Why this Psychic Skill: ‘Automatic Writing,’ is good for Health (and how to do it)

Automatic Writing PicThis blog post is about a psychic ability that we ALL have, just maybe, we haven’t all ‘tapped’ into it yet: The power of Automatic Writing!

I  want to introduce you to the concept of ‘Automatic Writing,’ and if the concept is new to you to see if I can tempt you to try and utilise it for your own health purposes!

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is actually seen as a Psychic skill – to ‘write automatically’ you need to be in a certain level of trance where you are recipient to 1. Messages from spiritual entities or 2. communication from YOUR own soul self/higher self.

When in this state, the words simply pour onto the page without any interference from the ego or logical mind. The flow can be uninterrupted and seamless. You can find yourself writing out quite profound and deep things that have never entered your logical head before!

Because this is done in a trance-like state, the conscious or ego-self is temporarily suspended so I find I have no ‘intent’ on what I will write – my hand and pen simply channel information for me to later reflect on. I find that the words and sentences often flow so fast my hand cramps up, I find it impossible to write neatly during an automatic writing session!

What is the health benefit of Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing has the benefit of connecting you to a higher source of information, whether that information comes from yourself (subconscious or superconscious self) or from higher entities (God, The Source, Spirit Guides) the result is the same – there can be a sense of enlightenment gained from this and a sense of clarity surrounding whatever has been the topic of the writing session.

This enlightenment and sense of clarity is healing – it enables you to return to daily existence with a clear mindset, and a feeling of being anchored to your own truth…If the writing session has been about a certain decision or choice you must take, the revealed conclusion can help you take the necessary steps confidently without the veil of doubt pestering and bothering you.

How to do it?

I can only use my own experiences here…Automatic writing is something I’ve used since childhood without knowing it. As a child I would pour out my soul into journals and subsequently find a clearer path through doing that. However, since my awakening Automatic Writing has become something that feels ‘energetically’ different to me since it will often follow a session of deep meditation and unlike my childhood preparatory sessions, I find myself writing words and phrases that don’t usually belong in the normal domain of my logical mind. These words and sentences often resonate deeply into the very core of my being, teaching and leading me.

So I would recommend meditating for about 20 minutes with piece of music that helps you transcend your normal bodily and mental distractions. Then, when coming round, before rousing yourself properly (I know when I am still in trance because I feel dizzy and I am very uncoordinated, plus my eyes become very wide and round when opened) grab a pen and notebook that you only use for these post-mediation sessions and start writing. Keep the meditation music on.

You can just write down any word that comes into your head, even if it’s a crazy as ‘porridge’! Just trust those single words, they may ultimately join into phrases. Or you may see a picture or image, write that image down. And when you feel a word, phrase or another image ‘pushed’ into your mind, honour it and write it down. Nothing appears there as a coincidence. Trust that your higher self is communicating with you and that the communication will only improve the more you honour it.

Here are some beautiful insights that were given to me during an automatic writing session exploring one aspect of my “Soul Purpose”, you won’t be surprised to see that part of my (eternal) soul purpose involves communication – WRITING and WORDs (my favourite – over many life times – things!):

Throughout the history of our physical embodiments, communication (writing, words!) has been a way to connect us, as souls, to one another. Words are a bridge from soul to soul that cross the physical embodiment – the barrier to remembering who and what we are.

Communication helps us connect. When we connect, we remember (who we are).

Communication fosters empathy, empathy fosters love. When we love, we remember what we are.

Communication fosters connection, when we connect we become One, and part of the Oneness. Then we remember who and what we are.

Communication is a act of sharing. When we share we cease to be separate but united as One. We are part of the Oneness, the Source: This is what we all are. This is ALL we are!


So, let me know how you go!

Thanks for stopping by! Who’d have thought three years ago when I set up Nurse Naomi that I’d go from blogging about Germs to psychic abilities relevant to Soul health!? What a journey of unlearning it has been, and I’m eternally grateful to you for reading and sharing it because you are helping my express and fulfil my raison d’être – my Soul Purpose… Please drop in to see me on Facebook, as I love to meet readers there. And if you are super keen to hear more, why not sign up for email blog updates?





The Crazy Things Doctors Told Me (Pre lap band). You’ll want to bang your head against a wall.

Me and Hana at Fairytale farm, UK

Happy Early days post Lap Band. Hana and I at Fairytale Farm in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire. Thanks to Lynda Renham for the gorgeous photo!

Pre-Lap Band Conversations – a different doctor each time. Enjoy…

Doc: “She’ll have to grow into her weight.”

Me: *Grow into a kilo every fricken week?*


Doc: “You’ll just have to get used to this side effect of the surgery.”

Me: *You mean the part about watching her suffer until she dies?*


Me: “Obviously, I’m sure you’re aware the research states that hypothalamic obesity is notoriously resistant to strict exercise and dietary  interventions-”

Doc: “-What’s she eating?”

Me: *-?*


Me: “She’s gaining a kilo a week…”

Doc: “What is she eating?”

Me: *Sigh. Note Photo.*  “We are primarily organic vegan, high vegetable, (low fruit even), intake  – we are very healthy eaters. My children have never tasted junk food. They don’t even know what the ‘sweets’ are at the candy counter. There is no processed food in the house.”

London 2013 World Champs

We both have Master’s Degrees as Health Care Professionals – but that didn’t seem to count for anything – the family diet was under constant scrutiny. JUST HOW HEALTHY WAS THE FOOD WE ATE AT HOME?


Doc: “Well…what does she drink?”

Me: “Filtered Alkaline Water.”

Doc: “Hmmm, well the diet sounds OK, but it might be worth seeing a dietician for, you know, any loopholes.”

Me: *Bang head against the wall x5*


As we we leaving, Doc, to Hana

Doc: “Now not too much ice-cream now!”

