of shared past life experiences and memories.

There are no ‘angels’ observed as a rule by Weiss’s subjects -and there is a huge focus on ‘all being love’ with evil being viewed as spiritual immaturity. Weiss’s own perspective on earthly embodiments are that of a school/classroom with karmic implications so that souls can progress, learn and ultimately ‘ascend’ to a higher level of  being that doesn’t need to reincarnate  to progress before ultimately connecting back to The One of all that is/The Source.

Michael Newton

Newton’s research places a much greater emphasis on spiritual development. Newton has also mapped out a detailed spiritual dimension via his thousands of regressions, from the ‘viewing’ room where souls can ‘see’ future embodiments on  a ‘big screen’ to life reviews which take place in an offical court-like room. He has fine details on soul job descriptions and clear pathways for soul betterment and development. His subjects observe their own spiritual maturity via noting their ‘colour’ in the spirit world, white being the most immature soul to indigo being the colour of master souls.

Subjects in his regressions claim to have no access to ‘God’ or The Source – it is almost as if this divine energy source is entirely out of bounds with a element of grand secrecy surrounding it. Unlike subjects regressed by Weiss, there is a very humanistic reporting and depiction of ‘souls’ who play, laugh, make pranks on each other and practice their creation skills by creating earth like environments ‘in heaven’ for fun. Again his subjects never refer to the existence of an angelic or demonic realm but there is an extremely heavy emphasis on spirit guides.

Dolores Cannon

Cannon’s regressions are very different to the two therapists described above. Almost as a rule her subjects encounter extra terrestrial memories and many report current ET experiences during this embodiment (investigating ET memories/involvement was Cannon’s passion). Unlike Newton’s subjects, Cannon’s can and do return to the Source of all that Is in-between embodiments. Her subjects also recall being unusual aspects of creation including fragments of energy, stars and immaterial beings. From the works I’ve read up until this point there has been little focus on ‘spiritual development’ but there is a heavy emphasis on having ‘missions’ to fulfil whilst here on Earth to guide others who are less enlightened.

Other In-Between Life Memories and Near Death Experiences

In Proof of Heaven, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, on the cusp of death and comatose, spent weeks connecting back and forth with God/The Source in non-physical, spiritual dimensions. He had minimal contact and interaction with guides and ‘master souls’ unlike Weiss’s  and Newtons subjects describe under hypnosis, and no ET encounters like Cannon’s. Although nearing death, he also does not report any experience of the structured spiritual world as finely depicted by Newton. His experiences were profound and led to his miraculous healing. This is interesting as his experiences occurred freely  – without hypnotic guidance or influence and without any preexisting expectations. Eben had been very ‘scientific’ and non-spiritual prior to his near death experience so his uninfluenced story is very interesting and  demonstrates the potential healing power of any such like experiences.

I connected recently with another spiritual-nurse-healer blogger, Kate DeLodovico who has had her own near death experience, connecting with The Source of All That Is (“It’s All Love” – you can read about it here) which I told her, reminded me immensely of Eben’s as depicted in “Proof of Heaven”:

“There was no tunnel, no white light at the end of it and no dead relatives. There weren’t even any Light Beings to greet me. I just felt cozy and peaceful and so loved as Faith carried me Home.

As I sat in the field of potentiality, I became aware that the sparkles of shimmering light were alive. I was separate from them but I was also connected to them. It was all love. At this point I began to receive downloads of information. I wasn’t conscious of it, I just suddenly knew about the intricacies of the Universe. It wasn’t even really a download, it was more like a remembering, a reminder that I had always had this knowledge inside of me.”

The differing ‘maps’ of the the spiritual world, differing reported truths on access to God/The Source when in spiritual form and very different experiences individuals can have under hypnosis and when in a near death state are fascinating. But when looking for ‘truth’ we tend to look for continuity, so how can these differences in experiences affect our understanding of the truth surrounding What and Who We Are?

How can we understand these differing reports on What We Are and where we come from? What is the TRUTH?

My feeling is that we can use any of these ‘truths’ to benefit us on our journeys to self-understanding, so long as the result of the integration of these truths results in a positive mindset with emotional and spiritual healing facilitating a sense of spiritual progression.

I certainly have utilised some of these theories on spirituality during my own spiritual journey over the last ten months. Initially these theories helped me to see Hana’s soul journey as separate to mine, and one that I couldn’t and shouldn’t control, this helped me to find peace in our situation which, back then was one of intolerable suffering! This led to further deeper shifts in my thinking and further changes in my perspective as I integrated other metaphysical theories in to my mindset (Creatorship and the Law of Attraction is but one!).  I can integrate the Newton-Weiss-Cannon like perspective on What and Who I Am – their years of hard work, their research into past life experiences and incredible stories they have shared were integral to my own development and were pivotal to the ongoing spiralling of my own spirituality as they are for hundreds of thousands of others all over the world. I highly recommend that anyone interested in exploring their spirituality read these incredible works.

Personally, I am interested to see if trends in reported past/future life experiences will change as the collective consciousness evolves and further numbers of us incorporate quantum physical concepts such as ‘multiverses’ (multiple parallel universes) into our thinking. I’m also interested to see if mass experiences will change as greater numbers of us recognise the Power of Thought as being the true Creative Force (as described in “The Secret” – see my blog on this here).

Ultimately, I think it is edifying to continually hold an open mind on What and Who we Are and embrace whatever resonates deeply whilst simultaneously accepting that whilst we are here with the filters of physicality and within the context of a profound (most likely deliberate) amnesia with regards to our origins we will NEVER truly know the Truth of all that is. No matter how amazing our psychic skills are – our clairvoyance, our ability to ‘channel’ and our ability to connect to The Source via meditation and trance like states, the ultimate understanding and interpretation of what we see will always have to pass through our physical minds – whilst we are alive, physicality will necessarily filter what it must in order to seek and confirm an understanding that suits its current context.  I feel that this must be part of the challenge we’ve initiated…otherwise why bother with amnesia – forgetting what and who we are?

To accept that we will never truly know the full truth with regards to what and who we are while we are ‘here’ requires an enormous degree of humility. Don’t we, as egotistical beings like to feel that we are right? That we are ‘in the know’? That we know better than those around us?


My youngest daughter – who sees the world through incredible eyes that have seen much more than her peers. I adore her, admire her and learn from her as I ‘grow down’.

To accept that whilst we may have ecstatic spiritual experiences and deep insights in to the Truth Of All That Is in transcendental meditative states yet having the discipline to keep the mind a blank slate for further growth, ideas, development and maturity must necessarily take us to a deeper state of spirituality because it requires humility and discipline.  This is beautiful and you will see and sense this incredible humility from Spiritual Leaders do not profess to ‘know’ the Truth or who have a fossilised perception on ‘What Is’ with didactic implications for their followers. They do not claim to ‘know’. In essence, to truly connect with the Truth of all that is, without claiming to know it or pin it down to something a human mind can fathom and entertain like a story – is to uphold the non-judgemental, innocent, curious and inquisitive mind of a child.

So it feels then, that to ‘grow up’ spiritually we must ‘grow down’ as a human! For that, I look at my children and embrace their open-mindeness and pray that I will be able to become like them once again.

Thanks for stopping by! How do you integrate the myriad of theories about our spiritual natures and theories of Truth? What resonates for you?

Please share your thoughts below and don’t forget to check in with me on Facebook if you are new here! I love meeting new readers so do say Hi!



The Cause of my Daughter’s Brain Tumour & The Law of Attraction: VERY Confronting Stuff.


Giving my darling girl Reiki, this May, a few days after her second brain tumour  was removed.

‘Everything that surrounds you in your life right now…you’ve attracted.’Dr Joe Vitale, The Secret

But, what about my daughter’s brain tumour and post surgical catastrophic fallout?

I didn’t will my daughter’s brain tumour into existence! I didn’t WISH that she suffer chronic health issues after her surgery that put her life in constant jeopardy! Surely these are examples of where we CAN be true victims?

But it appears this isn’t the case: A Law is a Law and this law, the Law of Attraction, upholds that there are no exceptions, we are never Victims. And, for me, this is the most confronting thing about recognising the Power of Thought and the Law of Attraction.

I’m going to share with you how I integrate what was an initially heartbreaking realisation into my understanding of reality and then…then I’m going to share with you the phenomenal, life shaking POWER this realisation has given me. A power that can, I believe, ultimately change everything.

