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How To avoid Getting Gastro (written for MY CHILD Magazine: Winter 2013)

Yay! The Winter Issue of the beautiful, glossy MY CHILD Magazine is finally out which means my latest article on Gastro and ‘Stop Gastro Spread’ is out too! Here is a snippet then you can click on the link to read more: “It’s the smell of disinfectant that brings back the childhood memories for me.…

Article For Mix 106.5 Radio Station: How do you battle Gastro in your house?

Here is the link to an article I put together on managing the spread of Gastro for Mix 106.5 Radio Station Website. My four top tips include information on: Governmental Guidelines, Reducing Spread  At Home, Having Friends over (or not! and  Food Preparation with gastro in the house. Check out the full article here: http://www.mix1065.com.au/lifestyle/dealing-with-gastro

Stop Gastro Spread Update: 80,000 People Accessed By My Grassroots Campaign!

I’m so excited to announce that the head count for those educated and reminded of Governmental Guidelines (and my own tips) for reducing the spread of Norovirus via “STOP GASTRO SPREAD” is over 80,000! Thanks so much to all the local schools and daycare centres who have carefully read my emails and then sent the message on to parents and familes, you…