Me: *? Didn’t you just hear what I…? Bang head against wall x5*


Doc: (after reviewing diet sheet) “Well the diet seems ok, I just wonder if there’s a few things we can tweak, like the handful of walnuts for morning tea? They’re very high in cholesterol you know.”

Me: *Activated, organic walnuts are causing her rapid, unrelenting, life threatening morbid obesity?? Refer to conversation #3.*


Doc: “She needs to get out of the wheelchair. She needs more exercise.”

Me: “She swims 1 K a day. She can’t walk because the of the weight on her tiny ankles and knees. The pain is simply excruciating for her.”

Docs: “But if she could get out of the wheelchair the increase in exercise might slow the gain.”

Me: “If we could slow the gain, she might be able to walk again.”

Doc: (learning forward, earnest about this:) “How about we try, really try and get her out of the wheelchair?”

Me: *Bang head on wall x5*


Doc: “Be good with your food now Hana!”

Me: *Be good with..? The girl lives on salad, is tormented by a hunger  that she ignores every second of the day and yet is still burdened relentless weight gain. (Bang head on wall x5)*


Doc: “Now Hana, I want you to be really, really good with your eating OK?”

Hana: *??*


Me: (after handing doc detailed diet sheet) “She lives on salad, she is the most delicate and disciplined eater that I know. Particularly in light of her hunger.”

Doc: (scans immaculate diet sheet) “You know we could admit her for a hospitalised stay for  strict dietary observation, just to make sure that there are no loopholes.”

Me: *Refer to previous comment and refer to conversation #3. Also, compare quality of processed hospital junk food in relation to our whole food organic diet outlined in conversation #4.*


Doc: “Bye now! Try and lose some weight OK Hana?”

Me: *Do you even KNOW what Hypothalamic Obesity IS?? Someone grab me a fricken textbook here.*

So there is a teeny tiny taster of the cr – whoops, I mean things I had to listen to, with a wretchedly respectful smile on my face for 18 months while Hana’s life slipped through my fingers with each kilo of weight gain. Until, of course, we decided to take Hana to Egypt for life preserving Bariatric surgery. The surgery  transformed things for Hana and the family (update on that soon) but it isn’t a cure of course – only a healed brain would be a ‘cure’! And, as you know, I’m working on it..!

First time here? OK so this post may seem odd, you better read some background! There’s more on my story with my daughters’ Hypothalamic Obesity post brain tumour here. And please do check in with me on Facebook here!







Are these “Proofs” of Reincarnation? And how do they relate to Health?

Have we been here before?

I’ve also learnt/heard/listened that as souls, we tend to reincarnate together in the same groups, but in different roles in order to learn new things. This is thought to facilitate our growth as beings.

It still feels weird talking about reincarnation – it is a concept I was deeply opposed to only six months ago. However, as you know, I’ve been allowing my mind to open and  have even began past life regression hypnosis myself so let me share these recent discoveries with you:

I’ve read of some of the amazing things in Brian Weiss’s books over the last few months – you can take it all with a pinch of salt of course, but I  know that many of you are already there – having been ‘awake’ and ‘open’ for so much longer than me (yes, I know, I took my sweet time 🙂

You know when something is ‘truth’ for you as it resonates deep within. However, we all have a sceptical side, myself included of course and it can be helpful to look at ‘what people are saying’ objectively in order to further develop your own belief system and journey to soul healing.

It is worth adding that experiencing ‘past lives’ via regression hypnosis is not ‘proof’ that past lives/reincarnation is a truth. However, I find the points listed below very interesting and would find them hard to explain if  the concept of reincarnation is as false as I once thought it was…

Are these Proofs that Reincarnation is Truth?

  • People speak and have spoken foreign languages under hypnosis that they have never been taught. Dr Weiss describes the case of one non-English speaking Chinese patient who needed a translator to go under hypnosis but once she was ‘under’ she started speaking in fluent English. Her translator was so confused he began to translate the English back into Chinese much to Dr Weiss’s amusement.
  • More than this, people under hypnosis have spoken in ancient languages which have been verified by professionals familiar with these time periods.
  • People have been able to ‘know’ places they have never been before. Dr Weiss outlines one case where a man who recalled a past life in an ancient time went to visit the remains of a specific temple he’d been associated with and once there, knew of a hidden way in that used to be the door but had since been closed off to tourists.
  • Children can intuitively ‘know’ about past lives – some will describe their ‘other mummy’ or talk about events that happened to them or places they’ve been. Before my awakening, my own daughter, Maryam, would often talk about dying and then coming back to life again – much to my surprised horror at the time, I couldn’t imagine where she had got this idea from, certainly not from me or my  husband!
  • What persuaded Dr Weiss that his patient Catherine was truly experiencing past lives and accessing the spiritual dimension (‘life in-between lives’ – as Michael Newton would call it) was the fact that she knew things about him personally that she couldn’t have known.
  • There are some amazing stories of subjects being hypnotised separately but sharing a past life experience together. The one that gave me shivers was one that Dr Weiss shared in “Same Soul, Many Bodies“. He’d kept his past life witnessing the day Jesus was crucified a secret in case he was mocked for it (I don’t blame him!!)- however he had a strong memory of the coloured  coat he was wearing while he saw Jesus walking to his death. He was amazed then when he hypnotised someone who was present in that same past life who recognised him there, watching this procession and who, when they came, out of hypnosis, told him all about his coloured coat! He has written a whole book on two patients  he was working with separately who shared a past life, meeting in his waiting room their appointments (this is next on my reading list: Only Love is Real).
  • There is also the fact that the thousands of stories tend to corroborate each other. Dr Weiss has recently been taking subjects into future lives or possible future lives and their reports on what might happen tend to cohere – this is thousands of people, unconnected, saying very similar things.