The Secret 

I got ‘The Secret’ years ago – after-all everyone was making such a fuss about it. I started reading it about 5 years ago but upon deducing within minutes that that was how I already lived my life (I called it “Cook Luck”), I promptly closed it and went back to reading Dystopian YA novels. ‘The Secret’ lay at the bottom of my bedside table in amongst dusty forgotten odd socks, for five years.

When we moved house five months ago, upon emptying the bedside table and throwing away the odd socks I  picked up the book, hesitated and reluctantly packed it into a box – ‘OK,’ I thought, ‘I won’t chuck it now, I’ll review once we’ve moved in, but seriously after five years, it really needs to go to charity.’

We moved in, I unpacked The Secret, and said to myself, ‘Fine, you have one month of it being on your bedside table again, if you don’t read it: Ditch it.’

One evening, short of books on reincarnation by Brian Weiss I picked it up heavy hearted, sure that it would be boring.

‘Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind. It’s what you are thinking.’ – The Secret.

I was grabbed by these first sentences: For some reason the words I’d once disregarded as ‘I already do that’ jarred me so much I couldn’t put it down. Because this time round, life hadn’t been swimming along, happy go lucky as it had pre-brain tumour. This time I had an uncomfortable truth to face. If this was true, then according to the Law of Attraction I had attracted my daughter’s poor health into existence (unknowingly), through my own thought forms, belief systems and deep unspoken fears. Let’s say this was just a little bit confronting!

Yet…in realising this, admitting and connecting once again with the dark, unspoken inner fears I’d harboured for my children’s health and wellbeing ever since they’d been born, there was something liberating and fantastic about this revelation. My heart began racing and in fascination I began reading out parts aloud to my sleepy disgruntled husband who was trying to plough through a Dan Brown.

‘I have to see this movie,’ I thought, ‘this weekend I will see it.’

That weekend arrived and I’d been too lazy to order the DVD online, but I still felt a sense of certainty that I would see it that night. On the way to buy hay from the pet store I happened to glance into one of the last (ever) remaining CD/DVD stores (in the world that happens to be in in St Ives, Northern Sydney) and the only DVD (amongst hundreds of others) I could see was ‘The Secret.’ It’s hilarious isn’t it?

The movie had me spellbound – there were literal chemical changes happening in my body as I watched it: My palms began sweating and I was filled with a sense of elation. The energy of those awesome presenters intermingled with my own – not only did I love the message but I KNEW, I KNEW in every inch of my entire being that the Law of Attraction was true.

I then rapidly progressed to reading and watching others who support the same theories; Raymond Holliwell – Working with the Law, Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief, James Allen – As a Man Thinketh, I did a weekend seminar with the incredible Bob Proctor on Paradigm Shifting and, as you know, was led my Theta Healing Practitioner course, a healing modality that upholds the most crucial Premise: What you believe – you are.

Then I began to see the Truth of this everywhere…

By the way, Children’s Films/Songs, Remind Us!

Children’s movies and songs often have this central tenet that if you believe ( in yourself or whatever) it will happen. This resonates for children, do they KNOW this to be true but simply forget as they grow up? The more I’ve looked for this re-occuring theme in children’s arts the more I’ve come across it:

‘Nothing is black and white, with so many colours in this life, take a brush and paint what’s in your dreams. A perfect picture. Looking at my reflection for the answers to your question. Make a wish tonight…And all you have to do is believe the impossible-‘ (Tinker bell and the Lost Treasure).

‘There can be miracles, if you believe…who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe, somehow you will achieve (when you believe). ” (Prince of Egypt)

Accepting Responsibility and…Growing Up?

What a gift, to begin to realise the full responsibility that I must take for my life as experienced by me, so far! Now was a chance to grow up, really grow up! But, how incredibly hard would it be to integrate my daughter’s illness and suffering into this?! How could I integrate the concept into my self-understanding that, if I am responsible for MY reality, I had willed in this? HOW?!

I have theories: although please note that I take ALL theories of reality, truth and existence with a pinch of salt. The Truth is that we cannot truly know The Truth of All That Is – down here, through these filters of physicality, no matter how strong our connection is to anything ‘out there.’ 

I believe that it is by no mistake or accident that we are mutually amnesic with regards to our purpose and true origins. But I believe that there is one truth we may be able to access and that is this:


This picture was taken nearly three years ago. A year ago I said this: “I was wishing my love was enough to obliterate the brain tumour in her head. It wasn’t enough to do that, but it has been enough to propel me through my fight to cure her.”  Stay with me on my journey to see what I NOW believe unconditional LOVE CAN ACHIEVE. 

We are One: There is only Oneness.

For some reason this Oneness (that is me, you, you and you and me) has decided to ‘be’ here in this form and from this standpoint at this point in ‘time’ (bearing in mind that time is an illusion anyway!). This reason is most likely a good reason, otherwise me, you, you, you and me wouldn’t have bothered. The most obvious explanation for BEING is EXPERIENCE…Experience in what? How about CREATING? How can we not when we are One with all that is, and this Oneness is The Creator? ‘Being through Creating’ is our inherent nature.

As a stepping stone it can be helpful to consider that certain aspects of our lives were ‘pre-determined’ by aspects our energetic forms (souls) wanted to experience in this form, experiences that we might be able to utilise for our self-growth, knowledge and development. This helped me initially  earlier on in my spiritual journey- the feeling that as souls embarking on our next journey Hana and I chose this specific path for our own benefits as well as for the benefit of being able to connect and share our experiences with others. However, upon truly connecting with Oneness I have been able to broaden this perspective further – after all, isn’t it a merely a ‘belief system’ or ‘paradigm’ that upholds the very concept that suffering is indeed necessary for spiritual growth? 

Other theories include the impact of belief systems and memories from either the collective consciousness (the Oneness) or from previous lives that subconsciously cause certain things to happen to us in this form.

The most confronting and painful part of realising that WE are the cause of the entire perceived universe around us is this: We created everything we see – we are not a victim to our (perception of) reality and it must NECESSARILY expand beyond our own lives to the world around us. What about the amount of evil and suffering we witness in the world?  (Exactly! Good question! And a blog is in draft on Evil and why I don’t believe it exists as we have traditionally thought it to).

Are We ready to Grow Up?

My feeling is, that to accept FULL responsibility for our entire life’s events and the perceived world around us represents a pivotal time in our spiritual development – no I wouldn’t go on to make a claim like ‘this might lead to our ascension’ like some spiritualists because we have no idea really, about the Truth of things beyond here. Yet, my intuitive feeling is that recognising yourself not only as a Creator of your life but as an inherent aspect of the Creator of ALL That Is, is pretty significant. Do we come to live/experience/ perceive multiple lives to learn, experience, remember WHAT and WHO we truly are before we are finally ready to return back to the Oneness? Or do we simply BE what we currently perceive ourselves to be once we realise that we are always at One with The One – creating a new Reality for ourselves, marvelling at our inherent divine Power?

How many of us are ready to fully accept our responsibility for the entire reality that manifests before our eyes? How many of us are able to turn around and look at the disasters, failures, disappointments in our lives and accept that only one thing brought them into being…ourSELVES?

But what about my Daughter’s Brain Tumour?

The pain in recognising that my current reality with regards to my daughter, her tumour and the purported life long fallout, was a result of my own doing (either via  my subconscious or via an extra-dimensional pre-determind life pattern that drove my subconscious) brought about something incredible and miraculous with it that overrode any emotional pain. Because I could accept that the power to bring it about was in me, it must necessarily also mean that I possessed an infinite power to take it away. It must mean that:

I have the Power to WILL into existence her permanent, irrevocable healing.

And here is the biggest question I will EVER ask myself and one I meditate on every single day: By utilising the Law of Attraction, can I manifest my daughter’s complete and total healing? 

Accepting our role in our current realities is probably the most enormous step a human could ever take, don’t you think? We naturally ‘feel’ a victim to what ‘feels’ like an unpredictable world swimming around us, it is almost as if we thrive in a victim mentality! But I invite you today to join in this conversation with me – what are your thoughts, perspectives and insights to this topic? Do you feel you use the Law of Attraction in your own life and if so, how do you accept responsibility – painful or confronting – for the ‘bad’ you’ve experienced before utilising your new found power to unfold good and abundance?