This next point doesn’t act as a proof for reincarnation, however it shows the sheer power of past life regression hypnosis as tool for physical, emotional and soul healing:

  • Medical miracles can occur with past life recall: Dr Weiss outlines dramatic and miraculous healings that can take place when someone is able to encounter a past life. Where one part of the body is damaged in a past life the physical body (particularly when relating to the cause of death in a previous life) in the current life can be affected. Once the past life is recalled and the initial source of the discomfort recognised, spontaneous and permanent healing can occur. One example of this was a women who had terrible psoriasis on her legs, for her whole life. Once she recalled being taken to be burned at the stake for being a healer (witch, in those times), she could see that her legs were tightly bound in rope causing her much discomfort. After the regression, her psoriasis began to recede and disappear. Ten years down the line, she is still completely psoriasis free.

There are many more examples of miracles taking place and I really recommend you read Dr Weiss’s books if you are interested in this topic! It really is that case that individuals who undergo past life regression work are capable of radically and spontaneously ‘healing’ themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I don’t believe we will find the absolute ‘truth’ in the experiences of others, but I do believe that ‘listening’ to others helps to guide us in our own quests for truth, meaning and self-healing. Keep an open mind and start reading…Blog coming soon summarising some of the most well known past life regression hypnotherapists and their work & my thoughts on their ‘paradigms.’ 

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The Story behind the Oxytocin Case Report (Now published in JPEM!)

JPEM CoverJust over two years has passed since the incredible day it ‘clicked’ that not only was Oxytocin missing from Hana’s medication regime (and, at the time – in my opinion -in the regime of every single Panhypopit patient in the WORLD) but that she NEEDED it and MUST have it.

To my surprise, my initial posts on oxytocin for the patient population like Hana went viral with one post reaching over 20,000 people on Facebook in 72 hours. For months I was contacted by people worldwide who were interested in, or desperate to get oxytocin as part of their medication regimes.

Meanwhile, I had started Hana on oxytocin and although I didn’t find a dramatic impact on appetite and weight at the low dose, I discovered a phenomenal incidental finding that transformed Hana’s, and the whole family’s, quality of life: Her sociability.

Hana had woken up from her initial surgery not only without pituitary function, but also without affection and any desire to socialise with us. Previously loving and affectionate, the new post surgical Hana was cold and had no desire to ‘play’ with us, preferring solitary activities.

One thing was clear – science wasn’t ready to yet move in the direction of studies for this hormone, although some medical specialists I contacted voiced that they had ‘considered’ what oxytocin may do in this population, the majority that I encountered ‘poo poohed’ the idea. Many, to my shock and dismay, still viewed oxytocin as being only necessary for lactation and labour  – incredible, really incredible, considering the amount of studies in different scientific fields that demonstrate oxytocin as the ‘love’ hormone, needed/useful for a myriad of bodily functions.

Although I had an extremely out of the box and supportive GP behind me, there were black marks against my name in my daughter’s medical notes amongst her early specialists for daring to trial something ‘unproven’ and ‘untested’. My reputation with some of these care providers was absolutely negative and because I was simultaneously proposing another world first, potentially life saving bariatric surgery for my little girl I will admit that I was worried about whether some pious health care professional overseeing Hana’s case would want to involve the social services. These were frightening, lonely days and I’m glad they are over.

It was time to do something about it myself – “If science won’t move for you, move science” became my motto and I decided that I would write up my findings in a case report and submit it to medical journal for publication so that my efforts to help Hana would not just be recognised  and made legitimate for her benefit but also so that the many people contacting me would have something concrete to hand over to their own specialists who were demanding to see the ‘science’ before trying something new.

The wonderful GP John Hart who listened to me and agreed to prescribe Oxytocin for Hana agreed to co-author in addition to a lovely paediatric endocrinologist in Florida. I was lucky enough to get editorial input from a high profile neurosurgeon in LA and also from one of my favourite doctors of all time, Hermann Mueller in Germany.

Yet the road was tough – my initial ‘feelers’ for co-authors led me to a couple of academics who wanted to not only help me write the paper (which was almost completely written) but also take my name off the paper, claiming this medical world first for themselves! I’m lucky that my husband pushed me through this ‘hump’ in the road, demanding that I would not remove my name from my discovery, my own research and my hard work putting it all together.

Well, as you know from Facebook, the paper was submitted last year and accepted for publication by our dream medical journal, the Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism, and now my name Cook, N et al. will be cited in the studies that follow as science moves forward to improve the lives of those like Hana.

I’m just overjoyed that I have had the chance to be able to contribute something new to the medical evidence base and I’m grateful that the Journal also agreed that this very limited, non-objective case report was important for the medical community to read and learn from.

If you want to see the snail trail for the whole thing (minus the drama’s in the middle – I haven’t blogged about those, I’m saving them for the memoir 🙂 follow the links in this post.

Meanwhile here is the abstract and link to PDF:

Parent observed neuro-behavioral and pro-social improvements with oxytocin following surgical resection of craniopharyngioma


Social and emotional impairment, social dysfunction, and neurobehavioral impairment are highly prevalent in survivors of childhood craniopharyngioma and negatively affect quality of life. As surgical resection of craniopharyngioma typically impairs hypothalamic/pituitary function, it has been postulated that perhaps post-operative deficiency of the hormone oxytocin may be the etiology of social/emotional impairment. Research on the benefits of oxytocin treatment as a hormone facilitating social interaction is well established. However, no research has yet been conducted on patients with known pituitary/hypothalamic dysfunction due to structural lesions or surgery. This case report investigates the effects of oxytocin therapy on a youngster with pituitary/hypothalamic dysfunction after craniopharyngioma removal. In this individual, treatment with low dose intranasal oxytocin resulted in increased desire for socialization and improvement in affection towards family. In light of these findings, the authors believe that further research into the potential benefits of intranasal oxytocin therapy for patients with panhypopituitarism is necessary to determine whether a broader population may also benefit from intranasal oxytocin therapy.

Thanks for stopping by and for taking an interest in my journey as Nurse and Mother as I unlearn on a journey to health and wellness – mine and my daughters! For more information on what I write about read this. And please do check in with me on Facebook as I love to meet my readers!




Safe Perfumes – Why I stopped wearing mainstream scents: featuring “Christy Organics”


All Christy’s roll on scents are so elegantly packaged and beautifully presented in high quality glass bottles. They easily slip into a handbag – which is where one of my bottles lives permanently for out of the house touch ups.

Do you smell healthy?

Up until Christmas 2015 I’d been perfume free for 3 years. I used to love a good scent but during the years before I had become aware of the dangerous ingredients in most widely available perfumes. Because my kids were highly chemical  and smell sensitive I didn’t research healthier options for nice smells until the end of last year when I decided that I’d quite like to smell yummy again.

Just how dangerous is your favourite smell?

Did you know that ‘fragrance’ – not only in perfumes and cosmetics but household products too – can be:

An Endocrine (hormone) disrupter


Environmentally toxic

Neurotoxic (leading to brain degeneration)

…and at the very least, can contribute/cause allergies and respiratory irritation. (Read more).

Guys, this topic is seriously huge and I recommend you do some reading on it. Click the link above for more info, and consider reading up on the links offered below. Meanwhile:

How to smell yummy and stay healthy?

Enter Christy Organics! I’m so glad I found Christy’s beautiful scents last year – not only do they smell elegant and natural but they are also safe/healthy enough to wear to bed, which I frequently do…I particularly love to catch wafts of Christy’s warming “Abundance” while I’m reading in bed.  Because Christy’s scents are so safe I am also happy to let my daughters play at ‘being like mummy’ with them! So don’t be surprised when my girls walk past you smelling like heaven!


This is my favourite scent, night or day! But I particularly love wearing it to bed, I find it warming, relaxing and comforting – NN

Anyway, enough from me – over to the lovely Christy:

Christy, what are some of the Common Toxic Ingredients in Designer/Most Shop Bought Perfumes?

“Fragrance” for example is an obvious ingredient in synthetic perfumes, colognes, and deodorants, but it’s used in nearly every type of personal care product. The term “fragrance” or “parfum” on a cosmetic ingredients list usually represents a complex mixture of dozens of synthetic chemicals. Some 3,000 chemicals are used as fragrances. Read more about the related health and environmental hazards by independent research on http://davidsuzuki.org/issues/health/science/toxics/fragrance-and-parfum/

The common synthetic perfumery ingredients such as diethyl phthalate, pyridine, benzophenone, methyleugenol, styrene, tonalide, benzyl salicylate, benzyl benzoate and butoxyethanol are suspected irritants, carcinogens and/or hormones disruptors according to the following independent sources. Please refer to the following links and sources for more information:

What inspired you to create your healthy, (and sublime) fragrances?

My inspirations usually come from my personal experience, my family’s (father’s side) practice and history in herbalism and natural remedies. My first creation is Abundance, which I developed for lifting my energy and spirit as I was suffering from fatigue and anxiety at one stage. In this instance, my personal experience was my inspiration for creating Abundance and I created Trance based on my love for Chanel No.5.

You can find out more about Christy’s products at her website here.

Hi, it’s me again, NN: I’ve personally tried Satisfaction, Abundance and Amber. Satisfaction has a heavier floral scent which I like for more pronounced day time use. I find Abundance lovely for evenings and wearing to bed (…!). Amber is the most recent scent I’ve tried and to me it smells like Toffee or  Fudge! Yum. One great thing about these scents is that I can go out the door wearing one and then top up with another later in the day. To me at least, the smells don’t clash after a few hours of wear.

FYI she ships internationally, so just because I’m lucky enough to live in the same country as  Christy doesn’t mean you have to go without! They also make great, thoughtful presents.

Thanks so much Christy for stopping by…I hope you guys all found this useful! Remember, anything that you can smell and anything that you put on your skin will be absorbed by your body (think too, about what your children can absorb from you) so choose your skin care product and perfumes wisely. Right, all this perfume talk is making me want to reapply mine – today I’m wearing Satisfaction 🙂 









‘I want to go back to where the Angels are.’ The day my Daughter told me she wanted to die.

The day my 8 year old daughter told me she wanted to die, was quiet.

She was sitting at the table working on her mindfulness colouring book. I knew her headache was bad, that was why my five year old Maryam was playing in the fairy garden in the late afternoon sun, but she was stuck inside. Her eyes half closed, face slightly slack, the way she looks when the pain is really severe.

I was pottering in the kitchen, about to to join Maryam back in the fairy garden outside when she silently looked up at me. Her crystal blue-green eyes watching me across the kitchen. Quietly observing me, taking me in. She knows me as I know her. We have loved for more than a thousand years – we have loved for eternity – and we both know it.

‘I want to go back to where the Angels are, Mummy.’

Her voice was soft, reflective. I instantly stopped what I was doing, I commanded the world to stop spinning: It stopped.

Then I reacted, but on two completely different planes.

Oh, no, please no. Not those words! My conscious mind recoiled at hearing those words for the first time, a whirlpool spiralling downwards. My physical self flinched, my stomach and heart wounded like someone had stabbed with me a knife. Please no: Human Me.

Simultaneously my Soul reacted in complete opposition to my physical self.

Of course, my higher self or spiritual self whispers. She had known this was coming. My subconscious, superconscious self – whatever you want to name it – had been waiting for those words.

I have been able to feel the fatigue in Hana’s ‘being’ for a very long time. Two and a half years of intense suffering. Yes, I know we have had triumphs along the way, many many triumphs. We still have triumphs to come… many, many more triumphs. But she is tired. She has been pushing for wellness for so long:

Denying her hunger. Pushing forwards with her weight. Working with chronic headaches, ankle pain, surgical pain. Pain, so much of it! And then the exhaustion – being tired but going to school, staying up till bedtime, keeping busy to distract herself from her self  – whatever it is currently ‘doing’ to her.

Now her post-op surgical site is very painful as it heals, the pain permeates everything she does.

Her eyes meet mine.