Guys, thank you for stopping by. If it’s your first time here I would love for you to know the background to this incredible transformative journey I have been on as a Nurse, Mother and Human after my daughter’s first brain tumour was diagnosed  nearly three years ago. If you are interested in signing up for an e-letter for the next six months please let me know – for a short time only I’m offering new readers to get up to speed with the past three years, so much has happened!!! I will send new readers a personal monthly e-letter with the most important blog posts in the journey up until now. Email is nursenaomi AT outlook DOT com. Meanwhile please check in with me on Facebook, love meeting you guys there. xxxx

Why our Perception of the ‘Placebo Effect’ is Screwed Up (N.B. YOUR Mind can Heal YOU)


imageDo you believe we have an ability to cure ourselves by thinking we are well? Well, science can verify this is true – due to the existence of the ‘placebo effect.’

If you think that healing can come about via a ‘placebo effect’ rather than by a healing/treatment modality that science has ‘disproven’, or not yet proven, then you must necessarily believe that the human mindset is capable of  initiating cures. This is huge and raises the question, why isn’t the placebo effect celebrated for it’s existence? It also has a TREMENDOUS impact on us and the responsibility we must take for our mindsets and thought patterns.

Read on to find out more…

What is the Placebo Effect?

The Placebo Effect is a situation where a fake treatment can improve someone’s condition simply because they EXPECT it to i.e, I have a headache someone gives me a pain killer and I feel better – but actually it wasn’t a pain killer but a sugar pill. So, according to science my ‘feeling’ better came about from a belief I was receiving medication.

The placebo effect is not seen as a positive phenomenon by mainstream medicine and science – nor is it seen as a negative thing, but it is seen either as a yardstick in clinical trials or as something faintly irritating that gets in the way when testing a drug for it’s treatment efficacy.  I’m going to argue here that the placebo effect should be something we CELEBRATE for it’s amazingness rather than seen as a mere yardstick or faintly irritating phenomenon within the context of drug testing.

How our understanding of Placebo is screwed up

Scientists say ‘There is no evidence ‘so and so’ works, therefore the good results people are experiencing are just placebo effects’.

Hold it, right there. Can you see the glaringly obvious fault in this line of thinking? I can. Let’s take it step by step:

‘There is no evidence so and so works’ OK, that’s fair enough. There may indeed by no evidence that certain things work or maybe certain things cannot be proven by science (yet, yet, YET!), maybe some things are hard to quantify or hard to analyse via 21st Century Medical Gold Standards (double blind, randomised controlled trials). When we are pushed to make a conclusions on something that fits into one of the above, this conclusion may be understandable, if you think like a mainstream thinker.

‘Therefore the good results people are experiencing are just placebo effects’ this could be a frustrating statement for someone who claims to have been cured by something science can’t yet prove. And, in the light of the experiences of thousands, and thousands of people over hundreds of years, is a tad dismissive (see this post for truth, what people say and what science says). But perhaps all is not lost…

Placebo ‘Cures’ = Healing with the Mind

Some non-mainstream healing modalities cannot be proven by science, yet people claim they work for them. Scientists or individuals  who can’t yet fathom how this particular healing modality could work call this a ‘placebo effect’.

I say: It doesn’t’ matter what you call it, because, as a healing modality it works.

If you truly think a specific healing modality can’t POSSIBLY work ever, even considering the anticipated framework of futuristic sciences and the acknowledgement that science and knowledge will evolve – then we need to change our understanding of Placebo from ‘imagined cure from false drug’ to ‘something that is capabale of healing beyond current scientific understanding.’ And what is the mysterious healing power of these ‘placebos’? Well if you are DEADSET against the fact that science will progress and that understanding may be revealed in the future, then you will have to accept that a state of mind has healing potential; that an expectation of healing, will lead to healing.

Now this healing is very real for thousands who claim to have been healed by things science has currently ‘disproven.’Take my own experiences with homeopathy and my Hydrogen remedy. I believe that homeopathy works of course, as I’ve seen it do incredible things for my kids (and heard of miracles with animals, who of course, don’t have this preoccupation with ‘placebo’). But if you don’t believe that homeopathy works because scientists can’t prove it yet, the fact my exercise induced asthma completely disappeared after my hydrogen remedy (I’ve not needed to use an inhaler for two years now) was due to Placebo then I say, awesome, this ‘placebo’ worked by not by treating me temporarily – but curing me of a chronic health issue for which I need medication twice daily for years. If you just think it is a placebo – then you must think that I cured myself with my mindset – therefore you must believe that minds are capable of bringing about complete disease cure. And what a powerful idea that is…


Bob Proctor…Paradigm Doctor. LOVE this man. I’ve chosen this pic so I can publicly declare that I love this man. It also conveniently has a pic of the human biofield.

Although I credit my cure entirely to homeopathy, not my mindset, I uphold a belief that the mindset holds complete power over the state of an individuals health and wellbeing. We already know that we are more than cells – we are electromagnetic individuals that project energy around us at all times. We can impact on others with that energy as well as by affected by physically, on a cellular level by changes in our own energy and from the influential energy of others. This is called the human ‘bio-field’. But there is so much that we just don’t know and don’t understand, but sometimes it feels as if we’ve forgotten that. We are so secure in our knowledge base surrounding the physical, visible human body, we have forgotten that there is still much to learn.

We should be celebrating the Placebo Effect! 

The Placebo Effect demonstrates the power of our minds, and our untapped potential as beings ‘waking’ up to our true abilities and powers. For true conscious progression we need to be accepting responsibility for our roles in managing our mindsets, health and wellness, harnessing the ‘placebo effect’ and utilising it to manifest the best possible lives we can live!

***More to come on Theta Healing, Mind over Medicine and the  The Biology of Belief and a TON of inspiring medical miracles to share with you!  WOW WOW WOW-Some.***

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, as scientists and as members of the general public we need to remember to LISTEN to what people are saying…even if what is being said doesn’t cohere with what we think we’ve got nailed down pat, and know already. 

I’ve just completed  a Theta Healing Practitioner Course which upholds the concept that our mindsets are responsible for our entire physical being, illness, wellness and healing! I’ll be telling you all about it. Meanwhile please check in with me on Facebook  and leave a comment! I wanna know you were here 🙂 NN xx




Dipping into Past Lives – My Experiences with Past Life Regression Hypnosis

plrh-have-you-been-here-beforeDuring my first past life regression hypnosis session I was wracked with fits of crying and visceral despair as I watched a tragic life unfold. The session that followed was less emotionally intense but physically painful. This was followed by another session where I was hit with elation and understanding! Sounds intense right? It is…

But what does this mean? Was everything I saw ‘real’ – real past life the memories that are locked into my spiritual being? Or was the whole thing just my imagination?

It is easy to claim things we don’t understand as being ‘our imagination’ – it’s harder to throughly investigate things that are unusual before reaching an opinion on them. I’ve spent the last six months reading up on the subject of past life regression via hypnosis and meditation. I do have opinions about the methods, paradigms and focus points used by the practitioners  I’ve researched (blog to come on that) but what I have found is that in my opinion, there is a great deal of evidence (more on that here) that supports the theory of past lives/collective memory of past lives.

The biggest ‘proof’ for me are mutual past life memories shared by individuals, recorded separately, from people who haven’t met before! How can this incredible occurrence possibly be explained by imagination? (Read Only Love is Real by Brian Weiss for one example of this). Then there are the intricate memories of past lives that have led to the discovery of relatives from that life still existing today (Michael Newton outlines a couple of these examples in his books) – all of these experiences I’ve come across in my readings over the last six months. There is also the speaking of foreign languages unknown to the subject (sometimes ancient) and there are intricate memories of places never visited. I have really been very shocked by my findings – and as usual, ashamed that up until this point I had disregarded the concept of ‘past lives’ because, ultimately, I had known nothing about it, to me it had sounded silly. Now who’s the silly one? 😉

The most important thing though, about this ‘recall’ of past lives is that deep healing usually occurs in the hypnotic subject – both emotionally, spiritually and physically (yes, true miracles can occur) and usually the onset of a great life change characterised by a sense of purpose and self-actualisation. Intrigued by that thought? I was too! Below is a little about my own experiences, I’ve experienced about 7 past lives/life in-between life (the spiritual realm)  so far- I’ll describe a few of them below-

 Why did I bother visiting my own Past Lives?

For me the purpose of discovering the secrets of my Spiritual Self was important in my quest to help Hana. Could I ‘remember’ something that would guide me on how to best help her heal? Or stop the tumour from returning? My sessions plus ALOT of self-hypnosis and meditation sessions in-between have certainly guided me on what to ‘do next’ with regards to thoughts/manifestation and Theta Healing, however, I did not experience life guiding ‘light bulb’ moments in any single session – the quest to heal Hana became to quest to know and heal myself while I proceeded;

  1. In my first and, I feel, most ancient lifetime, I was on another planet (according to my readings by Weiss and Newton this is not common but certainly not extraordinary, whereas according to Dolores Cannon’s research, this is VERY normal!). The planet was  very earth like but there were two suns and the overall light was very golden. It gave our skin a different sheen, we looked more radiant. The soul of Hana and I were living together – me as her mother again, and I lost her in that life, tragically. Witnessing that loss wracked me with sobs of despair – the emotional agony experienced by me on the bed whilst in trance, was painful. The loss of her in that life time completely destroyed me – I had nothing to live for and I did not even ‘try’ to get on with my life. The visceral sensations of fear and tragedy were so enormous I was crying and shaking for a lot of the session. My own tragic demise  followed soon afterward – I was murdered – to my surprise it was the physical sensations – what I could ‘feel’ – that were clearer than anything I could ‘see.’ I began gasping in my hypnotic state before I could understand what I was witnessing and before I could report back to my hypnotherapist  what I was witnessing, which I find very interesting. As my soul left my body, the sudden, extreme relief from the emotional torment as I drifted up to a place of cooling white light was phenomenal, breathtaking. This was my first experience of ‘seeing’ a spiritual dimension.

Q. But what was the point of going through that hell to witness that past life? What did I learn from it? How could ‘seeing’ this help me heal, or help me heal Hana? I had been so utterly broken! Who wouldn’t have been?

A. One thing that I ‘took’ from that session was that before I found peace earlier this year, my quest to heal Hana had been fuelled by  the fear of being broken at losing her – not a quest based on peace and love! Again, I don’t think there is anything ‘wrong’ with that, it’s just that I feel much healthier in myself driving my quest to heal her with love and peace – not fear of loss. I just wonder if that deep rooted fear of loss  that drove my passionate and intense battle to ‘save’ her, began in another place in space and time, earlier in my soul journey.

2. My second session took me to Earth, in Ancient Egypt. One where I was a scribe obsessed with finding the ‘truth’ (hmmm, sound familiar?) and the second a haughty royal. In both I died young of head injuries – one by a blow across my head (incidentally, exactly where Hana’s first craniotomy scar is) and the second by something that caused the pressure in my head to rise. Maybe a tumour. I did not experience any emotional attachment to these lives, apart from the head pain I felt throughout the full session, I did not have the same emotional and visceral reaction and ultimately I felt quite disinterested in them!

Q. But what did I learn?

A. I’m still trying to understand the soul connection between my daughter and I!  I’ve read we have many soul mates that we often reincarnate with many times, I know that she is definitely one of mine. I have a feeling this experience is linked to my revelation that I must ‘heal myself’  whilst trying to heal her.

valley-echo-voice-reality3. My third memory took me, unexpectedly during a deep meditation session, into a past life  as a Native Indian with the soul that I recognise to be my current main spirit guide. He took me to a cave in a mountain overlooking a valley. He instructed me to shout into the valley, and hear the echo. ‘Your voice is like your thoughts, and life is like that echo,’ he said. ‘The only real thing is your thoughts. Like the echoes reflect your voice so too does your life echo what you are thinking.’

This was a total ‘WOAH, FAR OUT’ moment for me because at that time I had been studying ‘The Secret’ and researching individuals that purport that our thoughts literally become our biology and our reality. It was an intense time and oh, so, so beautiful! I deeply connect with my beautiful spirit guide in this lifetime and am so grateful to have this memory of a shared physical incarnation where he had so much to teach me in human form.

4. I’ve also had other memories of exisiting in spiritual form in, discovering my ‘spirit’ name and more – unless you’ve read a lot of Brian Weiss or Michael Newton you will think I’ve gone bonkers! They blow me away and have given me deep understanding for some issues I’ve had ‘being human’ giving me greater sympathy for myself and my idiosyncrasies.  We are all wonderful, incredible beings of light who are capable of more than we could ever have fathomed, really and truly, namaste to you all.

Should you ever stop looking back? Or should you just look forward?

As soon as I started reading about past life regression hypnosis I was utterly compelled to find out ‘who I was’ and ‘who I have been.’ However, one thing has become very clear to me during these sessions and deep meditative sessions, at this point in my soul development I need, less and less, to know who I’ve been. I definitely needed the experience of seeing who I have been (among the 1000’s of incarnated forms I have taken/remember via our universal connection to The One) but I have received messages from my Guides/Higher self/The Source that I do not need to integrate all my past lives in order to ‘heal’ – simply knowing and accepting that I don’t know everything about myself has been healing in itself (but yes, I still get curious and sometimes ‘explore’  my memories alone and with my hypnotherapist, sometimes past life snippets just ‘pop’ into my head – I am now able to recognise this when it occurs, it is pretty cool). However, key to my own personal development is investigating more about my entire spiritual purpose and ‘raison d’être’ – why, did I peel off the Source of All That Is, what aspects have I chosen as a focus point in my incarnations? This is huge because if you know this, or at least know parts of it, you can begin to  live a very fulfilled life, at peace with yourself, here on earth.

…What more could anyone want than a life filled with content purpose and satisfying fulfilment and deep immutable peace? What do you think?

Well that’s all from me today! I hope you found this interesting and useful, regardless of your own belief systems surrounding reincarnation. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Wait! Before you go: Have any of you explored the concept of Past Lives? Have any of you undergone regression? Please leave a comment below to show ‘you were here’ and do share your thoughts and experiences.  Also, remember to share this post with others if it resonates, you never know who’s journey you may impact upon by doing so. Remember to say hi on Facebook too, Love love love and namaste, NN xxx






Why the Evil Eye can’t hurt You (unless You Believe it will)

evil-eye-postI don’t think, I KNOW this will be a little controversial as I have many friends who believe that any of us can become victim to the Evil Eye – the jealously or poor intentions of others – at any single point in time.

I am going to argue why I don’t believe we can be hurt by someone else’s malicious or non-malicious jealousy or envy – unless we believe it will be so.

Background: What is the Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye may be seen by some as a superstition – but for many it is real, and something that should be feared. The implications of  the belief in the existence of the Evil Eye means that for those who believe,  any individual is perceived as being at risk of being hurt by the negative thought patterns and intent of someone else. People will take active measures to reduce the chance of this hurt occurring via physical protection (blue colours, certain symbols) by altering behaviour and speech – such as not sharing positive news with others or by a ‘saying’ that is thought to confer protection. Some people fear the evil eye so greatly they will keep their babies/young children away from certain social situations.

Throughout history thousands of people in a myriad of cultures have experienced a misfortune, an injury or illness that has been attributed to the ‘evil eye.’

Can Negative Energy from others really impact on us?

I believe we ‘notice’ in some shape or form ‘negative’ (or ‘low vibrational’) energy of others but the extent to which we are affected will be determined by how much we allow ourselves to be affected and by how much we EXPECT to be affected…which is basically how much we  BELIEVE we will be affected.

Can you imagine a scenario where someone is living in fear of the evil eye? He will hide his successes in fear, play down the health of  his children in fear, for self protection he will adorn his house and home with colours and symbols that for him hold protective power.  This meanwhile, is sending out an energy, a message to the universe that is saying I AM VULNERABLE – I CAN BE HURT BY YOU. I EXPECT TO BE HURT BY YOU. This is expectation that he will be hurt by the evil eye is not unlike a wish.

Be careful what thoughts fill your mind and be careful what you wish for!

This is what some others have said:

Brian Weiss after  years of researching  and contacting the spiritual planes via his patients under hypnosis was interested as to why he had never come across a single negative entity! He had only found loving beings, no hell, just heaven. He asked these questions to spiritual leaders and guru’s worldwide. All of whom LAUGHED at him, before shaking their heads, they’d inform him that a negative energy would never come near an energy so positive as his. Negative energies are repelled by the positive.

Similarly, in “The Secret” – it is made clear that simply by thinking negative thoughts you invite negative events – a quantum physicist reminds us that each thought is a creation, we must therefore focus our thoughts onto the positive and subsequently our realities unfold positivity. These thinkers uphold that negative thought patterns invite negative events – thus the lowest vibrational energy belongs to that of ‘fear.’ Living then in fear, will attract those fears to actualise.

However, there are enormous numbers of people who do not believe this – their fear of being hurt is ultimately unnoticed/ignored –  instead they focus on their perception that their positive vibration will ATTRACT negative energy. For them, jealousy in the form of the Evil Eye WILL harm them. And I do believe they are harmed by the ‘evil eye’ in these circumstances.