I know. I know, baby, my Soul soothes hers, I feel it too, and it’s OK to feel it.

‘Really darling?’ Physical, Human Me says, rushing over. I kneel down next to her and hold her in my arms. ‘How long have you been feeling this?’

Tears instantly spill down my cheeks, I wish I could hold them back as I don’t want her to see me cry. I want her to feel free to tell me whatever she feels she must without worrying about making me sad: I can cope with anything! But the tears don’t listen and pour like a waterfall.

And I wonder, for the umpteenth time how many times a human heart can shatter and still glue itself back together? I’ve come here to find out.

‘For a while.’ She looks down. I wonder just where her mind has travelled secretly over the past few weeks, when she hasn’t shared her innermost thoughts.

‘You will go back there one day, my love, we all will.’ Not now baby, please don’t mean it – this is Human Me, again.

‘But I want to go soon,‘ she whispers forcefully then begins to sob, desperate, tired sobs.

Yes, my dear twin flame and I release you, my Soul sings silently, radiating joy and peace. I will lead you there, your hand in mine.

I suck in a breath, it’s hard to talk while I’m fighting those tears but now is not the time to disintegrate.

‘Even,’ I bite my lip, my voice shaky as I’m not sure I want to hear the answer, ‘Even if it took you away from us?’

From me? Human Me.

We will never be apart. We  are closer in death than we are embodied. Soul Me.

She turns to look at me, face on, eye to eye: This child is afraid of nothing.

‘Yes.’ Then sobs of despair because she didn’t want to say it, she didn’t want mean it.

The hurt is phenomenal – that my baby would prefer to walk away from her physical existence over staying in my arms! I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a sadness so bittersweet that day: Because I’m proud she isn’t afraid of dying, I’m full of ecstasy that she would walk so bravely into the light when she is ready! That’s my brave girl, my soulmate.

But oh, the devastation that I haven’t ‘made it OK,’ that my arms alone aren’t enough to make her want to stay. How can I be a better mother? Silently I turn my face heavenward. My heart flutters angrily in my chest. How can this be? Why can’t I make this go away? Haven’t I learnt enough for one life time? I don’t want to learn anymore!

How can you learn from this level of suffering? How can you be GLAD that you are being moulded by this? A cynic challenges my inner mind. I have no response at that moment – my physical self is angry with my soul self. Angry that I chose this, that I must play this part and act out this role.

Then I hold her and don’t say anything for a long time.

The world starts spinning again but this time out of my control as I hold her tightly, fighting the tears so that Maryam won’t see them when her little face pops up from amongst the pansies and fairy garden to check where I am.

Outside the kitchen door the wind rustles the leaves on the trees in the garden, they breathe and whisper around us. Clouds move quickly through the deep blue sky overhead, the smell of damp earth is rising off our lawn. An oblivious bird squawks too loudly as it lands on the ivy clad fence. It is all so real, so physical. And my body hurts all over, pierced by the splinters of my shattered heart.

I feel the burden of my embodiment press down heavily on my head.


Later, I’ve picked up the shattered pieces of my heart – again. The pieces are glued and I think my heart must look warped and ugly from the repeated shattering and endless remoulding. But it still beats and I am still here and my love is stronger than it ever was before.

I will not fight her pain, I will embrace it whilst working to end it. I will accept her pain, not diminish it’s impact nor be frustrated by it. I must try everything thing I can to reduce it. I allow myself to be grateful for this reminder of the emotional impact of her pain and my path and necessary actions become instantly clearer. I now know what I must do and this gives me a powerful sense of hope.

I will accept that at that moment in time she longed for release and equally, I release her…I release her whenever that time is. Meanwhile I will endeavour to bring joy and relief to her physical life, our shared physical embodiment. The journey we chose. I see her future bright and whole but I let go of what the future holds because there is only ever NOW.

I live in the NOW. I let gratitude wash through me – it is a cooling wave of peace and contentment: The Now is beautiful, I am surrounded by beauty, quiet and stillness. I am grateful for each laugh, and each smile, each hour that is painfree.

I visualise my daughter healed and powerful as an adult. I believe it. It has already happened. It has already happened – but I do not cling to what I believe.

I let myself inhale deeply and actively welcome the pain her words bring me: I am still learning, she is still teaching me. She is still learning, I am still teaching her. I focus on feeling grateful that I am here as Naomi, experiencing this. It hurts…It hurts so much! But it also transforms and it has enabled me to fully express the depths of my love, which is infinite. I didn’t know it was possible to love so completely, powerfully and infinitely. Love is the most powerful thing in the universe – although so many of us have forgotten. I am grateful that I have remembered.

My heart shatters and rebuilds every day but my ego must endeavour to stay subdued allowing me – the essence of me -to truly actualise: and that privilege is the most incredible thing I could possibly ever fathom.

Hana Gabie Story

A story Hana wrote at school about her Guardian Angel ‘Gabie.’ She ends it with, “In a few years time, Hana is going to be able to fly around with Gabie.” Of course, in a few years time, we will ALL be able to fly around with our ‘angels’…our current physical embodiment will all pass in the blink of an eye. What will we endeavour to learn whilst we are here?

Dear Reader,  thank you for travelling through heaven and hell with me today. My journey is long and hard but I am excited by what I am learning. Each moment of hell propels me a step closer to heaven. I wish that wasn’t the case – I wish that as spiritual beings we didn’t need hell to propel us to heaven – to enlightenment  – but right now I accept that this is the case for my soul journey.

Soon, I hope to blog a bit on gratitude, creation and the direct link between our perception of reality and its actualisation – our role as creator beings. If you have read or seen ‘The Secret’ then you’ll already be familiar with this concept. I have such a long way to go but I feel privileged to be experiencing all that I am, and even more so to have you walking this road with me. Namaste.

Don’t forget to check in with me on Facebook if you are a Facebooker, meanwhile if this is your first time here please feel free to rummage through my journey with my daughter, soul mate, Hana, by scrolling through the old posts. You can read more About Me here.