Q. But why do I believe it harms them when I don’t believe the Evil Eye can harm ME?

A. Because we are all Creators of our own realities – if we truly believe that someone’s jealousy over our good health will make us sick then it WILL make us sick. We create and manifest exactly what we are thinking – even though we are blind to it half of the time. I believe that we are not Victim to someone else’s poor intentions (whether they exist or not) we are responsible for upholding a strong positive stance in the face of what we may perceive as negativity/low vibrational energy from others. Whilst remembering all the while, that this ‘negativity’ we are seeing, is also a manifestation!

Instead of questioning why everyone around us is so negative we should instead be asking ourSELVES, why AM I living in a reality where I PERCEIVE everyone around me as negative?

This is my belief system and it is true for me. If it is not part of your belief system then it is not true for you and you may find repeated examples of where you are indeed hurt by ‘the evil eye,’ and I believe in the validity of your experiences.

What does this have to do with Health and Wellbeing?

It has MORE to do with health and wellbeing than ‘eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away.’ Being able to take full responsibility for your own Reality – understanding the true Power you have as an embodied soul – or however you choose to understand ‘what and who you are’ – has a greater impact on health than anything else possibly ever could. More to come on that!

Of course this topic does not belong in the realms of 21st Century science, but maybe it will in the 22nd Century? I think it is relevant to health on all levels – physical  emotional and soul!

Thank you for stopping by, feel free to leave your comments below, whether you agree or disagree – so long as we respect our differing belief systems, all will be cool. For more info About Me check out this page and please stop by on Facebook and say hi ya.NN xx



How My Daughter is seizing back her POWER in the face of Chronic Health Challenges: You can too.

Hana Power  2016When Hana woke up from her surgery with a damaged brain my first thought and only instruction to myself was “FIX IT. And don’t rest until you do.”

You know the story. I spent 2.5 years trying to FIX IT  – I was prepared to fight to fix it until the day I died. And yes, I’ve made huge advances, the journey continues at full throttle to this very day. But. But. But…

I’ve learnt something so valuable along the way, – you saw it beginning to unfold in “Love yourself and that includes your cancer” and also in “Can a parent ever be at peace while their child suffers,” – you already know this, some of you saw it coming, the crucial role of peace and acceptance in it all. But as you will see below – peace and acceptance was just the beginning of a radical transformation of worldview and the beginning of the most important realisation I, and ANYONE could ever make and it is to do with: Accepting Responsibility for your own Reality – acknowledging The Power of Thought.

‘I will never be at peace,’ I told myself, ‘How could I ever be at peace while my child suffers? How could I ever accept less than a total cure for her condition? Maybe others could accept a lesser life – but not me. I will never accept this life for my child. I don’t want peace. Stuff peace.’

And then, that crucial moment came, when two years later after her tumour returned  when she roared to the sky, ‘I WISH I didn’t have a brain tumour!’ and it all clicked into place:

I was stopping her from healing.

By fighting to cure her condition I was preventing her from truly healing – from within. What my war was telling her was this: You are not cured. You are sick. Your state of wellness isn’t acceptable to me. You are in the constant state of needing healing. You are in the constant state of needing a cure.

Whilst my quest to change things must continue (and still unfolds in miraculous ways…more on that down below), my resistance to her condition and fight to FIX IT needed to end. This was our life, we needed to accept it, embrace it and love it AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for it, or else…or else there was simply no point in being here. We weren’t victims.

Then I woke up.

And I realised then that I’d been looking for health, well-being and POWER for my daughter in the wrong place – at least in the wrong starting place. I was starting outwards – hoping that by a desperate battle to rectify her physical damage I’d then re-empower her inwards. If I could ‘FIX IT’ and make it all go away, she’d be powerful again, in and out.

It took me over two years to realise that although my efforts to heal her physically are necessary, successful and must continue, I needed to change my starting point – working from the inside out: my daughter’s sense of wellness – Power –  had to come from within.

Hana Writing Law of attractionFinding Power Within

Once I changed my starting point to healing Hana, our  combined sense of power came flooding through the house like a torrent. Hana re-found her power once I introduced her to the concept of mind/thought/beliefs having the ability to change things – for real:

I told her that her thoughts were powerful and could change her world around her. That you can get what you want by focused thought and ultimately will it into existence with gratitude and intention. This is the ‘Law of Attraction’ as described in The Secret, this is reality as described by Bruce Lipton in ‘The Biology of Belief’, this is the Power of Thought as outlined by James Allen in “As man Thinketh.”

Even though she believed every word – it was hard for her to initially integrate this idea,  a little girl beset with chronic , debilitating pain! So I bought her a journal to write her wishes in and to record the things she was grateful for. She would write things like: I’m so grateful my ankles and headaches are getting better, even though they had both made her cry with pain earlier that day. Her ankles featured a lot during those early entries.

Hana Running 2016

A few weeks after ‘believing’ and fostering gratitude that her ankles WERE improving, the universe gifted Hana with the ‘Pain Erazor’, an electric pen I saw on TV by chance at the dentists. This electric pen has had the most profound impact on her pain over everything we’ve tried from LLLT, Homeopathy, Traditional pain relief, Aromatherapeutic’s and Immobilisation over the last 2.5 years.

Then, once that self-belief, wishes and gratitude  were expelled into the universe, it slowly began to gift her back. Her ankles were ‘gifted’ with a new pain relieving tool, a random,  electric-pen I’d accidentally seen on TV whilst sitting in the Orthodontists chair: the Pain Erazor (no coincidences, I haven’t watched TV in 6 years). The pain erazor delivers an electric shock to relieve pain. Because I am very interested in the development and future of Electro-ceuticals I got one to trial. Days later the pain in Hana’s ankles had reduced by 80% and she came running out of school beaming – refusing another ‘hit’ with pen because she had no pain. One week later she asked to go running with me one morning.  She can now stand and walk for HOURS at a time when only a few weeks back, it was only minutes that she could bear.

The Law of Attraction 

The teachers of ‘The Secret’ maintain that if you ask the universe for something, believing that you have it now, with gratitude, it delivers it to you. After Hana started writing about her headaches going away (remember how bad these were a while back? So bad she was thinking about dying) we tried the most effective homeopathic remedy for her post op eyebrow pain – Hypericum in a whopping 50M dose. After a few days of exacerbation, she had her first ‘good’ week in two months. After her second dose two weeks later her eyebrow sensitivity and pain had disappeared.

She still gets headaches and her ankles still hurt sometimes – but over a matter of a few weeks her overall wellbeing is so crushingly beautiful to witness. The only word I can choose to illustrate this is ‘transformed.’ And I believe it is no coincidence that we started utilising positivity and harnessed the Power of our Thoughts before this began to manifest.

And therein lies the sense of ‘Power’: the realisation that YOU can bring something about through YOUR will, YOUR thoughts and intention. And it is incredible that the more you see this manifest, the stronger it becomes and the sense of Power  that unfolds within you is unshakable.

“Your thoughts become your biology” – Caroline Myss

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7

The Power of Belief

I have just finished a phenomenal three day course to become a Theta Healing Practitioner, this incredible healing modality facilities instantaneous, miraculous healings via a connection to the Source (God/Creator), it utilises extra-sensory perception in conjunction with the foundational belief: What you are thinking, becomes your reality (This is so so SO huge guys, I’m drafting a blog post on it with details, watch out for it).

This concept, of taking responsibility for our thoughts because they dutifully then create life as you know it, is completely ancient, yet it seems so many of us have forgotten that we are all creators of the realities that we live in. We are not victims: I do believe that there is an element to how our lives unfold that relates to decisions made in a higher dimension than here – i.e life events seen as necessary for spiritual development. In this case, Hana’s tumour and seemingly catastrophic fallout may be aspects we had decided would be necessary to help us realise our full potential here in this life time. It worked.

And before you think that I may be jumping the gun on how Hana feels about it all, if you  asked her  today if she loves her life she would tell you “Yes, a lot.” Would you change anything about your life? “No, nothing.” And it is my intention that she carry this beautiful certainly about how her fantastic, incredible life is unfolding with her to adulthood. Because her life is fantastic. And it IS incredible. And the reality we have created takes my breath away…

It is known in medicine that patients who know they are sick can allow the development of the ‘Sick Role’ where due to their maladies they ‘allow’ for an unexpected element deterioration in their state of wellness –  ultimately because they permit it, or expect it or feel it is expected of them!  The teachers of the “Secret” maintain that the more you focus on, talk and think about an illness the ‘more real/entrenched it becomes.’ Theta Healers will not speak of the NOW in a negative way, instead we will say ‘up until this point in time…’ thus allowing for only positive predictions for NOW and what we see as after NOW (although of course, there is only ever the NOW).

Taking this on board I completely stopped discussing Hana’s health as it if was ‘compromised’ but focused on exclaiming my gratitude at how well she was doing, even when, at the beginning, the improved wellbeing was a dream away. Even if she wasn’t around and someone would ask me how she was, I’d simply say ‘she’s doing really well’ then I’d allow myself to feel gratitude for that wellness.

And it began to happen.

If  you like, you could believe that up until NOW major life circumstances have been attracted or willed into existence by intelligence and intentions of a higher dimension for a purpose, here, in physical embodied form. But are you ready to then accept that  the unfolding nature of the universe we currently inhabit lies directly related to how we ‘think’ it?  So, so many of us are here now to remember that our power lies within the realms of our thought and intention and we are here to relinquish our ‘victim mentality,’ harnessing our creatorship skills in this lifetime.

Have a think…Are you one of them?

Massive journey guys, and it just keeps getting more massive and more amazing the more I open my mind and learn or ‘unlearn’.

I am so lucky to be able to share it all with you. Thank you for watching, listening and reading. Please leave a comment and please do share this post if it resonates…Oh there is so much more to say! Little by little I’ll get it down in posts and continue to share what we are learning. If it’s your first time here, there is more about me here and please remember to say hi on Facebook! You can sign up for email blog updates if you’re super keen for the next chapter. 🙂  Love, love and namaste. NN xx 





Why I run Electricity through my Brain: tDCS

tDCS pic‘I’ll let you do that then,’ says hubby as I excitedly unpack my batteries, ready to hook my brain up to electricity. ‘That’s going no where near my brain.’ He looks something akin to horrified.

‘This is for Hana, habibi,’ I say, plugging in the electrodes, ‘I need to try  it out, how can I not now I know about it? If anything happens to me-‘ OK… so initial conversations around the tDCS were a little dramatic but mostly misinformed. Unlike I’d previously thought, there is a lot of science and years of successful clinical practice behind tDCS, as you will see below.

Brain healing brain healing brain healing!

Brain Hacking, Brain Modulation, Neuromodulation – those words! You all know why I love those words – for me they hold the promise of a potential cure for Hana.  I have a strong feeling that healing her brain may lie in the futuristic development of an electronic device like the tDCS.

The idea of stimulating the brain with an electrical current has been an obsession of mine ever since I read Norman Doidge’s “The Brain’s Way of Healing” – as you know, after reading that I contacted the gorgeous Fred Kahn and headed to Toronto to get Hana low level laser therapy (LLLT). I knew the LLLT would be part of the puzzle but I still had more pieces to find: there was something else in the book that I wanted for her but couldn’t get – the PONS. The PONS is an electrode that sits in the mouth and ‘re-sparks’ neural circuitry  through electrical currents and  has had phenomenal effects on brain healing. But I couldn’t get one:

Then with joy and amazement I stumbled across the tDCS and decided – in the interests of my ongoing endeavours to research the best ways to heal Hana’s damaged hypothalamus -to try it on myself.

tDCS is used for a myriad of health conditions from traumatic brain injury,  autism, ADHD, depression, Parkinson’s, pain syndromes and more! One thing to note is that it is currently understood as working on the cortical areas of the brain (Hana’s brain injury starts in the cortical regions, where the surgeon had to plough through brain tissue to reach the original tumour) but the worst damage is  in the deeply situated hypothalamus. Yet! Don’t forget that the brain, although it can be ‘compartmentalised’, functions as a whole. In the same way a drug can have local and systemic affects, so too could an electric current… applied specifically to the brain. Thus, I hope that by stimulating damaged cortical areas, deeper areas of her brain could ultimately be healed…

This sounds super dangerous! Is it?

No! Seriously! There are currently many scientific studies on tDCS looking at it’s uses in PTSD, Stroke, ADHD, Autism, Depression, Migraine, Working Memory – and many more. The use of electrical stimulation for ‘healing’ is first thought to be the use of the Torpedo fish back in ancient  AD! Since then, over the centuries the concept of utilising electricity for healing has occured to the odd genius along the way. However, with the invention of the battery tDCS became possible.

Transcranial direct current stimulation has been used safely, consistently, with good outcomes by many healthcare practitioners for years (so why don’t we all know about it? Ahhh yes! You can’t patent battery power and put it in a pill bottle!). Side effects are absolutely minimal and studies have shown tDCS to be a very safe, non-chemical way to treat a variety of health issues.

What is tDCS?

“Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a safe and non-invasive technique that is able to directly influence cortical excitability through the application of very low electric currents.” Frontiers in Psychology 2015

Different areas of the brain are targeted by differing placements of the anode and cathode (+/- charge). Anodal placements are thought to cause an increase in excitability of the neurone and cathodal placements reduce the excitability of neurons in the cortical areas the electrodes are applied to. You can see how and why this would cause neuro-plastic changes to brain, any ‘work’ the brain has to do results in neurological re-wiring.

Wowzers! So how the hell could I not test this?

Initial research I conducted online made tDCS seemed a bit scary as I could only find consumer platforms where individuals were treating themselves either for ‘brain hacking’ purposes or for health and wellness (particularly depression). You know very well that I am pro the ’empowered consumer’ – and I fully understand individuals wanting to improve their health take matters into their own hands. I am one of those consumers. So of course you will see health care professionals in their professional capacity declaring that no one should try tDCS without medical supervision – they have to say that, but as an empowered consumer willing to move science forward myself when it comes to it – I was prepared to ignore this official medical stance and test tDCS on myself.

However, I was very pleased to then discover that there are many health care professionals who utilise tDCS as an integral part of their clinical practice, in particular, I was very lucky to come across this phenomenal Aussie pioneer of tDCS, Nerida Saunders who has been using tDCS for nearly 10 years. She is a psychologist and offers training to fellow health care professionals at tDCS Australia and I thank God/The Creator/The Source of All That is –whatever – for people like her.

By the way, here is some useful info:

ABC Catalyst Program (documentary on tDCS).

I also recommend this awesome blog: Speakwisdom. In particular see this post on depression and tDCS – he thinks it’s almost criminal that tDCS is still an unknown treatment for depression. Yep.

How to use tDCS?

I choose to get some initial training from Nerida, and will definitely get more. However I have also gleaned a lot of information from the internet on placements for certain conditions. Of interest to me, for Hana at least, are placements relevant to chronic pain syndromes. I have a personal interest in looking at the aspects of tDCS that impact on meditation and trance (particularly as ‘trance’ was a sensation I accidentally experienced during my first treatment). I also had a three day headache after my first 20 min treatment (it felt so good while I was doing it I didn’t see the need to take it off, the ensuing headache told me to go slower next time!).

What does it feel like?

For me, it feels amazing actually. I feel extremely peaceful and relaxed with tDCS, clearly there is an endorphin release for me during treatment. But: I am prone to going a bit ‘trancey’ (at least with areas I’ve tried) and secondly, I have noted a transient increase in irritability 1-2 hours post treatment, so I’m making good note of this unwanted symptom.

Where to get a tDCS?

You can make your own device at home, which is what many brain hackers have been doing for aeons. Yet, in the age the empowered consumer (not patient!) who have taken their health and wellness into their own hands, there are some companies that manufacture these devices. But, they can’t advise you on ‘how to use them.’  I found out about Brain Stimulation from Dave Asrepy, the inspirational founder of Bulletproof, and I got my device from Brain Stimulater.

What next?

Further research, further education and further testing  – there is HEAPS to read up on this topic including the myriad of different cranial placements. I truly believe the future of brain healing lies in the realm of ENERGY so I’m watching the field of electro-ceuticals unfold with great optimism. Obviously I’m watching the field’s developments with placements that may impact upon obesity and metabolism – these studies are underway.

That’s all from me today! Read more about me here and don’t forget to say hi on Facebook. Share if you care – as I said, I can’t believe I didn’t know about tDCS before this, there are many who could benefit from the knowledge so please help illuminate and spread the word. Lots of love and light, namaste lovely readers, NN xx


Why I Meditate, How You can start & How it will change Your life.


Meditation facilitates phenomenal personal and life changes. I have experienced rapture or bliss/ecstasy while meditating in addition to so many other fascinating experiences. Now I can’t get by without it! How about you?