Is your Home Healthy or Toxic? An intro to Building Biology with NoToxRox


The lovely Jo from NoToxRox checking out a potential abode (one we didn’t take) with her fancy gadgets.

As you guys know, I recently fled toxic city life for a countryside-esque change in the bushy Northern suburbs of Sydney. I felt an urge to be surrounded by nature, a healing environment – not only for Hana’s brain healing and but also for prevention of further tumour regrowth. My own yearning to be surrounded by nature had been increasing in intensity for over a year, and I knew I had to honour that and listen to it!

However, before investing in our dream property, I knew it was imperative to employ expert help in the choosing: I needed to be sure that the houses we were thinking of buying were as healthy as they looked regardless of babbling brooks  and bushy environs.

This is how I met Jo from No Tox Rox.

Below is some crucial information on building health, and an introduction to building biology. Click on the link to her website for more details.

Over to Jo:
What is building biology?
BB is a branch of environmental science that looks at the buildings we inhabit and the impact they have on our health and on the environment. So basically we look at everything in your home or office that can potentially make you ill.

As a building biologist, what do you do when checking out someone’s home?
Initially we get the client to fill out a questionnaire which gives us information on the age/condition of the building, health of the occupants, history of flooding, pollutants in the area etc. Then we conduct a room by room analysis of the property. The major factors we consider are:
Building materials and building design
Drinking and bathing water quality
Indoor air quality
Electromagnetic fields and radiation

If necessary we can take mould samples, water or lead samples and have these analysed by a lab. We can test air quality – measure levels of particulates, allergens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which offgas from paint and furnishings and many products we use. We provide advice and recommendations on cleaning and personal care products, cookware, food storage, bedding, toys etc. We measure all the EMR generated from inside the house and coming from outside sources such as power lines, substations, mobile phone towers etc. We can consult on building projects and renovations and conduct pre-purchase audits to help people make the right decision when buying a home.

What can make a home healthy or unhealthy?

Many things can contribute to making a home unhealthy. Clutter and poor housekeeping can lead to lots of dust or mould. Poor building design can cause water leaks, not enough natural light and lack of ventilation can lead to musty, mouldy conditions. Old mattresses, pillows, and furnishings can contribute to allergies or skin conditions such as eczema. Peeling paint in old houses can often mean lead is a problem. Renovating can stir up a lot of toxic dust not to mention the new paint/stains/floors/furniture that can offgas flame retardants and VOCs for years. Cleaning with chemicals and anti-bacterials, using pesticides or herbicides can expose us to a whole range hormone disrupting chemicals and other toxins. Drinking unfiltered water can expose us to heavy metals and other contaminants which can affect our gut bacteria and impact many systems of the body. And electromagnetic fields caused by wireless devices, appliances, faulty wiring, stray currents etc etc can further pollute our indoor environment.


Jo, checking a bedroom wall for high currents with more fancy gadgets.

What is Dirty Electricity?
Dirty Electricity (DE) is the name given to High Frequency Voltage Transients (HFVS) that travel along our household wiring and radiate out causing high erratic EMFs which can affect our health. It is well known that DE can affect sensitive electronic equipment so companies ie. Data centres take measures to filter out DE. In the same way it can affect us. We are electrical beings. Every cell in our body transmits information electrically and DE can interfere or disturb these electrical signals. Our household wiring is designed to operate on clean electricity which is a smooth sine wave with a frequency of 50Hz (in Australia). DE is created when appliances, electronics, ground currents or stray currents from the street travel along our household wiring and spike thousands of times per second instead of 50 times per second. The main offenders are computers, TVs, game boxes, printers, copiers, fluorescent lights, CFLs, dimmer switches, vacuums, solar panel inverters, wind turbines, smart meters and electronics.

Why is WiFi most likely bad for our health?
WiFi like all Wireless technology –baby monitors, cordless phones, mobile phones, phone towers, smart meters etc operate in the microwave band or radiofrequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Because this radiation is non-ionising radiation and it can’t break DNA bonds it has long been believed to be harmless. The old way of thinking is damage only occurs when tissue heats up but we know now that biological damage can occur before there are any thermal effects. This type of radiation does cause biological effects such as damage to DNA, movement of calcium across cell membranes and other problems. The latest peer reviewed study (largest and most expensive animal study to date) conducted by the NTP just last month concluded that male rats exposed to radiofrequency radiation (RFR)like that emitted from a mobile phone were more likely to get brain and heart tumours than the unexposed rats. In 2011 The World Health Organisation classified RFR as possible carcinogenic to humans due to the weight of evidence suggesting it is unsafe. This prompted many countries around the world to adopt a precautionary approach to this kind of radiation, but not Australia.

Any tips on how to make our homes healthier?
Yes, there are a few things you can do that don’t cost a cent and that can dramatically improve your indoor environment.
Take your shoes off-When you wear shoes inside you are dragging in all sorts of biological contaminants and heavy metals such as lead dust and circulating it around your home.
Turn your WiFi off at night– With the flick of a switch you can reduce your exposure to RF radiation by a third by turning it off when you go to sleep.
Store food in glass not plastic-Chemicals such as BPA ( or similar replacement chemicals which are just as bad such as BPS)can leach from plastic. Storing your food in glass or stainless steel can prevent exposure to these hormone disrupting chemicals.
Ventilate– Open windows and doors every day and let the air circulate. Inside air is about 5 times more polluted than outside air.
Get some plants– Plants are nature’s air filters. They do a great job of cleaning toxins from the air and they brighten up any room.

Plenty more tips at www.notoxrox.com

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! I hope you found this info useful – I know I certainly did! It is great to have had Jo check out the house we finally bought as I can rest assured that it is a ‘safe’ place for healing and wellness. But if you are worried about the health of your home yet can’t move –  it’s good to know you can improve the environment you have. More to come on that! Have you ever wondered how healthy your home is? Check in with me on Facebook for more on health and wellness as I continue to unlearn, or if you are super keen, why not sign up for blog email updates?