Ommmmmmmm…Ha ha, just joking. This is a deadly serious post on meditating & why you should do it too. Basically, because it will change your life.

I totally rebelled against the concept of meditation for years. I am a ‘doer’ I hate being still, I like to be constantly moving. If I had a free half hour then it would be for an aggressive run, of course, RAAH! The thought of sitting still, focusing on ‘nothing’ bored me to tears, besides, there seemed something pretentious about the concept of a smug faced yogi ommmmming in peace and tranquility while the rest of us went about ‘doing’our stuff.

OK, ok. Another case of MOI gets it so wrong (again)! I consider myself lucky in that due to the dramatic kundalini awakening I had, meditation instantly became something I HAD to do, daily. Once ‘awake’ there was simply no option for me to not fully embrace and crave a daily 30 minute meditation sessions which I guess…might be tad unusual! So assuming this isn’t the case for everyone, I’ll go through some of the things that could help you get started in a bit, but first:

How do I benefit from meditating? (this is for me personally, there’s LOADS of science behind why it’s good mentally, emotionally, physiologically etc, but you can Google those, it’s all there!)

  1. Stillness: Meditation helps me keep the stillness inside – when I am still within I am able to cope with the turbulence of having a child with chronic, serious health issues as well as everything else. I find that if I have to miss a day or two of mediation that stillness ebbs away and I find myself more prone to negative thought patterns.
  2. Positivity & Gratitude: So – going on from that, meditation helps to intensify my positive thought patterns – including the cultivation of gratitude, which, I believe then reaps positivity from the universe as part of the law of attraction. I have experienced intense moments of ‘rapture’ or bliss/ecstasy  while meditating – it really is totally wow-some.
  3. Soul Purpose: Meditation helps me learn more about my spiritual side – through meditative and trance like states I have been able to access memories and information about ‘who I (really) am’, where I’ve come from, where I’ve been and what I’m here to accomplish.
  4. Opens Communication Channels: Meditation opens me to input from my higher self/ spirit guides/ God/Source. It also puts me in the mindset for Automatic Writing.
  5. Develops Extrasensory Gifts: Meditation has helped me develop my ‘energetic gifts’ – those of you who are ‘awake’ will be aware that once you are aware of ‘energy’ you become more in tune with your sixth senses. These ‘psychic’ senses enable you to see/hear/feel a dimension that you were deaf and blind to before. (Blogs to come on ‘seeing energy’).

I was lucky in that the need to meditate forced it’s way into my life, but I know, from pre-awakening times, that not everyone may experience this radical incentive to meditate. As you know, I needed a radical turn around because I simply wouldn’t have ‘listened’ to anything less, my mind was quite happily slammed shut to the matter of spirituality. Thank goodness you all aren’t as adamantly closed minded as I was. So what about those of you who are way ahead of where I was – open minded and keen to start exploring the true nature of yourselves, developing your spiritual awareness, via meditation?

How you could Start Meditating;

  1. Use props – I find the almost ritualistic use of props can help to get you in the mood and mindset for mediating when the day is charging by and sitting in stillness seems absurd. The props I like to use are crystals (Duh! Of course, any opportunity to hold something sparkly, pretty, humming with delightful energy!). I like to either hold them in my hands, allowing their energy to travel up my arms or I sometimes hold my hands above them, really tuning in with their aura’s. Music that ‘speaks’ to you is another wonderful prop – I have a couple of pieces that I love so much, I can go into a deep ‘theta’ brain state within minutes of putting them on. Also, aromatherapy oils are another good starting point, Frankincense is a phenomenal oil and has been used in sacred rituals since ancient times for a reason! It is a great essential oil to use in meditation. Put a few drops in a carrier oil and rub over your hands and face, or diffuse – it literally smells…divine 😉
  2. Get comfy. Sitting in the lotus with palms turned up isn’t always the most comfy meditation position (and who can do the full lotus?), so there is no pressure to look like a smug faced yogi. Because I know I won’t fall asleep, I often lie back on a bed by the window as the sun streams in. But yes, sometimes I do like to look a bit like a smug faced yogi too – by crossing my legs in a half hearted lotus attempt.
  3. Allow that your mind will chatter – focusing on ‘nothing’ is very difficult and will take a lot of practice. There are some days that my mind chatters the whole session,  and there are other days my conscious mind steps out of the room immediately. There are some days when I float in nothingness and others when I instantly start ‘seeing things’ and ‘going places’ in order to learn more about myself. Each meditation session is different. Practice and persistence pays off and I promise it will get easier and sooooo much more enjoyable. When I do have the ‘monkey mind’ in full swing I like to see my chatter as a carousel or merry-go-round, when a thought appears in my mind I visualise it spinning away from me on the carousel, then I try and walk a few steps away from it, acknowledging it’s there, yet not jumping onto a horse and going for a spin! With persistence you will experience amazing things when you meditate…more on that another time.
  4. Do it daily at a time that works for you. Even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes – make it a ritual, integral to your health and wellness, see it as importance as lunch, or breakfast. I promise you’ll soon begin to crave it as much as you crave food when you are hungry. For me, I’ve started a routine of doing it soon before school pick up – I find it stills and centres me for the busy afternoon and evening of ‘mummy-ing’ and the emotional highs and lows we face, hourly!

5. Lastly, here is a novel idea for those who really really want to start mediating but want an extra push or incentive to get there –

Promise or Pay  is an awesome intitave that helps you help yourself and helps the world at the same time! The Promise or Pay team say:

“It’s no secret that sticking to self-improvement commitments is difficult. But did you know that research shows the chance of achieving a goal increases 33% if it is shared with others and by 72% if money is put on the line? We’ve combined these two approaches to help you stick to your goals by making them public and using charitable giving as an incentive.

To maximise the impact of every dollar donated we have partnered with charities that are clear about their purpose, mission and values. We believe they use their resources wisely to effectively implement programs that have the ability to actually make a difference. We also want to give you the opportunity to choose from a number of charities working to combat a wide range of social issues.

Our vision is to inspire millions of people to be the best they can be and, at the same time, encourage and facilitate much needed donations for charity. We invite you to join us.”

With Promise or Pay, you follow this structure:

a. Make your promise, (so maybe: “I will meditate for 15 minutes every day for 4 weeks”)

b. You share your promise with your friends and family who will make a donation if you keep your word

c. You break your word, you contribute $50 to charity or,

d. You keep your words and your friends/family make their donation to charity.

The extra accountability involved with going public with your promises can help  those who really struggle with new and positive self-enhancement ‘get there’! We all know it’s sometimes easier to do things for others, rather than for ourselves. Naughty us! So I hope this initiative may help some of you who struggle with that. You are worthy of your time, effort and investment. 

I Want to Know…

I want to know how you think, feel about this. Do you want to start meditating? Why? Do you find it hard/easy? Do you think it sounds super boring, like I used to? If not, what is holding you back? Let’s chat about it! Please get in touch and let me know  your thoughts/how you go, I’d be so interested to hear from you! Oh, and if you go ahead and and use Promise or Pay to help you get started, let me know 🙂

Love, Namaste and a big OMMMMM,

NN xx

More About Me and my journey ‘unlearning’ here, and don’t forget to check in with me on Facebook please, I’d love to hear from you.

Why Modern Day Science reminds me of 15th Century Religion

Middle Ages Execution Pic

Talking Openly about some things Science has “Disproven” can be professional Suicide for a 21st Century Health care Professional. Photo Credit: By Virgil Master – This file has been provided by the British Library from its digital collections. It is also made available on a British Library website.Catalogue entry: Royal MS 20 C viiThis tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing for more information.Deutsch | English | Español | Euskara | Français | Македонски | 中文 | +/−, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1457961

Ancient Egypt had its gods and pharaohs. The Middle Ages had the Church and Kings and the twenty first century have Scientists and a domineering medical paradigm, to which many people are happy to submit.

If you committed heresy in ancient Egypt you were a goner, usually thrown from a height onto a stake, execution in the Middle Ages was even more gory with hanging, drawing and quartering. The twenty first century approach to those who pursue something ‘that is not scientifically proven’ is a little less barbaric but nevertheless, you are still a goner. In terms of credibility and professional reputation at least, you are pretty much a goner the moment you begin an open, non biased conversation on something mainstream science has (currently) rejected or is continually striving to reject.

Don’t believe me? Do you really believe that we live in an open minded era where free speech and freedom of expression is welcomed?