Do you believe in Past Lives? Why I (now) do and an intro to Dr Weiss…

Brian WeissUp until a few of months ago I didn’t believe in Past Lives or the concept of reincarnation. I thought it was complete and utter rubbish. And of course I pompously thought I wasn’t at all arrogant in my fossilised non-spirtual beliefs! Just not prepared to budge an inch. Oh boy…more un-learning for me to do! How can one person BE SO WRONG about so many things? Sigh.

You remember that I’ve had to unlearn my arrogance in believing in much that I’ve learnt in a medical/health context? Well I WAS NOT prepared to transmute that to a spiritual context! I was a happy atheist and closed…LISTEN, came that nagging whisper, yeah, I’m listening but I’m sorry, not to THAT! I’d respond with a huff. Well you know what happened then (read about my Spiritual Awakening here). At the time I ‘woke up’ someone special (she knows who she is) was placed in my life to present me with the amazing work of Dr Brian Weiss the very week my hands began the unfamiliar sensation of pouring energy.

My whole system of belief was knocked flat, sideways and turned upside down. I felt like I’d been dragged backwards through a Combine Harvester (or ComVine HarBester as Hana used to call them) by the time I finished the last page. Finally, I was truly LISTENING.

The book proposed to me was “Many Lives and Many Masters” and details the story of prestigious Yale trained Psychiatrist presented with a patient who  to his utter disbelief kept regressing to multiple past lives during hypnosis, leading to a complete resolution of her poor mental health symptoms. Dr Weiss, mainstream in medical approach and agnostic in religious beliefs was shocked by his patient’s revelations under hypnosis and couldn’t deny their validity due to the fact she knew things about him that were impossible! For four years the lovely Dr Weiss kept quiet on his findings, frightened he’d be ridiculed by his colleagues and his reputation sullied! And who can blame him. But luckily for us, he wrote the book and many more to follow. He has now put tens of thousands of individuals through past life regression hypnosis and has incredible stories to share. I’ve recently read “Same soul, many bodies” which blew my mind – read the part about his coloured robe and patient who recognised him in biblical times!!!! I am now reading “Miracles Happen” which is a compilation of personal testimonies sent in to Dr Weiss – I read them – greedy to ‘listen’ to what these people are saying. Each tale is phenomenal.

The incredible thing is, I’ve read his work at a time I’ve been called to ‘listen to what people are saying’ and through his work I’ve heard the voices of thousands of others. I cannot ignore those voices.

I highly, highly recommend these books, read them ALL if you can. But these were the three that I started with and my life has been radically transformed. What you should know is that in all the cases listed, radical healing occurs once the higher self (soul) is accessed via Past Life Regression Hypnosis, this healing can be physical or emotional and can be subtle or crazily dramatic.

Past Life Regression for me?

But of course – I have already started! What I have discovered has blown my mind and is helping me figure out who I am and what the hell I need to do while I am here…

OK so you think I’m mad? I don’t blame you! (Disclaimer: I AM a little loony). You think you don’t know me anymore? I don’t know me anymore! My spiritual awakening has knocked me flat, humbled and reshaped me and I’m loving every minute of it. I know some of the things I’m sharing will not resonate with everyone, no problem. But for those in whom this strikes a cord, please please share! I’ve been told there are so many of us ‘waking up’ RIGHT NOW! This is real and worldwide as many of us are begining to remember that we are so much more than this earthly embodiment. NAMASTE beautiful souls, please connect with me on Facebook and share your journey with me as I progress with mine xx



My Daughter’s Brain Surgery – THIS time.


Hana – Reiki – ICU

The first time Hana had brain surgery to remove her original tumour was dark, terrifying and traumatising. I have recently started drafting my memoir of the past two years (What’s that? A book deal, you say? Well, yes please…) and I recently had to re-live the whole traumatic experience. Here is a snippet from the first chapter:

Just knock her out! End it now!

I wanted to throttle the anaesthetist. My girl was fighting with every last inch of her being as he held the disgusting gas over her face.

She hates the gas. She’s always hated the gas. Why didn’t he give her an IV induction?

Now she was writhing in my arms, face red, wild eyed, like an animal led to slaughter as the nurses pinned her down so she’d inhale more with each scream. But the gas wasn’t working.

‘NOOOO’ she screamed, spittle flying out of her mouth. Her eyes like slits she looked at me sideways but the look was empty as if she couldn’t see me anymore. With a punch to my stomach I instantly sensed why: She felt betrayed.  

How could I let this happen to her? Because I wasn’t ending it for her, in her eyes, I was no longer there.”


Meditation and Trance

This time round things were very different. As you know earlier this year I was knocked flat by an intense and unexpected Spiritual Awakening. This awakening transformed how I not only perceive myself but also how I perceive reality itself. I have began to explore myself as a “multi-dimensional being” via past life regression hypnosis: Regardless of whether actual past lives ‘exist’ or whether I’m simply accessing a universal Jungian ‘collective consciousness’ it doesn’t matter, I am simply learning what secrets my subconscious and superconscious minds are holding/storing – and how that affects my health. More to come on these fascinating sessions soon!

What I have felt clearly and distinctly over the course of the last few months is that I have needed to release my ‘clutch’ over Hana’s life (see Why I let go of my Daughter) in order to let unfold whatever needs to unfold. And I believe that what will unfold may be related to certain decisions that I made in a different dimension, with Hana, prior to my choice to be here as Naomi Cook. So how does this impact on how I chose to experience Hana’s second major brain surgery?

I aimed for: “loving detachment” and an element of faith in that what would be, would be in our best interests as souls or multi-dimensional beings.

This is all very nice mumbo-jumbo in theory right? But how to physically detach from the fear of losing my daughter on the operating table? How to detach from the fear that she would wake up blind? Or have a stroke? Or encounter further damage to her hypothalamus or even frontal lobes? How to stop my heart racing and stomach churning at the thought of losing her all over again?

The tool for me was Meditation. I used daily meditation to bring myself into a peaceful trance -like state that once brought about, would stay with me all day. If I felt the fiery flicker of fear or nerves shoot through my stomach when frightening thoughts and images slipped into my head, I would grab my crystals and meditation music and escape to meditate for a few minutes. In the days leading up to Hana’s surgery I would repeatedly say to her,

‘We are going to cruise through this as if it’s the easiest thing we’ve ever done.’

This was my mantra. And I believed it.

I felt my entire vibrational being as something that was emanating peaceful energy – and my mother in law, who flew out for the surgery, was the first to comment on it even though she was unaware of my mantra and meditations.

Immutable Peace

The night before the surgery I sat meditating in front of my mirror, enjoying the energy shifts I witness there (more to come on these ‘visuals’ and how you can do this…) when deep in meditative trance and I woke up feeling positive and relaxed. A big change from My “Gethsemane”, the night before they removed my daughter’s brain tumour, two years ago.

The sensation of peace persisted when we arrived at the hospital and during the wait for Hana’s anaesthetics. She began crying when the cannula was put in and due to a dose of Midazolam was hard to calm down as she was just too woozy and unreasonable. However, I kept my voice calm as I told her a story – actually, it was HER story that I re-told her, one she’d ‘seen’ under a session of hypnosis. She was a beautiful little blue bird, flying over a pink waterfall and blue rocks.

‘And look at the houses on top of that mountain!’ I said, smiling as I stroked her forehead while her tears tumbled down, ‘They are made of flowers, hmmm, I can just smell those flowers now. There are roses, lilies, daisies…’

The hustle and bustle of the operating theatre racketed around us as I continued to recount her visualisation to her. They moved her onto the operating table –

‘Flap your little blue wings now,’ I said, ignoring the busy activity around us. And when the anaesthetist began the induction, an IV this time, I knelt down next to her face and described this beautiful world  to her in even more detail. ‘Just look at that rushing pink waterfall baby! Can you swoop down a little closer to it?’ And soon she began to make the familiar gurgle she makes once she’s ‘gone under.’ A gurgle I’ve heard 10 times in her short 8 years.

‘She’s asleep now.’ The anaesthetist told me.

‘Sweet dreams baby girl,’ I kissed her head. There was no ‘wondering’ this time.

What will be will be.

One of the porters escorted me to the door, I was smiling serenely and very aware that I was  emanating very peaceful waves of energy rather than closing with fear and welling up with the tears he was expecting – ‘ Are you OK?’ he asked, looking a little confused – I had noticed him looking on rather curiously as I’d been talking so calmly to Hana during the set up.

I smiled at him and nodded. Everything will be OK. This is meant to happen.

Then then I left her in there. The OT doors closed behind me. I never want to look at the closed doors of an OT ever again, but if I have to, then I hope I experience the same depth of peace and internal stillness that I reached that day.

The next few hours were warm and quiet. I felt as if I was in a some level of trance – my ears kept blocking which I’ve noticed happens when I go into a certain level of trance, some would call this a clairvoyant state but I’m hesitant to use that word here without explaining to you what that means for me as it has many negative connotations and it is misunderstood. As I waited in Hana’s room I was very much ‘aware’ of her being there with me. The image that was repeatedly pushed into my mind was that she was sitting on a cloud, (LOL, I know, seriously!?) laughing. Her hair was long and tumbling and if this makes sense, her laughter was ‘silver’ to me! The feeling she gave me was pure, uninterrupted JOY.

And then, a short while later, we were told the surgery was over, it had been successful and compared to her first craniotomy, minimally invasive. As if on cue – the silvery laughter from ‘Hana’ stopped, the feeling of warm joy left the room as she was brought back to consciousness and her physical body.


It’s an old pic but the case of pills is the same. You can’t blame him for being worried by the look of this impressive-ness.

Later in ICU, I gave Hana a homeopathic remedy to help wake her up which kinda freaked out the doc when he saw my impressive case of pills-‘Um, what’s that?’ He edged over, looking embarrassed and more than a little concerned.

‘Don’t worry,’ I reassured him, ‘Mainstream medicine just considers these to be sugar pills, nothing more. Science hasn’t proven homeopathy to ‘work’ – yet. Do you want to try one?’ To which he blushed, looked at the ground and mumbled something before shuffling back to where he’d come from.

And I used A LOT of Reiki – as you already now from my Facebook posts.

‘We are going to cruise through this as if it’s the easiest thing we’ve ever done.’

And we did – for that day anyway. I’ll admit that I fully lost the trance and peaceful mind the next day in ICU (did I mention that I detest ICU with a passion? ). But apart from that little human slip, Hana’s recovery was everything I had visualised it would be and more: She was discharged from hospital that very day.


So about the Reiki – you might have seen this video clip that I posted on my Facebook page the day before her surgery? I’m going to write up a whole blog post on this ‘phenomenon’ as it was UNREAL. You guys are SO SO powerful, it blew my mind…Did you know this sort of thing could happen?? I really had no idea. I’ll try and write that post soon.

So that’s all for today lovely readers! Much more planned to share/discuss with you/unlearn over the next few months as we settle into our lovely new home surrounded by healing nature. Don’t forget to check in with my Facebook page for regular bits and pieces. Thank you for reading and for sharing – YOU are all amazing.  xx

Mantra Surgery pic






“Healing Hana” Sunday Night, Channel 7 – Documentary Links

Sunday Night Film Crew Canada 2015

The gorgeous crew that came with us to Toronto (minus Paul who is always behind the camera)

Just in case you missed us on TV recently, here are the links. We’ve been lucky to have a wonderful team follow and document our story with love and care over the past 6 months – here are the shows to date:

Sunday March 13th 2016

Sunday March 27th 2016


Snow Jump Canada

I think I win the prize for Best Elevation.

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