It is simply isn’t. There really is little freedom to discuss certain issues with openness and honesty and this is because 21st Century scientific mindset has become like a domineering, controlling religion, owning the minds, opinions and actions of the population. Yes, there are many rallying against this, they are the ones that usually get called “Quacks”, “Hippies” “Woo-Woo”  among other things, usually venomously.

Let’s for fun, list some taboo topics that if discussed openly and honestly,  risk ruining the good reputation of a respectable health care professional:



Natural CURES for Cancer


“Big Pharma”

Food is Medicine

Health care professionals, particularly doctors were gods of the twentieth century – ‘Do what I say,’ and patients willingly obliged with a meek “Yes Doctor.” But things have changed in the twenty first century as individuals are becoming keen to take some control over their health and wellbeing by reading and researching. I think, and I hope that the ‘doctor is god’ perception is dying a death. Which paves the way to the birth of the Science Demi-God: a quest for scientific proof (which is different to truth – read this), the new religion.

The western world is gripping on to science as if it is a god. Science says…science doesn’t say and it will make us as narrow minded and timid in our thinking as the people of the royal court in the Middle Ages. Like the courtiers in ancient egypt and the middle ages who were forbidden to question the authority of the King and current gods so too are health care professionals indirectly forcibly muted on issues that are of great importance to ‘the people’ (everyone else!). They risk their reputation by entering the conversation, or debate.. ‘People’ are saying they can cure cancer with natural medicine, ‘people’ are saying they’ve had a bad experience with vaccines, people are saying homeopathy works. But since these things do not appear within a mainstream scientific body of evidence they are dismissed as heresy: “Not science based” is a terrible condemnation for a health care professional.

We are the people – let’s listen to what we are all saying. There is credibility in every single genuine human experience on this planet, we need to learn from each other as well as learning what science has to say. Science and human experience don’t need to exclude each other. Once we’ve mastered this union between scientific understanding, recognising it’s weaknesses as well as it’s strengths – in the light of human experience and what can’t (yet) be proven I wonder if another god or religion will take it’s place?

Or will we be finally be ready to rule ourselves?

If this is your first time here…welcome! You can read a little About Me and my truth seeking journey to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness –  ‘unlearning’ – here. Meanwhile please connect with me on Facebook here.






Powerful Lap Band Update: One year Later.

As a man thinketh POWERJust over a year ago I bundled my very unwell, morbidly obese, wheelchair bound little girl on to an aeroplane for medical help I just couldn’t get here in Australia.

For months my husband and I had been battling to be seen and heard by specialists here – her post brain tumour, unrelenting weight gain was a threat to her life, yet it our pleas for help were either dismissed or disregarded (“nothing can be done”). See here for some of the crazy conversations we’d wait weeks or months for – when we were proposing bariatric intervention.

Hana was gaining an intractable kilo a week in spite of a strict diet and exercise regime – this is typical of hypothalamic obesity, a rare and relentless condition that leads to extreme appetite yet in the face of dietary restriction – rapid and unrelenting weight gain.

My husband and I researched all the treatments successful and unsuccessful described in the medical journals and we were armed with knowledge for each subsequent specialist appointment we’d wait weeks for (each week = +1KG of weight).

Our choice to get a lap band over any other type of bariatric surgery was that 1. It it a minimally invasive procedure 2. It is reversible 3. the biggest reason, the ONE longitudinal study that looked at LAGB in the HO population found that the lap had a significant impact on food focus/hunger. Because Hana’s hunger was tormenting her and destroying her quality of life, getting the lap purely to reduce that symptom was reason enough for my husband and I. However, we also hoped desperately that the lap band would either 1. stabilise her weight 2. Enable her to lose weight.

But how would the lap band work if she wasn’t overeating in the first place?

That’s what a lot of people ask – it seems weird that if Hana wasn’t overeating, how would the lap band enable her to lose weight when it’s primary focus is to reduce food intake?

The answer to that is unknown and it is postulated that the presence of the band over the vagus nerve leads to neuro-hormonal changes which impacts on weight. The study that we had found and that was the only study that had given us hope (see Herman Muller) highlighted that the group initially lost weight but then regained their lost weight, however the reduction in appetite and relationship with food stayed transformed.


Finally saying ‘enough is enough’ after a ridiculous wild goose chase for help here was the most empowering thing I’ve ever done. Ringing my dear mother in law in Egypt – who, with a click of the fingers organised the entire surgery (hospital stay, endocrinology coverage, surgeon and more – it’s possible that in a previous life she may have been an ancient Egyptian goddess) within an entire afternoon. Whereas after some movement and promises here, we had been waiting 8 weeks for a surgical date to eventualise – but it never happened. And the weight was still piling on.

‘That’s it. I’m going to Egypt,’ I told my husband one evening when ‘that’ email didn’t come through. ‘Enough is enough.’

‘Shouldn’t we wait a few weeks so I can organise some time off work to come with you?’ He said.

‘She doesn’t have time.’ I said, ‘Every week we wait is another kilo of  weight that she will never lose. I’ll go alone and I’ll leave next week.’

And so, one week later I jumped on a plane with my two little girls. Not knowing what the future held, but knowing that, whatever happened, I was doing the right thing.

Effects of the Lap Band

As you know from the early lap band posts ( see how Hana’s life changed in 8 weeks) Hana initially lost some weight with the band – similar to results recorded in Muller’s study. This enabled her tiny joints to have a breather from weight gain and within four weeks she was out of her wheelchair.

But, the most remarkable transformation was the reduction of appetite – the feeling that she was starving, desperate for food went with the band. Yes, she still had a greater food focus than an average person but her thoughts were not tormented, hellishly, anymore.

And…She began to play again. My little girl was coming back to me.

One year Later

The triumph and power that we seized back by leaving Australia to get Hana treatment has remained. It cannot be undone.

Before the lap band my husband and were helpless consumers in the system, skating around doctor’s ego’s whenever necessary, me, trying to hide my passion to save my daughter in case I came across as too aggressive, (I’d already been accused of being an ‘alpha female’ to Hana’s detriment) keeping silent at c*** like this: Crazy things Doctors told me before the lap band. We felt powerless and dependant on the – ultimately poorly informed – opinions and wills of those who had no personal interest in whether my daughter lived a life a suffering and met an untimely death or if she prevailed.

The reduction in appetite and food focus still remains (and is even better as we’ve progressed with brain healing) and I can say that the band was worth placing for this reason alone. I am so, so eternally grateful to the band for this. And I’m grateful to the pioneers of the band for researching and creating it in the first place. You know after our experiences and as a result of my personal journey I have serious issues with narrowed, pharma focused ‘mainstream’ medicine but here is an example where I treasure and appreciate one of it’s fruits!

And what about her weight? After the initial loss there was a period of stabilisation and a gradual return of weight gain. However it is slower than before – I can not say ‘how’ she would be at this point if we hadn’t intervened and got her the lap band. Would she still be here?

It simply doesn’t bear thinking about.

By not accepting the status quo, I believe that we saved her life. By taking control of her care we had to leave Australia to do it: the system here lacked the passion and motivation to step up to the mark, make medical history and save my little girl. As parents this is a powerful realisation:  we cradled the future and longevity of our little girl in our own hands: and in this particular instance, we succeeded.

What Next?

  1. I am in the process of following suit with the documentation on our Oxytocin World First (my case report is now published in the Journal of Paediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism) I am writing up the results of Hana’s lap band and will submit it to a medical journal. Hana is the youngest child in the world to have a lap band and the only ‘child’ with her condition to have a lap band. The impact on her quality of life needs to be scientifically documented. In addition, the impact on her weight is extremely significant – going from gaining a kilo a week to this is something that needs to be reported and disseminated! It needs to be screamed from the mountain tops.
  2. Brain Healing – the only way to ‘cure’ her condition is to heal her brain and I am continuing to do this with LLLT (see this blog, and an update soon) and some other fascinating modalities which I can discuss later on.
  3. Positive mindset: I don’t weigh Hana any more. It isn’t edifying or helpful in our daily routine. The scales did show an increase in weight at a recent appointment but to me she is shrinking every day. She is more mobile and agile than ever before. I believe she is healing, she believes she is healing. I believe in the power of our beliefs and only choose to focus on the positive. More on that to come in a week or two too.
  4. Keep a close eye on blogs towards the end of the year…something big – no, not big, MASSIVE may be happening then!

‘As a man thinketh…so is he.’ Proverbs 23:7

Thanks for stopping by, for more about me read this! And please check in with me on Facebook and Instagram, I love to ‘meet’ my readers.  NN xx




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